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Let's Talk Babies!

Summer Camp

Maya had her second, and last, camp of the summer this week, Art Camp! She was really looking forward to this camp and it didn’t disappoint. She had a great time and came home with an amazing little portfolio.

Back in the early spring when I was finding camps to sign her up for I stumbled across a bunch of art camps offered through Museo Art Academy in downtown Issaquah. Each camp was a week long (4 days) and had a different focus. There was drawing, clay sculptures, mixed media and painting. I asked Maya if she would be interested in doing and art camp and if so which one would she like to do. She was totally up for it, not a surprise coming from our little artist, and decided on the painting session. I got her all signed up and her little friend, Ava, decided to join in the fun too.

She had a great time. Every day when I picked her up she was beaming and said she had a great time at camp that day. They came home with little free drawings they had done throughout the morning but the paintings were kept until the end. I couldn’t wait to pick her up today and finally get to see all her projects. I knew they would be good since Maya loves art and puts a lot of thought and effort into her projects, big or small. Her little portfolio was incredible. It contained 7 paintings. They learned about many different types of paintings including still lifes, landscapes and portraits. She is so proud of her collection.

I need to pick up some frames and display a few of these pieces!

I’m so glad she enjoyed the camp and I’m so proud of her creations. She said she’d like to take art classes there this year so I’ll have to look into those.

Maya is in summer camp this week. It is her second summer camp and to say she loves going to camp is an understatement. The girl loves her some summer camp fun :)

When summer camp sign up time rolled around early in the Spring I knew, even though this would be her very first summer camp experience, that she would enjoy herself no matter what I signed her up for. She adored going to school and I knew she would enjoy summer camp just as much. I didn’t want her whole summer to be spent in camp. I wanted her to have free time to just play and enjoy herself, spend time with friends and explore her favorite spots here in St. Louis. So, I signed her up for 3 week long summer camps.

Her first camp was 2 weeks ago. It was the camp I knew, with out a doubt, she would LOVE. It was at The Magic House and her best little friend from school was enrolled in the same camp. The first day of camp Maya and Lillian squealed with delight when they saw each other again for the first time since school let out and according to their camp instructors they were inseparable the entire week. The camp was a huge success. Each more she woke up with a huge smile on her face so excited at the prospect of having another fun morning at the Magic House. When the last day of camp rolled around she was so bummed and didn’t want the fun to end.

This week’s camp is at the park across the street from our house and run by our town’s recreation center. It was the camp I knew might cause a little discomfort for her since she didn’t know anyone else there. She was excited for the camp but clearly very nervous and even cried a little yesterday morning before we walked over. She was worried because none of her friends were going to be there. I reminded her that she didn’t know anyone in her preschool class when she first started and now has some wonderful new friends. That calmed her down and let the excitement take over. When we arrived she recognized one of the little girls from her swim class and the two made each other their “best camp friend” and had a great time. Today and day 2 of the camp and so far she is having a great time.

Her next, and final camp, is next month. It is an art camp at Laumeier Sculpture Park and her best little friend from preschool is enrolled in this one as well. This is the camp I’m most looking forward to for her. I can’t wait to see how it goes. She is going to love it, this I know for sure!

I already can’t wait to sit down with her next spring and figure out which camps she wants to go to next year.