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Let's Talk Babies!


As soon as I began showing with Nora the general public took that as a sign they could come up to me and say any and everything they wanted. Apparently when you are pregnant with your third child, especially when your other two children are the same sex, you will be subjected to some borderline rude comments. Here are a few of my favorite (spoken sarcastically!) questions/comments I get to hear almost daily…

Are you finally getting a boy? Obviously, now that I am no longer pregnant I don’t hear this one anymore but it was bestowed on me frequently while I was pregnant. I mean, are you serious with this question! Is it not possible to be satisfied, or (gasp) even be happy with all girls?

Your poor husband, he didn’t get his boy Yes, I’m sure Lorne would have been happy to have a boy, but is he disappointed that he got three beautiful girls instead, NO!

Wow, all girls! (Spoken in a sad voice with the pity head tilt) Again, what is wrong with girls? I’m actually incredibly happy to have ended up with all girls for your information.

Will you guys try for a boy? Apparently it is the 1700s and we must have a boy to carry on the family name and work on the farm in order to be happy. Seriously! No, we will not be trying for a boy.

Wow, you really have your hands full!! Yes, I do sometimes literally have my hands full, like when I walked into Target this morning with Nora in the Ergo, Anna on my hip and my other hand full of reusable bags and my purse! However, most of the time I have it all perfectly under control. I don’t really need a strangers opinion on my work load.

Are they all yours?! Ummm, no, I just thought I’d bring a couple of extra kids to the store with me to make my trip extra fun! :/ Seriously, it isn’t like I have ten kids or something! Since when did three kids become some unmanageable amount?

What I take away from these ridiculous comments and questions is that many people still live in the dark ages when the only acceptable offspring were males. And, having three kids makes me some sort of crazy kid lady who can’t possibly manage all the work. It takes a lot of will power not to respond with the snarky, sarcastic comments floating around in my head. Instead, I politely smile and walk away as fast as I can because I have my hands full raising my 3 girls and mourning the fact I don’t have a son I don’t have time to deal with the insanity and reeducate people 😉

Anna celebrated her 2nd birthday a little over a week ago!

Late last week she had her 2 year check up with her pediatrician. Though much has changed in the 2 years since she was born, and much growing has taken place, one thing remains the same. She is still out itty bitty little thing.

Height: 32.25 inches (1oth percentile)

Weight: 22lbs (not on the charts)

Head Circumference: 18 5/8 inches (50th percentile)

The doctor gave her a clean bill of health but has asked us to try to increase her calorie and healthy fat intake to try to avoid her falling any further off the charts. She has always been tiny, but since she dropped right off the charts this time for her weight she just wants to be careful and make sure we at least stay where we are if we can’t increase it a bit. She recommended that we give Anna a can of pediasure (a high calorie/high nutrition drink) every day. So far she isn’t a fan, but we’ll see.

Other than the low weight issue everything looks great. The doctor was especially impressed with her verbal skills and her very firm grasp on using language to get her point across and how well she understands what others are saying to her. She showed off her verbal skills when she got her shot by looking at the spot where the shot was just given and saying “Owww, that hurt.” :) It is amazing how well she can speak for a 2 year old. I lost count of how many words she knows a long time ago and she can easily string 4-5 words together to make a sentence. Not to mention her sentences are often surprisingly grammatically correct for such a young child. Physically she is developing great as well. I am so grateful for my healthy little girl.

It is hard to find the right words to describe Anna. She is so incredibly sweet. She loves to be funny and loves to make people laugh. She is also extremely inquisitive and loves to watch others do things and then try to do them herself. She plays well independently and with Maya. Her favorite activities include coloring, reading books, playing outside, playing with her little dollhouse, her farm and Maya’s princess castle. She eats well (even if her weight doesn’t show that) and her favorite foods include fruit of pretty much any kind, cheese, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, oatmeal (only peaches and cream though), carrots and ham sandwiches.

Anna we love to pieces. The last 2 years have flown by and it has been an incredible privilege to watch you grow into the sweet, lovable, spunky little 2 year old you are today.

Our sweet girl is 18 months!

Weight: 21lbs (15th percentile)

Height: 30.5 in (20th percentile)

Head Circumference: 18.5 in (70th percentile)

She had her 18 month well-child check up with her pediatrician this morning and Dr. H confirmed what we already know about our girl…she is perfectly awesome :) As you can see from her stats above she is still rocking her tiny peanut status. I expected the numbers to confirm that she is still my bitty little girl since at 18 months she still wearing mostly 9 month and 12 month sized clothing. I put an 18 month shirt on her the other day and she was swimming in it. It is kind of nice because I’m getting a ton of wear out of her clothing.

Developmentally, Anna is doing great. Dr. H was very impressed with the incredible strides Anna has made since her 15 month check with respect to walking. She is doing very well with her gross motor skills and is off the charts when it comes to her fine motor skills and her verbal development. Her vocabulary is huge for her age. Our girl is, in the words of Dr. H, “perfectly awesome”.

Anna’s current favorite activities including reading, coloring and playing with her big sister. Her concentration is crazy good for her age. She’ll sit by the book shelf and read books forever. When she is coloring she concentrates very carefully and gets right into. She loves to show off her drawings with a very proud “look” when she is done. Maya and Anna play well together most of the time, which is so nice because Anna really does adore her big sister and loves playing with her.

This is one of my favorite ages. There is so much learning and exploring and growing going on inside their little minds at this age. I love watching it happen. I love watching her explore the world and see what she takes away from it. Every day she wakes up a little bit different than the girl she was the day before. It is wonderful to part of her growth. Love you to pieces sweet Anna B.