Newly Pregnant and Already Your Clothes Don’t Fit?

Every woman has been there so don’t worry you’re not alone. Often during early pregnancy women experience bloating which can make your clothes feel a little tight even though you aren’t showing yet. Also, women who have been pregnant before will often experience a much earlier “popping” of their belly. No matter what the cause it can make you feel quite uncomfortable throughout the day. Early pregnancy can be uncomfortable enough without adding to the grief!

It may not feel like it is quite time for maternity clothes but you definitely need something more comfortable than squishing into your regular clothes. So what can you do? Here are a few suggestions on how you can handle this early bulging in your middle.

  • Purchase clothing a size larger than you normally wear. Some woman will tell you this is a great idea since you’ll probably need the larger clothes after the baby arrives any way.
  • Purchase “Belly Band“, which allows you to where your regular jeans throughout your pregnancy (basically covering up the fact your have your pants undone!!).
  • Buy some maternity clothes, but go for the ones with the expandable waist (many maternity clothes have these now). That way the clothes will grow with you.
  • Wear your most comfortable and stretchiest clothing.
  • Wear your husbands clothes (not my cup of tea, but may work for some of you).

The key is to be comfortable without having to expand your wardrobe unnecessarily. I found the expandable maternity pants were the best purchase I made. I was able to wear them all throughout my pregnancy and they were comfortable no matter what. They can also be useful immediately following your delivery if you don’t walk out of the hospital small enough to fit into your old clothes!