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Prenatal Care

Definitely in the home stretch now! I had my 36 week appointment today and from here on out I’ll be seeing my Doc every week until baby girl decides to make her appearance. Things are still looking great. Weight gain is good, blood pressure still normal and the baby felt and sounded great to the doctor. Her head is down and she has definitely dropped a bit in the last few days. My ribs are thanking her for that!

We talked about whether or not I would get an epidural this time around. I’m kind of on the fence. I had an epidural for both Maya and Anna but the one with Anna didn’t work and I essentially had a natural delivery. So, since I managed to make it through that delivery without pain medication perhaps I can do it again. After some brainstorming with my doc I’ve decided to take a wait and see how I feel approach. If I’m feeling pretty good and arrive at the hospital already fairly far along then I’ll skip the epidural. I’m going to leave the window open and play it by ear.

Things are pretty much ready for our newest Little Miss to arrive, everything except a name. Lorne and I can’t seem to agree. We have a short list of names and have our definitely favorites but we are both being stubborn. I want my favorite and he wants his favorite. So, we are still working on coming to a compromise of some kind. Other than that, we are good to go. Car seat is here and ready, crib is set up and ready to go, her room has been freshly painted and decorated (minus the name art I had planned) and she has clothes washed and ready to wear in her dresser. We are ready whenever she is.

I haven’t taken any belly shots lately but Lorne got a pretty good one over the weekend during our trip to the Olympic Peninsula. I’d say I’m ready to pop. I don’t think my belly can get any bigger!

It has taken me a while to feel connected with this pregnancy. Between the surprise factor that took me a while to get over and constantly feeling sick, getting to a point where this pregnancy felt real and I felt connected to the new little life I am creating has been a struggle. And, the fact I’ve struggled to find that connection has made me feel horrible. I’ve never struggled to feel connected to my pregnancies before.

Slowly, the various steps of early prenatal care have helped. My first appointment, complete with my first peek at Little #3 helped it feel a little more real. My first trimester screen ultrasound, watching Little #3 do his/her acrobatics on the screen and seeing a little baby taking shaped helped. Hearing the heartbeat with the doppler at my last appointment helped. All these things have helped and yet I still don’t feel like I’m where I should be yet.

Last week I began the feel the tell tale pop pop popping of those first flutters, those first movements. Feeling those first little flutters has really helped build a connection. I wouldn’t say it is where it has been in my previous pregnancies yet, but I’m getting there. I’ve always loved the first little flutters. Those early movements that only I can feel. I didn’t think I’d feel those again so I’m trying to savor them.

The near constant nausea is still hanging around. I had a week or so where it has eased a bit and I thought I was almost out of the woods but it has returned, blah :/ These little flutters sure do help make feeling sick all the time a little more worth it.

I had my second OB appointment last week, the first with my actual OB. My new OB was out of town on vacation when I had my first appointment so I met with her fill in for my first appointment. I was really looking forward to my appointment Friday so I could finally meet my new OB, and make sure I liked her.

My appointment this time was at a different office. She sees patients at two different locations. One here in Issaquah, where I went last time. It is her main office, but she also sees patients in Bellevue as well. Her office in Bellevue is actually a couple of exam rooms borrowed from another doctor so the setting isn’t nearly as nice as her other office. I’ll likely continue to go to the Bellevue office until Maya is done school for the year as it is close to her school and easy for me to get to right after dropping her off in the morning. When school lets out though I”ll definitely go back to seeing her at this office here as the office is so much nicer and I prefer the staff at the Issaquah location.

Anyway, as for Dr. E, I love her. She is down to earth, super friendly and has a ton of experience bringing babies into this world. Since there wasn’t much to do at this appointment just weight, blood pressure, pee in a cup and listen to baby’s heartbeat, we spent most of the visit talking and getting to know each other. I really appreciated how much time she was willing to spend with me, without making me feel like she had some where else to be. She was very open about her experience delivering babies and her thoughts on my experiences and how we should proceed with this pregnancy. I feel like I’ve made a good choice. And, although, I would prefer to have my favorite Dr. C from St. Louis delivering this baby, I think Dr. E is going to be a good alternative.

As for how this pregnancy is coming along she said everything looks great. I didn’t gain any weight, which isn’t a surprise given the constant nausea and daily vomiting sessions I’ve been dealing with. My blood pressure was good and the baby’s heart beat sounded great. She had all the results in from my blood work and my ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. Everything came back great. My risk factors for chromosomal abnormalities came back extremely low, that of a 20 year old. All my blood work looked good too.

