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Let's Talk Babies!


Our incredibly adorable Miss Nora is 9 months old!! It has been three quarters of a year since she joined our crazy little family. I can hardly believe it, time is whizzing by.

Weight: 17lbs 1oz (31st percentile)

Height: 27.5 inches (45th percentile)

Head Circumference: 17.5 inches (70th percentile)

Nora had her 9 month well baby check up with Dr. H yesterday. She will given the seal of “Perfect”, not that there was ever any doubt 😉 She is growing well. Rocking the somewhere in between peanut and average size range. She demonstrated several of her recently acquired skills including waving at the doc when she came in the room and clapping and cheering when found out it was a shot free appointment :) The doctor was very impressed with her development and was not at all surprised she was already pulling up on furniture and trying to cruise. Her predicted that Nora would be an early walker, we shall see.

As I mentioned last week she has recently had a milestone explosion. Learning to crawl, sit up, pull up, walking on her knees while holding onto something, clapping and waving all mastered in a couple of weeks. She is all over the place and super fast. She can hands and knees crawl but prefers her own little version of the army crawl to get around, she is so, so fast. She spends most of the day pulling up on things and trying to figure out how to use that as a means to get around. It will not be long now and she’ll be cruising. She is already stretching out to reach close by objects and trying to figure out if she can go from one thing to the next without having to sit down and crawl. Once she figures that out there will be no keeping up with her! She is one determined little girl.

As much as she loves to explore and play she is also super cuddly. She loves giving me hugs and kisses. Every so often, in the middle of her play, she’ll crawl up to me and climb into my lap for a snuggle. I love it!

She is the sweetest, happiest baby. The big girls adore her and play so well with her. She recently graduated to having a bath in the big tub and Anna and Maya fight over who gets to have a bath with her! And Nora adores her sisters every bit as much as they adore her. She watches them and loves to join them in their play. It is so wonderful to watch them all interact. Melts my heart every time.

We love you to pieces baby girl!

Photos courtesy of Brenda Joy Photography. Thank you so much for capturing Nora’s sweet and adorable 9 month old personality so perfectly, Brenda!

The ever smiley, ever adorable Miss Nora is 7 months old!

Height: ~28ins

Weight: ~16lbs

The best way I can think of to describe Nora is pure joy. She is eternally happy. A smile dons her face most of the day and even through her tears she’ll smile if she sees a smiling face, she just can’t resist. She a very content, very happy baby. And her smile takes my breath away. I may be a bit biased but she is seriously so beautiful.

At 7 months she is working hard on sprouting her first tooth and learning how to crawl. She can sit up pretty well unassisted now and has even begun to trying to get herself into a seated position on her own. She rolls and scoots where ever she needs to go and is up on her hands and knees rocking a lot trying to figure out how to make herself go forward. You can see the little wheels in her head turning. She knows she should be able to do it she just can’t quite get all the necessary parts coordinated enough to move just yet, but it won’t be long.

Just like her sisters she is a talker. She is babbling up a storm and loves exercising her voice with babbles, bubbles, giggles and squeals. Though she doesn’t say it on purpose yet she is saying both mama and dada. Her favorite sound right now is “bla bla bla” which Maya gets a huge kick out of. Between the smiles and the adorable little babbling sounds she is pretty irresistible. We get stopped daily by people who want to oggle over her, and who can blame them!

We started solids last month and she is a big fan. She has tried most of the veggies and we’ve moved onto fruits. Her favorite veggie is carrots and so far she hasn’t met a fruit she doesn’t like. Last night I cut up some pieces of bananas for her and she fed herself bananas and cheerios for dinner. Her pincer grasp is coming along really well and she is getting pretty coordinated. I love watching her reactions when she tries new things. Her facial expressions are something else :)

Nora is such a doll. It is so fun watching her grow and change. This is such a fun age! We love you to pieces little munchkin :)

Today was a big day at our house, it was Maya’s 1st day of kindergarten!

I woke her bright and early and after a nice breakfast and after everyone was ready to go we headed to school.

When we got to school we headed to the kindergarten entrance and Maya found the line for her class. She bravely stood in line behind her friend Megan. You could tell she was a bit nervous, but she was also pretty excited. After the first bell rang her teacher, Mrs. Fadden, came out and greeted all the kiddos and walked them down the hallway to their classroom. Normally parents aren’t allowed to accompany the kids into their class but her teacher made an exception today so we could see where they will sit and get a nice class picture. It was so cute watching all these nervous 5 year olds navigate around the room, collect their name tags and pencil boxes and find a seat. Maya and Megan sat together along with a little girl they had met in line. It was adorable.

