cast your stones but know i will throw them back at you

I am beyond delighted to bring you today’s guest post.  It comes from my sister of another mother (seriously we are freckishly similar) and very dear friend, Nic of My Bottle’s Up.  If you are not familiar with Nic and are not already reading her fabulous blog you are missing out.  I met Nic about a year and a half ago and loved her the minute I finished reading one blog post.  She is witty, and hysterically funny, but also passionate, caring and beautiful.  I could go on for ages.

Before I hand you over to Nic let me just say I can so empathize with what she is going through with her son right now.  Parenting a two year old can be tough.  Show her some love and support.

i just let my 26 month old son scream for over an hour during what should have been his nap time.  yup.  i did.  i turned off the monitor, turned up the volume on my itunes, and i let my son scream… this was of course after i had done the obligatory “is he stuck in between crib rails?” or “does he have shit in his pants?” check.

he was not stuck in between crib rails.  he was standing, handing me his blanket and screaming “ALL DONE.”

he was shitless in his pants.  dry as a bone, in fact.

i picked him up, rocked him for a few minutes, and laid him back down… and he stayed down… for 10 minutes.

then something not of this earth entered my son’s room, proceeded to invade his 25 lb body and take hold like a leech for over an hour.

he sounded like an angry, possessed, demonic i don’t know what…  and i just listened and tried not to listen but still heard him for over an hour.

this week has been a particularly rough one for the magoo.  and yeah, i ranted… cuz i have a blog and occasionally you’ll find that people do that on their blogs.

it’s an outlet.

today, when i endured the wrath of yet another napless afternoon for my son, filled with tantrums, turmoil and total chaos, my outlet was not my blog, but instead, my husband’s voicemail.

i called him.  at work.  he didn’t answer.  and when his message finished and the beep BEEPED, i held my cell phone up to the monitor for 1 minute and 5 seconds.

my husband returned my call just minutes later, to let me know he in deed received my message.

“this sucks,” was a portion of his response.

both he and i are at a loss… our son has developed a habit of doing this scream-until-mom-or-dad-comes-in thing beginning at 6 am (when he used to sleep until 7:30) and then again when he goes down for his afternoon nap.  his nap used to last from 1 pm until 3 pm.

as of now, i’m lucky if i get 45 minutes until the demonic wails begin.

so today, i let him howl… until his voice was hoarse.  i told my husband that i was not getting him out of that crib, come hell or high water.

and i stuck to it.

am i the worst mother on the face of the planet? nah.  at least not yet.

did i make the right decision? hell if i know.  i know it felt right at the time.

in my opinion, the terms “right” and “wrong” are overrated.  what you do for your child may be “right” and work for you one day but not the next.  i guess that’s just the awesomeness that comes with parenting.

what i do know is that this week has been unbelievably challenging with my toddler son.

i also know that with age comes all sorts of changes in behavior, mood, habits, etc…

lastly, i know that those of you reading this and judging me for leaving my son in his room for over an hour to scream will have your turn.

we all do, us parents.

we take turns and endure these challenges in this thing called parenthood.

if you do things another way than i do… awesome.

if you do things similarly to the way i do… awesome.

if you judge me and my parenting according to this post and the experiences i have shared with you so candidly… watch your back, because i will let the wrath of my son loose on you and you will find yourself begging me for forgiveness on hands and knees.