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Let's Talk Babies!


One of the big issues that has come up as a result of the upcoming arrival of The Surprise is where everyone will sleep. We are lucky that we do have a four bedroom house so we have a few options open to us including the possibility that everyone gets their own room. It is nice to have options and I’m thankful for that.

The question is, which option is best? The way our house the laid out three bedrooms are upstairs, the master and what are currently Maya and Anna’s bedrooms. The fourth bedroom is on the main floor and currently serves as our office. And, when guests come to visit we throw an air mattress on the floor and call it a guest room 😉 Since the fourth bedroom is on the main floor it doesn’t really lend itself well to being a bedroom for any of our young children. So, really it is unlikely we will go with a bedroom plan that will involve everyone having their own room and using the fourth bedroom. It makes Lorne happy too because he isn’t too keen on giving up his office.

Which leaves us with the most likely room set up, having two of the kids share a room. Maya’s room is huge and would serve well as a bedroom for two. We are pretty sure what we will end up doing is having Maya and Anna share a room, in Maya’s current room and give Anna’s bedroom to the baby. Maya is excited about sharing a room because she really wants bunk beds. I think it will work out well.

The question remains as to when to make the transition. Anna is still in a crib with no indication she isn’t enjoying it or is even considering trying to climb out. I hate the idea of prematurely switching her to a big girl bed and opening up a potential can of worms when it comes to nap time and bed time. However, I don’t want to have to buy another crib for what would likely be a fairly short period of time. So, in all likelihood, I’ll move her to a big girl bed before the baby comes so we can use the crib for the baby. The summer seems the best time to make the transition as we don’t have to worry about strict bed times and early wake up calls for school. And, hopefully, by making the transition in the summer everyone will be sleeping well in their new digs before Maya starts school and before I am again thrust into the sleepless newborn phase.

I know it will all work out, and I’m probably worrying too much about it, but hey I’m a mom and that’s what I do :)

Lorne’s company has set us up in an apartment, temporarily, while we get situated and look for a more permanent place to live. We were lucky in that we got to request the area where the temporary apartment was located, so we asked them to find us one in the area we are hoping to live. They found us a nice little apartment in Klahanie, which is a neighborhood of Issaquah, a suburb of Seattle. Issaquah is the suburb we have pretty much settled on, and Klahanie one of neighborhoods we are considering. So it is nice to be in the community from the beginning to get a good feel for it and so Lorne can test out the commute times.

Our apartment is nice. It is in a large complex with lots of amenities including a pool and a workout room. It is a fully furnished 3 bed/2 bath apartment. We are on the 2nd floor of a 3 story building. Not ideal since we hear the stomping of the tenant above us and I’m sure the tenant below is getting sick of hearing Maya run and jump all over our unit! But, it is just for a little bit and we like the apartment and the complex, so we can’t complain.


The apartment isn’t huge but is definitely a good size and with 3 bedrooms there is plenty of room for us.









The part of the complex we are in backs to a green belt so the view for our living room and our balcony is pretty nice.


The search is in full swing to find a more permanent home for us. We are looking for a rental house or townhouse. We only have until the end of September in this apartment so we need to find something fairly soon. There seem to be several good options out there so we should be able to find a good match for us. In the mean time we are enjoying our temporary digs.

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We’ve been in Seattle for 4 full days now. The vacation that was our road trip here is over. Lorne is back at work and the girls and I are trying to get into a routine. Anna was completely out if her routine after last week’s travels and suffering from some crabbiness as a result so I’m working hard to get her back on schedule this week.

Besides trying to get back on track schedule-wise we are also trying to navigate this new area. I’m feeling a bit lost the last couple of days, both figuratively and literally. Everyone being off schedule and not knowing my way around is causing me a bit of stress. I have set a goal for myself this week of getting Anna back on schedule and exploring around a bit.

Anna is napping for the second day in a row. So far so good on that front. Plus, yesterday I managed to find my way to Target, an absolute must for me! And today we ventured out for a little play date with some friends. It may not seem like much but it feels good to have gotten out, even of only for a little bit. thank goodness for navigation systems or I probably wouldn’t have done t hat much!

I’m sure in a month or so I’ll be able to get around so much easier. I won’t feel like I have no idea where I am or where I’m going. But for now it is a bit nerve wracking to venture out. I just need to take a deep breath, grab a shaken iced tea lemonade from Starbucks and start exploring :)

Today was the 7th and final day of our road trip. We logged the last 270 miles of our 2200 mile total. It was good being on the final stretch, to know our destination today would our new home (at least temporarily). We were all a little road weary and ready to be done with the road for a while.


The landscape was again quite something, although a good part of our trip was through very arid areas, which definitely aren’t my favorite. Once we hit the mountains again the landscape became breathtaking once more.





This road trip has been quite the experience. We have seen and done some amazing things. We made some wonderful memories. Our girls are quite the little travelers and did so well on this journey. We won’t soon forget our trip west.

Today was the second to last day of our road trip. It is hard to believe we are almost to our destination. In many ways it feels like we just pulled out of our driveway. Today was a long day on the road. We added 470 miles to our grand total. We set out this morning sorry to be leaving Yellowstone but anxious to get a bit closer to Seattle.


It was another beautiful day on the road. The views continued to be magnificent. I love driving through the mountains. We saw a lot of beautiful rivers and mountain streams today, which just added to the beauty.





It was nice to finally see the “Welcome to Washington” sign. As fun as this trip has been it was nice to know we were almost there. It’ll be nice to not have to be on the car every day and not to have to share a hotel room with 2 little kids who like to go to bed early.


Tomorrow is the home stretch.