Once all the kids had arrived and found a seat, Mrs. Fadden had them all gather at the front of the room and line up for a nice class picture. They came up will silly things to say instead of the usually “cheese” to keep them all giggling and smiling.

After picture time it was time for the grown ups to leave and the day to start. A few kids, including Maya ran to give another quick hug to mom and dad. Surprisingly there weren’t many tears, all the kids were so brave. It looks like a great bunch of kids in Maya’s class and I think she’ll have a wonderful year with them and make some great new friends. Not to mention her teacher is AWESOME, I already love her!

It was weird leaving the school knowing she would be there all day. I’m so used to having her around, and even when she was in preschool it was only 3 days a week for half days. It felt like 3pm was so far away. I managed to keep it together all through drop off but as I was driving to the grocery store after leaving the school I had a good little cry. I cried because my first baby is already in kindergarten. I cried because I am so proud of her. I cried, well, because that is what we moms do 😉

When the end of the day finally rolled around Anna and I walked over to the school and picked Maya up. You could tell, as they walked out the door lined up behind Mrs. Fadden, that they were all pretty worn out from their big first day, but they were all smiles. Maya was full of stories on the walk home of all the fun things they did today and things they get to do tomorrow. She had a wonderful first day and is excited to go to school again tomorrow. This is going to be a great year for her!

When Maya was about 4 or 5 months old she developed an affinity for bouncing. My arms were not prepared for the endless jumping and bouncing, it was quite an arm workout. Given her love of jumping and bouncing we figured she would be a big fan of a doorway jolly jumper so we picked one up at our local baby retailer. We were right, she LOVED it. It was hard to get her to stop using it. At almost 2 she would still ask me to put it up so she could bounce and swing around.

It was no surprise when Maya wanted us to bring out the jolly jumper for Anna when she was still to young to even hold her own head up for any length of time. I started putting Anna in the jolly jumper for short bursts when she was about 4 months old. She wasn’t a big fan at first. Eventually she started to enjoy sitting in it but hadn’t really figured out that she could make the thing move. I would bounce it a little for her and she seemed to like that, but if left to her own devices she would just stand there with this look on her face like “What exactly is the point of this thing?”.

Then all of sudden one day she just figured it out. I put her in the jolly jumper and she immediately started bouncing, jumping and spinning around. She was completely delighted with herself. She looked at me like “Mom, why didn’t you tell me this thing was so much fun?” :) Now she loves going in the jumper. She’ll squeal when she sees me putting it up in the doorway and can jump like nobody’s business.

It is so cute to watch her jump away, it reminds me so much of her big sister at this age. Maya gets a huge kick out of watching Anna jump away too.

I feel like I was just writing about Anna’s sleep regression and the resulting lack of sleep for both her and I, and now here I am about to tell you how amazingly she is sleeping. Something clicked for Anna in the last couple of weeks and now she is sleeping like a total champ.

Her sleep regression lasted for about 3 weeks. I wouldn’t say she was a terrible sleeper even on the worst days. But, I’m certainly thankful it seems to be over. At the height of her sleep regression she wasn’t napping well, only taking short 30 minute naps and never seeming particularly rested. She was getting up 2-3 times a night, which, as I mentioned in my previous post, was so uncommon for her. The lack of sleep made her a bit fussy and she just always seemed tired. I was hopeful our sleep troubles would be short lived as that had been my experience when Maya went through a similar phase during her babyhood.

As luck would have it, it was short lived. Something all of a sudden just seemed to click for her. It all started with her being able to soothe herself to sleep. Up until a few weeks ago I was rocking her to sleep for naps and bed time. One afternoon rocking her wasn’t working so I decided to just put her in her bed and see what happened. To my amazement she fell asleep on her own. I listened to her over the monitor cooing to herself for a minute or so and then she fussed a little, no crying just sort of whining and then silence. When I hadn’t heard anything for a couple of minutes I cracked her door and checked on her, she was sound asleep. She slept for over an hour. The next day I did the same thing for naps and she napped over an hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Since then she has been napping wonderfully and seems so much more rested and her awake times last a little longer.

Once she was napping better she started sleeping a little better at night too, there is a lot to that whole “sleep begets sleep” thing. She returned first to getting up only once at night and each night her first stretch of sleep was a little longer. Then last week she started sleeping 12 hours straight through. I’ll hear her on the monitor occasionally some nights. She’ll coo a little for a minute or two and then falls back asleep. She goes to bed between 6-6:30 and gets up between 6:30-7, it has been wonderful.

Between the great napping and the super awesome night time sleep I finally feel like she is getting the sleep she needs, and I am too 😉 The girl loves her sleep.

So, for all you other mamas out there with kiddos going through sleep regressions, hang in there, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.