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We are at that point here in the Pacific Northwest where spring has sprung, the trees are getting their leaves back and flowers are blossoming every where, but winter isn’t quite ready to completely let go of us. A couple of weeks ago we had a glorious peek at spring with lots of sunshine, warm temperatures and days spent outdoors. Since then the temperatures of cooled off again and we’ve had lots of rain, boo.

This weekend was crazy weather-wise around here. Saturday was very rainy and cold. A cold front moved through that dumped a ton of snow in the mountains and left us grabbing our warm rain coats as we headed out the door. But then yesterday happened, talk about crazy weather. The sun managed to break through the clouds and warm things up a bit. Most of the day was gorgeous and we spent a bit of time at the park in the afternoon. Soaking up the sunshine and enjoying some time outside since we’ve been trapped inside quite a bit lately. It was really lovely.

The sun continued to shine into the evening hours as I began preparing dinner. Lorne headed out with one of our neighbors to do a little mountain biking so it was just the girls and I for dinner. The girls played out back while I grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and it almost felt like spring again. But then, as I was taking the burgers off the grill and turning it off, I heard a strange sound. It almost sounded like rain hitting the leaves but I didn’t feel any drops and I didn’t see any clouds in the sky. As I stepped inside and closed the patio door it became obvious what the sound was, it was hail and lots of it. For close to 30 minutes small hail poured from the sky. For much of that time the sun continued to shine. It was seriously the craziest thing I have ever seen. The girls stood at the window completely awe-struck. Anna just kept shouting “LOOK LOOK LOOK”.

After about 30 minutes of the hailing craziness my backyard looked like it had just snowed. It was insane!

We had a wonderful Easter this year. Thanks to a weeks worth of gorgeous spring weather we had daffodils and flowering trees blooming and tulips just about to bloom. Flowers at Easter always makes it feel more like Easter to me. The weather was gorgeous for both our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and for Easter yesterday.

The girls had a great time at our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. The volunteers hid over 3000 eggs around one of our local parks. There were lots of kids there, but since there were so many eggs hidden around the park everyone walked away with a ton of eggs. Anna missed out on the itty bitty kids egg hunt as they started it early and we didn’t get there in time, but she did manage to pick up a couple of eggs during the big kids hunt (thanks to help from mom) and she held onto those eggs for dear life :). Maya had a blast and managed to completely fill her basket!

Easter morning Maya woke up bright and early since she was so excited to see what the Easter Bunny had left her and to hunt for more eggs. She actually woke up before Anna and I had to make her stay in her room playing until Anna finally woke up. The girls were very happy with their Easter baskets and had a great time looking all over the house for the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden for them. Anna was especially excited when she managed to get one of the eggs open and realized there were jelly beans inside!

We planted magic jelly beans in our garden again this year and Maya and Anna were super excited to discover they had blossomed into chocolate carrots :)

We spent the rest of our Easter outside enjoying the absolutely perfect weather. The girls were exhausted when bedtime rolled around last night. We had a wonderful spring/Easter weekend enjoying our little family and the glorious spring weather mother nature decided to bless us with.

I hope everyone had a great weekend/Easter.

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous here in St. Louis. I dare say it was perfect!  The sun was shining, the temperatures rose into the 60s (which means the snow is melting very fast!) and all we wanted to do was be outside.

Yesterday morning Maya really wanted to go to the park. We haven’t been in FOREVER thanks to this craptastic winter we’ve been having.  We didn’t have any other plans, so, off we went.

Lorne bought Maya a kite last week and since there was just enough wind for kite flying we decided to bring it along and give it a try.  This was Maya’s first kite flying experience.  She loved it.

She waited patiently while Lorne put the kite together and got it ready to fly for her.  Note the sunglasses she is sporting. As we were walking across the field she said it was too bright and she wanted her sunglasses.  When I told her I didn’t have them with me her response was “Oh, well I’ll wear yours then.”

008 [640x480]

007 [640x480]

011 [640x480]

The look on her face when the kite first took flight was adorable. She was so excited!

012 [640x480]

014 [640x480]

Once the kite was safely in the air Lorne handed the controls over to Maya and she flew a kite for the very first time all by herself.  She did a fantastic job too, the kite didn’t crash once!

020 [640x480]

016 [640x480]

026 [640x480]

It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning.

This week has been horrible, as far as weather goes.  Between the ice and snow and frigid temperatures it has us begging for a break from this winter weather and wishing for a glimpse of spring.  I feel like this winter has been going on forever.  I’m just so ready for warmer temperatures, buds on the trees, green grass and the first signs of growth in the garden.  Come on spring, we’re waiting for you.

We were one of the many areas affected by that large winter weather system that hit the entire middle section of the country before heading east.  Luckily, we didn’t end up with as much snow as originally projected but thanks to the full day of ice accumulation the city was pretty much shut down for a couple of days.  Lorne worked from home since it wasn’t safe to travel on the roads so the 3 of us spent 2 days huddled at home staying warm and watching as the weather changed from bad to worse.

013 [640x480]

As Tuesday wore on everything around us became completely covered in ice.  Tree limbs started to bend under the pressure.  Inside I watched and hoped that the ice would turn to snow before a tree fell on something causing us to lose power or worse one of the very large trees in our backyard submitted to the weight of the ice and fell on our house.

014 [640x480]

Maya was bummed when she found out we weren’t going to be able to leave the house at all.  To cheer her up I told her since we were staying inside all day she could pick whatever she wanted to wear. Her choice was no surprise to me.  She choose a tutu, a t-shirt and flowers for her hair :)  Someone is wishing for spring just has much as the rest of us!

009 [640x480]

008 [640x480]

Today it is beautifully sunny outside, not a cloud in the sky.  However, it is FREEZING!!  So excuse me while I stare out the wind at the beautiful sun and dream of spring while pretending I don’t see all the snow on the ground.

006 [640x480]

Come on spring we’re anxiously (very anxiously) waiting for you.

One of the things I like about living in St. Louis is knowing that, although we definitely get winter here and it can be pretty cold and we do get snow, our winters are fairly mild.  Typically when we get snow here it disappears as quickly as it appears.  We rarely get large amounts of snow all at once and when we do it is usually warm enough a few days later to melt most of it.  When it gets bitterly cold here it is usually only for short periods of time.  A few days of 20 degree weather followed many much milder days.  And, usually, we get some sun.  I thrive on knowing my least favorite season will be short and not too horrible.

That seems to have all changed this year.  It has been cold, cloudy and incredibly snowy this year.  Today as I look out the window I am looking at about 5-6 inches of snow in my front yard and snow still falling from the sky.  Which would be fine if this was the first time it had happened this year, but sadly this is about third or fourth time we’ve been dumped on this year.  Not to mention the fact that it is freezing out and has been freezing for weeks and weeks.

I am definitely disliking this winter.  I’m so ready for spring to get here.  At least someone around here is enjoying this weather, well the snow part of it at least.  Maya says she doesn’t like the cold but she loves the snow :)

Although we haven’t been outside to enjoy today’s large snowfall here are a few pictures from last week’s big snow.  I can tell that even though she is having fun in the snow she is ready for warmer spring weather too.  The first thing she did was run over to the porch swing!

001 [640x480]

006 [640x480]

Please, mother nature, could we be done with the snow and freezing cold temperatures already!