I’ve decided that I’m just going to rename January and February, Sick-uary. I feel like every single year it is more of the same. We welcome the New Year with someone getting sick. The sickness makes it rounds only to be followed immediately by another illness that also has to make the rounds. It is ridiculous. This eventually stops right, when the kids are older and not putting stuff in their mouth as much or being sneezed and coughed all over by their little friends? Please tell me we won’t start every year like this forever and ever!

This past weekend was the climax of 2 weeks of endless illness. It started with Nora, of course, it always starts with the littlest one right!? She had a cold that she passed onto everyone else, except Lorne. He managed to avoid the first round. I feel like she barely got over the first cold and was onto something else. This second round has been the pits. Fevers, coughs, sore throats, and a lovely case of pink eye for Maya. Good times.

I spent this past weekend nursing 3 sick kiddos, making runs to the doctor and the pharmacist, administering all sorts of fun medication, including the ever fun eye drop! And my reward for playing nursemaid to 3 sick kids that are all on the mend now, you guessed it, my turn with the current crud 🙁 I spent last night all achy and feverish and woke this morning feeling like I hadn’t had any sleep at all. Hopefully I can kick this one quickly. I’m not a fan of being sick. I read an article once that said that women who exercise regularly get sick less frequently than those who don’t. I exercise every day, but it doesn’t seem to help me when Sick-uary rolls around. I guess the study didn’t take into account being covered in the disgusting splatter of coughing, sneezing children 24/7.

Hopefully once I kick this round we will be done with Sick-uary and can return to the land of the healthy once more. Fingers crossed.

New Christmas Tradition

I love Christmas jammies. Maya loves Christmas jammies. Every year she gets super excited about the pajamas she gets to wear on Christmas Eve. I also love giving the girls new Christmas books. New books to add to our collection that we can read every year when the Christmas stuff gets brought out. However, giving the girls their Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve means they don’t get to wear them much. And, giving them a new Christmas book as one of their Christmas gifts means they don’t get to read it much before it all gets put away. So, I decided to remedy that.

This year I am starting a new Christmas tradition. Saturday morning, the first day of Maya’s Christmas break, the girls will come downstairs to find a very special present under the tree addressed to them. They will open a letter attached to that gift and find a special note from Santa saying that he sent one of his elves on a very special mission to deliver this package to them so they could begin Christmas break by getting cozy and reading Christmas stories as a family. Inside the girls will find a special pair of Christmas jammies for each of them along with a new Christmas book!

I can’t wait to see Maya and Anna’s faces when they see that gift under the tree. I can’t wait to curl up in our warm, cozy jammies and read them their new book. This is a new tradition I’m really looking forward to 🙂


I learned early on as a parent that time changes, or at least your perception of time changes, when you become a parent. I think this especially true for stay at home parents. One day blends into the next and before you know it weeks, or months, have gone by and it all seems a blur. Each subsequent child has altered time a little more. The hours in each day feel like they are less than before. The time you once had to spend in some quiet activity with your child, or relaxing on your own for some much needed alone time, seems to have all but disappeared.

I remember when Anna was born I struggled to make everything fit into my old schedule, the schedule I kept when I only had one little one to worry about. It didn’t work out, it was never going to work out no matter how hard I tried. But, it took me a while to figure that out. It took me a while to realize that I needed to alter my schedule and make adjustments with my time so that everything could get done. Once I figured that out we got into a really nice little routine. Each child got their much needed time, the housework, etc. all got done and I even had a little time leftover for myself (occasionally). So, when Nora was born I already knew from the get go that the old schedule wasn’t going to work anymore. I started early on altering my schedule, making slight shifts in how I allotted my time. The transition has been much smoother. The only problem is that no matter how much shifting I do, how much altering happens to the schedule, there just never seems to be quite enough time.

Do we ever stop looking for more time? More hours in the day to get to all the things on our to-do list. A way to slow down time so our children don’t seem to grow up in the blink of an eye. A way to stretch out the hours in a day so that each child and our spouse gets their fair share leaving just a little at the end for ourselves. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. This here little blog of mine has suffered lately. I can barely seems to post once a week. One day I’ll have more time. My kids will be busy with their own lives and I’ll have all the time in the world. I’ll look back on these days when time was often my enemy, and I’ll wish I was back here trying to make it all fit.


Easter Wrap Up

We had a wonderful Easter this year. Thanks to a weeks worth of gorgeous spring weather we had daffodils and flowering trees blooming and tulips just about to bloom. Flowers at Easter always makes it feel more like Easter to me. The weather was gorgeous for both our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and for Easter yesterday.

The girls had a great time at our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. The volunteers hid over 3000 eggs around one of our local parks. There were lots of kids there, but since there were so many eggs hidden around the park everyone walked away with a ton of eggs. Anna missed out on the itty bitty kids egg hunt as they started it early and we didn’t get there in time, but she did manage to pick up a couple of eggs during the big kids hunt (thanks to help from mom) and she held onto those eggs for dear life :). Maya had a blast and managed to completely fill her basket!

Easter morning Maya woke up bright and early since she was so excited to see what the Easter Bunny had left her and to hunt for more eggs. She actually woke up before Anna and I had to make her stay in her room playing until Anna finally woke up. The girls were very happy with their Easter baskets and had a great time looking all over the house for the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden for them. Anna was especially excited when she managed to get one of the eggs open and realized there were jelly beans inside!

We planted magic jelly beans in our garden again this year and Maya and Anna were super excited to discover they had blossomed into chocolate carrots 🙂

We spent the rest of our Easter outside enjoying the absolutely perfect weather. The girls were exhausted when bedtime rolled around last night. We had a wonderful spring/Easter weekend enjoying our little family and the glorious spring weather mother nature decided to bless us with.

I hope everyone had a great weekend/Easter.

Mama’s New Ride

When we discovered that The Surprise (I should probably come up with a new nickname!) was going to be joining our family we realized that our current car situation was probably not going to cut it. My little Rav 4 wasn’t going to be big enough to lug around my expanding brood. So, the search began for our new family vehicle, my new mom mobile.

I knew from the start of this search that it was going to end with my driving a minivan. Given how much I have protested such an occurrence in the past it was inevitable that eventually I would find myself behind the wheel of my very own minivan. Lorne set to work figuring out what our options were and then determining what was the best fit for us. I sure am glad he loves to obsess over research things because the few times I sat in front of the computer with him going over number of seats, gas mileage, towing capacity, etc was enough to drive my insane.

After all the research was complete the results were in and this now takes up the space in my garage where my little red Rav 4 used to reside.

I miss my Rav but I have to admit that I am enjoying the minivan. It drives well and the sliding doors are awesome. Mama’s new ride may not be my top pick for cars I’d like to be behind the wheel of, but since we now need the space it’ll do.

Now I just need to sign one of my kids up for soccer and my soccer mom transformation will be complete 🙂