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st. louis

Last week we all boarded a plane and headed back to St. Louis to spend some time with some of our favorite people in the world. As much as we have loved living in Seattle so far it just doesn’t quite feel like home yet because a few people are missing from our day to day lives, our dearest and closest friends. Heading back to The Lou to see everyone was so refreshing.

We spent the week staying with my very dear friend, Heather, and her family. Thank you Heather! Maya got to play with her bestie Claire every day which made her happier than happy.

The week flew by way to fast. It was filled with fun moments with our dear friends and I could have spent at least another week and still not felt like I had enough time with everyone. I miss our friends in St. Louis so much. I’m glad we got to spend a little time reconnecting with them and just hanging out like old times. Watching Maya and Claire pick up right where they left off, like no time had passed at all made my heart smile.

Thank you to all our dear friends who made our trip back so much fun. We love all of you and miss you dearly. Can’t wait to see you all again, hopefully soon.

This week has been full of bittersweet moments with the friends and places that made St. Louis home, made it a place I have loved for over a decade now. It is hard to say goodbye, so very very hard.

When we moved to St. Louis 12 years ago I didn’t really know much about the city, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ll admit it took a bit for the city to grow on me. We lived in an area didn’t like at all when we first moved here and my commute to work was way too long. Once we moved to our condo and my commute was cut in half this city instantly began to feel like home. I loved everything about where we lived and we started really taking advantage of everything this city has to offer.

St. Louis is where Lorne started his career. Where we bought our first and second home. Where we welcomed our girls into our family. Where we met and got to know some of the most important people on our lives. St. Louis is home. How do you say goodbye to home.

Thank you St. Louis for the last 12 years. I will look back on this city and the places we love here with very fond memories. I will hold close in my heart the friends that helped make this place feel like home.

I wish I didn’t have to say it, but i do…Goodbye St. Louis.

Last week my Mom was in town for a visit. She flew in last Saturday and spent 10 days with us. It was the first time she has been down here to see us in a really, really long time. It was nice to have her in town and get to show her around our beloved St. Louis. Maya enjoyed having another person around to play with šŸ˜‰

With my Mom in town, Maya’s last day of school and her dance recital all happening last week it was an very busy week. We packed so much into last week. We took my Mom to a bunch of our favorite spots in St. Louis.

Our first stop was Montelle Winery. We met up with my good friend, Heather, and her kiddos. We spent a hot day hanging out on the patio drinking wine, eating lunch, listening to live music and watching the kiddos run around. It was the perfect way to start our week with Nana.

A trip to St. Louis wouldn’t be complete without a trip to our fabulous zoo. The girls and I took my Mom to the zoo early last week while Lorne was at work. It was a gorgeous day. Maya had fun showing Nana all her favorite animals and taking her for a spin on theĀ carousel.

The middle of the week we were busy with school and dance class and didn’t do much in the way of touristy things with my Mom. We spent a lot of time outside and Maya took my Mom to her ever favorite book store after school. But once school was finished we got back into the great St. Louis tour by taking to my Mom to Grant’s Farm on Friday. Lorne took the day off work and joined us. It was very hot but still a lot of fun. The girls and Lorne had fun cooling themselves in the mister.

Saturday was all about my favorite spot in St. Louis, the Missouri Botanical Gardens. This weekend was opening weekend for the Lantern Festival so not only did we get to see all the beautiful blooms but were treated to some magnificent displays put up for the festival. It was super, super hot this weekend so we hit the gardens early and managed to have a wonderful before it got to crazy hot.

The rest of her visit was spent playing in the backyard and keeping cool in Maya’s little pool. We had a wonderful time while she was here and hopefully she’ll be able to visit again soon.

School isn’t yet out, the traditional “official” start to summer is still a week away, and yet it’s definitely already summer. This past weekend was hot. The kind of hot that calls for backyard pools to be blown up and filled with cold water from the garden hose. The kind of hot that calls for sitting under the shade of a tree and watching the big girl keeping cool by splashing for hours in the pool.

Late Saturday afternoon my Mum arrived in town for a visit. We spent the day leading up to her arrival playing in the backyard, keeping cool in the shade. Maya had so much fun playing in her pool. She spent hours and hours splashing away in it, she was a wrinkled prune by the time she was done.

Anna splashed her feet in the pool a few times but preferred playing in the shade of the big oak tree.

We are spending this week showing my Mum around St. Louis. We’ll be enjoying trips to the wineries, the zoo, the park and many of our other favorite little spots. With the exception of today and tomorrow it is going to be HOT so I’m guessing we’ll be finding ourselves splashing in the backyard pool again too.

Living in the midwest strong, violent storms are pretty common place. Spring rolls around and brings with it the thunder, lightning, heavy down pours and sometimes evenĀ tornadoes. A late afternoon darkening of the sky with the rumble of thunder off in the distance is a fairly frequent occurrence once the daytime temperatures begin to rise. I’m used to it. My kids are used to it, and aren’t afraid of a little thunderstorm. We take weather warnings seriously, as tornadoes are scary, but we enjoy a good thunderstorm every now and then.

A few weeks ago Maya’s class learned all about weather, specifically spring weather. And, since we live in prime thunderstorm/tornado territory that meant a little discussion on those types of weather activities. They have fire drills and tornado drills at her school from time to time. She knows what the tornado sirens going off means. Up until recently the sounds of the thunder crashing, the trees blowing in the strong winds and the distant sound of the tornado siren didn’t cause any unrest. A few times we’ve found ourselves in the basement as a precaution but it didn’t bother her. Until this past weekend that is.

This past weekend saw some strong storms in our area. There was a lot of property damage and sadly someone lost their life as a result of the storms. We were lucky as the bulk of the violent weather was to our north and we didn’t get much more than some loud thunder and heavy rains. For the first time since Maya learned about tornadoes and has had tornado drills at school we heard the sound of the tornado sirens. She was in the bathtub at the time covered from head to toe in shampoo and soap. As the sounds began to register with her she quickly went from playing calmly in the bathtub to having a full on little panic attack. She was breathing funny, crying and shaking. I spoke calmly to her and quickly rinsed her off. After checking the weather on my phone I decided we’d better head downstairs for a bit. So down the stairs I went carrying a fussy baby who just wanted to go to bed already and holding the hand of a little girl in a panic. Fun times.

By the time we got downstairs the sirens were no longer sounding and after checking the local radar on my laptop I decided we were fine to head back upstairs. Maya had luckily calmed down and the weather outside was much calmer, just a few faint rumbles of thunder and some rain remained. I settled Maya on the couch with her blankie and a movie while I put Anna to bed (Lorne was out of town enjoying a boys weekend). Later we spent some time talking about storms and tornadoes and why we head downstairs when we hear the sirens. She was much calmer and seemed to understand, mostly anyway, she did ask several times if a twister would cause our house to be pulled of the ground and blown all the way to Oz!

Turns out if a child learns just a little about violent stormy weather and that knowledge is coupled with what she learned from watching the Wizard of Oz it can turn her into quite the chaotic, panicky mess when the tornado sirens go off! Who knew :/

Off to the library we go to learn a little bit more about storms and to hopefully calm her nerves a bit.