Next up is some additional blood work in a couple of weeks, my next appointment in 4 weeks and then the big ultrasound to check on the baby’s development and to find out if The Surprise is a boy or a girl.

This pregnancy seems to be going by pretty fast so far, especially since I’ve been feeling so horrible. I’m already in my second trimester. I’m still feeling pretty crappy most days, but I have some reprieve every now and then so hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel is just around the corner.

Being that I’m now in my 26th week the time had come for every pregnant woman’s favorite prenatal test, the glucose tolerance test.  Lucky me!  When I had the test done during my pregnancy with Maya I failed (just barely) the 1 hour screening and had to go in for the dreaded 3 hour test, which I thankfully passed.  So, this time around I was a little more nervous.  I knew what to expect. I remembered the foul taste of that glucose drink. I remembered the waiting.  I remembered how much it sucked to hear from my doctor a few days later that I would have to do it all over again.

This time around I’m hoping I pass this first 1 hour test so I don’t have to suffer through the 3 hour test again.  Fingers crossed.

I went in this morning for the test.  I had to go to a testing facility here in Brisbane, similar to the testing facilities, like LabCorp, that we have in the United States.  I met Lorne at his office building and he took Maya to the park for an hour while I headed to the lab for the test.  The staff at the lab were super friendly and helpful.  A change from most of my experiences at similar labs in St. Louis.  They gave me my drink and told me to drink it all within 10 and they’d come back to get in 1 hour for my blood draw.

When I had the test done during my pregnancy with Maya the drink I had to drink was a super sweet, overly flavored, flat orange drink.  It tasted like orange soda but without the fizziness.  I remember thinking at the time that the drink would be so much easier to drink if it was carbonated, just a bit.  The drink I had today was so much better.  I wouldn’t exactly call it tasty, but it was certainly a lot better than my previous glucose drinks.  This one was lightly carbonated for starters, and I was right, it made it much easier to get down.  It was still crazy sweet, but the flavor was much more mild, another thing in its favor.  It was easy to get the drink down in the alloted time and I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up right after.

I passed the 1 hour quietly reading in the waiting room.  Finally I was called back for my blood draw.  Blood draws don’t bother me so that part was a breeze.  I chatted with the phlebotomist while she took the required 3 viles of blood for my glucose test and a couple of other screenings being done.  It was a pleasant experience for a test that isn’t really my favorite thing to do during pregnancy.

Now I wait, fingers crossed, for the results.  Hopefully I don’t hear from my doctor at all and am told at my next appointment in a couple of weeks that I passed the test just fine.  If I do hear from him and have to go in for that 3 hour test I may cry.  At least I know if I have to do it again the drink is more tolerable this time and the staff at the lab is pleasant to deal with.

On Monday I hit the 24 week mark of this pregnancy. I’m now 6 months pregnant.  There are only 16ish weeks left until this baby girl makes her appearance.  I can’t believe it, that’s crazy!

I’m feeling great right now.  Really I can’t think of any annoying pregnancy symptoms I’m dealing with right now other than having to pee constantly.  I have my tiny dancer to thank for most of those trips.  Like her sister before her, Baby Girl 2.0 is a very active little baby.  However, unlike her sister, who liked to lay sideways and kick my sides, this little one enjoys being breech and kicking my bladder repeatedly.  It almost feels like a game she is playing, let’s see how many times I can make mommy have to pee today :)

Today I had my 24 week pregnancy check up.  I saw a different doctor at the OB practice I’m going to here in Brisbane.  He was really nice too.  He’ll actually likely be the one I see for the remainder of my visits as the first OB I saw has a pretty booked schedule right now.  The appointment was very routine and uneventful.  My blood pressure was great, the baby’s heart beat sounded great (although she did try to hide several times while he was trying to listen), and I’ve finally managed to put on a little bit of weight.  At my last appointment I hadn’t gained anything in the month since my last check up and thanks to my horrible morning sickness I didn’t put on much during my first trimester.  I managed to squeeze out just shy of 4 pounds this month which puts my total weight gain for this pregnancy at 8 pounds.  But, since my belly is measuring well and the baby seems great the slow weight gain isn’t an issue.

I thought I’d include a belly shot for you this time around since I finally have one to speak of.  It isn’t a great picture but all you want to see is the belly anyway, right!

4-6-11 My 24 week belly [640x480]

Next up is the big gestation diabetes screening.  I’ll go for that in a couple of weeks and then I’ll have another OB follow up in a month.  I’m really glad things are going smoothly with this pregnancy (knock on wood), especially since I’m so far from home.