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Let's Talk Babies!


Tired doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel today. Exhausted doesn’t even really seem to do it justice. I seem to have reached a whole new level tiredness that doesn’t even have an adequate name for it.

This past weekend was crazy busy and I got to single parent my way through it. The weekend before Halloween always seems to be so busy for us and when you add 2 big girls who decided to get up earlier than normal and a baby who had a rough night into the mix it spells a recipe for disaster.

Saturday the girls attended a Halloween Bash at The Little Gym and Maya had a show performance with her gymnastics team. We spent about an hour playing around on the gym equipment before Maya’s little performance. There were A TON of kids there, chaotic doesn’t even begin to describe it. I felt like I had whiplash by the end of it trying to keep an eye on both girls! Maya’s performance was awesome. This time they did their performance with the older kids’ show team. The younger ones would demonstrate a skill, like a handstand or a cartwheel, and then the older girls would do a more complex version of the same skill. It was fun to watch. Maya is really inspired by the older girls so she loved getting to perform with them.

Here is Maya in mid-handstand warming up for the performance and demonstrating her straddle hang and dismount on the uneven bars.

Sunday we hit up the Halloween Carnival put on by our community. It was held at Maya’s school. They turned the gymnasium into a little carnival filled with games, bounce houses, face painting and a balloon guy. The kids had a great time. Maya played pretty much every game. Anna’s favorite part was the balloon guy, although she was rather confused when he asked what she wanted him to make, she kept responding “balloon”. He made her a little bear and she looked at it with the most confused look on her face. She clearly would have been happy to just get a balloon! A few of Maya’s friends were at the carnival too and she loved getting to run around and spend time with them.

By Sunday evening I was so incredibly tired I couldn’t see straight and my whole body hurt. At least Nora was back to sleeping well last night and big girls slept until I had to wake them up at 7 (of course, since I didn’t have the option of sleeping in!).  I think this afternoon calls for a nap, hopefully Anna and Nora agree 😉

I don’t drink coffee, but, some days I certainly understand the inclination. The standard early school year cooties are making their rounds around our house. It is currently Anna’s turn and this one has hit her pretty hard. It takes a lot to get My little sunshine down so I know when she spends all day whining and looks miserable that she really isn’t feeling well at all.

Yesterday all she wanted to do was sit on my lap. Napping was a challenge since she couldn’t breath so she was tired and sick all day long.


But, if I thought yesterday was bad it has nothing on today. Anna was up every hour last night crying. It really irritates her when her sleep is disrupted, especially by a stuffy nose. This morning she woke with a fever and has no desire to be put down. A little Tylenol has helped bring the fever down and my ERGO baby carrier has been a godsend.



A day like today calls for coffee but since I don’t drink coffee I had a salted caramel hot chocolate instead…mmmmm.

Today I am thankful for baby wearing, Starbuck’s on every corner and the small relief offered my sweet girl by children’s tylenol. Tomorrow will hopefully find us better rested and healthier.