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Pregnancy Exercises

It is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy, back pain.  The pain isn’t isolated to one part of the back.  Some women experience lower back pain, some middle back pain, others pain in their upper backs, and still others pain all over.  Lower back pain is the most common form of back pain during pregnancy, caused for the most part by our changing body.  As your pregnant belly grows the way you carry your weight, as well as how much weight you are carrying, changes.  This added pressure on your lower back understandably causes some pain.

Always talk to your doctor about your back pain, especially if it is isolated to your lower back and seems to wrap around to your stomach as this can be a sign of premature labor.

Since back pain during pregnancy is pretty much guaranteed at some point or another the key is to finding a way to minimize the pain and manage it.  Here are a few tips for helping you prevent, manage and minimize back pain during pregnancy. Continue reading