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Thanks to the glorious weather that is bestowed upon the Pacific Northwest in the late spring and summer the home improvements we were in the midst of this winter have taken a backseat to fun outdoor activities. Progress on the painting front has been very slow lately because Lorne would rather be outside doing something than inside painting, and who can blame him. But, this past long weekend he decided to take a little time out of our fun 4th of July adventures to finish up the living room/dining room painting that had begun months ago. It isn’t totally complete yet as the circular wall around our staircase still needs to be painted, but the rest is done and it looks amazing. I am especially fond of the dining room with the gray accent wall. Thanks Lorne, you did a great job yet again ūüėČ

Dining Room

Living Room (still needs new furniture)

It is truly amazing how much of a difference a little color on the walls can make in a room. It looks like a grown up living room/dining room :) I can’t stop walking in these two rooms and admiring them. I can’t wait to see how it all ties together once the big circular wall is painted!

Paint colors, in case you are interested, Shaker Beige and Duxbury Gray both by Benjamin Moore. The circular wall will eventually be Lenox Tan also a Benjamin Moore color.

One of the things I loved most about this house when we first walked through it was the master bath. It was big and had an amazing soaker tub that I could totally see myself using to melt away the stresses of the day. It had recently been redone by the previous owners and the tile work was really nice, however, the builders white that was on the walls was not. The wall color did nothing for the tile, it made it looked washed out and it made the room look and feel cold. I knew that once we started adding our own touch to the place that the master bath would be one of the first rooms to tackle. It had such potential and all it needed was a different color on the walls.

The bathroom before (boring).

Over the last several weekends Lorne has been hard at work painting the master bath and the master bedroom. The master bath turned out perfectly. When we had the color consultant over to help us pick out colors the master bath was one of the harder rooms to choose a color for. I really liked the look of the color swatch in the room when we were looking at colors but I wasn’t entirely sure how it would look was the whole room was that color. It looks amazing. The color really works with the tile and pulls out all the right accents from it. In addition to painting the walls we also added a frame to the mirror, which I think really updates the look of the bathroom. Eventually we’ll reface the cabinets since I’m not a fan of the 1980s oak look.

With a little color and a few added touches the bathroom has gone from boring and cold to warm and sophisticated. I love it.

The Bathroom after.

The color, if your interested, is Duxbury Gray by Benjamin Moore. It will eventually be used as an accent color on one wall in our dining room as well, once we get around the painting the main floor.

Anna’s favorite activities are those that require quiet concentration. From birth her personality has been that of quiet observer. As I watch her take in the world I can almost see the sponge within her absorbing and expanding. She is happiest reading books, coloring or building with her duplo blocks. She will concentrate for great lengths of time on these activities, taking pride in her work and gladly showing off what she has created with a very proclamation of “Look!!” as she holds up her creation for all to see.

So, yesterday, since Maya had the day off school and I was trying to come up with an extra fun activity for us to do I decided to let both girls paint. Painting has always been one of Maya’s favorite things to do, but, up until now I had not let Anna in on the fun. I taped together several pages from the big coloring pad Anna got for Christmas and I let her have at it (knowing a great mess was likely).

From the first stroke Anna was in heaven!

The look on her face was priceless. She was so proud of herself :)

Part way into our painting project she realized that Maya’s pictures were much more colorful than hers and started to ask for more colors. She asked for “boo” and “low” (blue and yellow). Eventually her little paint tray was filled with every color of the rainbow and she was delighted!

I’d say painting is likely going to be a new favorite activity for my budding little Picasso :) It won’t be long now before crayons no longer cut it and she is asking for paints whenever the creativity bug bits.

Anna sure comes by this love of colorful creation honestly, her big sister is quite the little artist herself.

Now that the weather is cooler we have started tackling some indoor home projects on our new house, namely painting. ¬†So far we have painted our living room/dining room/hallway and our kitchen. ¬†This past weekend it was Maya‘s turn. ¬†We painted her bedroom to spruce it up a bit and make it more her own.

Before it was a little drab.  Even though all her stuff was in there and I tried to make it look cute there was only so much I could do since the walls were a very boring off white sort of cream color.

001 [640x480]

The color we choose for her room was a really pretty green to compliment the green and pink bedding and lady bug accents in her room. ¬†It looks so cute now. ¬†Maya loves it. ¬†She was napping while Lorne was painting her room and when she got up and saw her room she walked around it saying “It’s amazing” over and over again.

038 [640x480]

039 [640x480]

The green turned out to be the perfect color, exactly the look I as going for. ¬†I”m so glad she loves it. ¬†Her room is the perfect little girl’s room now. Goodbye boring and drab cream, hello funny and pretty green :)