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Let's Talk Babies!


Tomorrow I’ll be 33 weeks, crazy right! Is it just me or has this pregnancy flown by at some sort of warp speed. I probably wouldn’t feel so bad about it if I felt remotely ready for her arrival, but I don’t. Emotionally I’m ready. I’m over the early fears I had about adding a 3 kiddo to the mix. I feel completely confident that I am up to the challenge. However, logistically I (we) are not ready. The baby’s room is empty but for the crib so that Lorne can get it painted (hopefully before baby girl decides to make her debut). Since I donated almost everything baby related before we made the big cross country move last year I am sadly lacking in baby necessities. Luckily we have the crib and at the last minute decided to hold on to my boppy pillow. Thanks to a visit from Nana recently I’ve got a few more clothes for the little miss, but still need to get more. I need a bouncy seat, clothes, receiving and swaddling blankets, bottles, diapers and I’m sure the list is longer by my pregnant mommy brain won’t let me think of anything else right now.

One purchase we have made is a car seat. We have opted to skip the infant seat this go around and went straight to a convertible seat that is rated for 5lbs and up. I bought the new Chicco Nextfit. It gets great reviews and from what I’ve seen so far I really like it. We’ll see how it goes once little miss is in it. I hope I don’t regret foregoing the infant seat. But with Anna we only used it in the car because she hated it and I typically wear my babies while out and about anyway so I figure we’ll give it a whirl.

As I mentioned above, emotionally I’m doing pretty well at this point in the pregnancy. Physically I’m getting close to being over being pregnant. I feel pretty good. The nasty nausea and vomiting have not returned and I still have a pretty good amount of energy. My hips and pelvis feel, simultaneously, like I’m being ripped in half and they are being beaten repeatedly with a hammer. It feels about as good as you can imagine :/ My weight gain is on par with my previous 2 pregnancies and, again like my other 2 pregnancies, my blood pressure is awesome. I do feel as though I am feeling the aches and pains a little more this time around but I can probably chalk that up to the fact I’m older.

And now for the much anticipated belly shots, along with a little look back at what my belly looked like at this point with Maya and Anna. Some days I feel absolutely huge, and it does seem like this epic belly grows every day.

33ish weeks with Maya

Just over 33 Weeks with Anna

And drumroll please…33 Weeks with Baby Girl #3

Well, here I sit, just a day away from the 28 week mark of this pregnancy. I’m officially in my third trimester now, which is crazy unbelievable to me. Both Anna and Maya were born at 38 weeks, that’s just 10 weeks away! And, given the rate at which 28 weeks have just flown by I’m guessing the next 10-12 weeks will be gone before I know it.

I’ve been very lax in taking belly shots this pregnancy. Let’s face it, when you have 2 other kids to worry about and chase around the last thing you are thinking about it documenting the progression of this rather large belly that keeps getting in the way. I did manage to take a few pictures the other day. So, for your viewing pleasure here is my (almost) 28 week belly. For the record I feel huge and our neighbor’s little boy told me I looked like a house the other day so that made me feel really good ;/

I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. The nausea that plagued the first half of this pregnancy is all but gone. I do still have the occasionally day where I’m feeling a bit nauseous but for the most part, it’s gone. Thanks to my ever expanding belly and the wee one growing and taking up room inside my hips, back and pelvis hurt all the time now, especially if I have been sitting or standing for too long. It hasn’t started affected my sleep yet, thank goodness.

Last week I had my glucose screening done and passed, YAY! Since I failed the 1 hour screening with Maya and had to suffer through the dreadful 3 hour test I am always super paranoid that it is going to happen again. I was certainly very happy to get the call from the nurse telling me everything looked great with my blood work. I’ll have my next appointment in a couple of weeks and from there switch to bi-weekly appointments. I can’t believe it is already time for that!

Little Peanut #3 is moving around and letting her presence be known. Her movements are usually more fluid and peaceful, very similar to the way Anna moved in utero. She does give me a swift kick every now and then, her favorite place to kick is, of course, my bladder! It will be so interesting to see what she is like when she arrives, if she’ll be a laid back baby like her sisters or not. Not much longer and our house will be invaded by another little princess.

Time is not slowing down. This pregnancy is speeding by faster than I ever thought possible. I’m a mere week away from my 3rd trimester. Which means I really need to get on the ball and start preparing for this baby’s arrival. Her room needs to be painted, her crib needs to be vacated by its current occupant, and don’t even get me started on all the stuff we donated, gave away or sold that we now need to buy all over again. I really need to get my butt in gear.

A big part of the preparations for the baby involve transitioning Anna out of her crib, and her room, into her new big girl bed in what will now be Maya AND Anna’s room. We have taken the first tentative steps to get ready for the big move. Over the weekend we got the girls their new bunk bed and we even got is all set up already. Lorne put it together and I set to work on the incredibly arduous task of making the two beds. Let me just say that making a top bunk is not the easiest task in the world, but, when you add an ever expanding belly into the mix it becomes almost comical.

The only thing we are waiting on to make it all complete is their matching quilts, which have been ordered. It should look truly lovely once the new bedding is on it.

Maya is sleeping on the top bunk and loves it. The girls play on the bunk beds daily, they especially love throwing their stuffed animals off the top bunk. Anna sits on her bunk every now and then, but doesn’t really see it as hers yet since she is still sleeping in her room, in the crib.

I can’t quite bring myself to take the next step and make the transition. She still seems so little, so young. I can’t imagine her tiny little body in that great big bed just yet. I’m not quite ready for her not to be my baby anymore. So, the bed will sit there, empty for now, while I try to talk myself into making the big move.

Today was the big day, the day of our ultrasound. Last night I had the weirdest dreams. In one dream they told us the baby was a boy but when I posted the gender revel pictures online all the balloons turned pink. In another dream they kept changing their minds telling us first it was a boy and then changing it to a girl and then back to a boy, etc. I haven’t had a really solid feeling one way or the other this time around. At first I was leaning towards boy because I’ve been carrying weight differently this pregnancy and I was so much sicker in the beginning than I was with the girls. But, lately I’ve found myself going back and forth, hence the crazy dreams.

Well, the not knowing period is finally over. The verdict is in. We will be adding a…

…girl to our crew in September. Maya is super excited. She has said all along she wanted another sister. Anna doesn’t really have a clue but she loved the balloons she got to play with today thanks to our gender revel photo shoot :)

Introducing Baby Girl #3. I think she is going to be a cutie just like her big sisters :)


I’m halfway there, plus a few days! Last Saturday marked the halfway point of this pregnancy, 20 weeks. It really is crazy to think that I’m already 20 weeks and only have another 20 (give or take) to go.  At times it feels like just yesterday that I was sitting here looking at the positive pregnancy test, completely stunned. This pregnancy is going by so fast so far.

Here are a few 20 week (+5 days) belly shots for you.

As I sit here writing this Yaris is kicking away. I truly can’t wait until Monday when we finally, FINALLY!, find out if this little monkey is a boy or a girl. I have never gotten this far into a pregnancy without knowing and the suspense is killing me. I don’t know how people make to the end of a pregnancy not knowing. I just couldn’t do it.

I am finally feeling pretty good and after 18+ weeks of constantly nausea and vomiting I was so ready to hit the “feeling good” point of this pregnancy. I still have days where I feel nauseous on and off but luckily those are much less often now and the good days outweigh the bad. Hopefully I can make it to the end not having to deal with crazy morning sickness again.

Settling in to enjoy my favorite part of pregnancy and anxious to make the big announcement next week. Is Yaris a boy or a girl? A few more days and we’ll finally know.