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introducing solids

As Nora rapidly approaches her 6 month birthday we find ourselves in the midst of many firsts, first tastes of food included. The last few weeks I have really noticed her starting to take a big interest in watching me eat. And, if I happen to be holding her while I’m eating she often tries to grab my food or drink and is always very intently watching what I am putting in my mouth. I figured since she seemed to be showing so much interest in what we are eating I would pick up some baby cereal and give it a go.

Today was the big day. While I was at the grocery store I picked up some baby cereal and this afternoon after we picked up Maya from school I gave her her first bites of food. She was…intrigued. I seriously love the faces they make when trying new foods, especially those first few times. When you are used to strictly breast milk I can only imagine what it must be like to taste something so foreign and different.

We’ll call this first shot at eating solids a success. She didn’t love it, but she definitely didn’t hate it either. I’m guessing once she gets to the tasty foods like peas, sweet potatoes, apples and peaches she’ll be a much bigger fan!! It will be interesting to see if she so willingly opens her mouth for the spoon tomorrow 😉

Anna had her first taste of “real” food this week, and by “real” I mean food other than the boobie milk she has been consuming for the last 6 months. And, just like her sister before her, she doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the non-boobie milk food so far. Although, each time she has tolerated it a little better than the previous day, so there is hope yet :)

Her first bite of food was a little piece of a very mushy carrot that she had the other evening while we were eating dinner. I just gave her a steamed carrot to see what she would do with it. She played with it for a bit and then I put a little mushed up piece in her mouth. She let it sit on her tongue for a minute looking at me like I had three heads and was trying to poison her before spitting it out. We all got a few giggles out of the ordeal.

A couple of days later I gave her some oatmeal. She was not a fan, not in the least! I had originally planned on foregoing the mushy baby cereal all together and just going straight to veggies and fruit, but decided at the last minute to give her a little bit of oatmeal as a way to test if she was even ready for solids yet and to see if, maybe, she would like it. Turns out, nope, she’s a fan.

So, since cereal wasn’t a hit I went back to my original plan and started with a veggie. I’ll wait and give her oatmeal again later on when she is ready for regular consistency oatmeal and when I can mix it with something yummy like peaches or applesauce. Yesterday was her first shot with the veggies. I gave her some roasted butternut squash and though she wasn’t a huge fan, she certainly didn’t seem to hate it, so I’m counting it as a success. She had some again today and did even better than yesterday. I think we can safely add squash to the list of foods that she considers somewhat tolerable at this point :)

I have to say I love her “Mommy, what the hell did you just put in my mouth!” facial expressions. They make me giggle EVERY time. Between the silly, yet adorable, faces she makes and how darn cute she looks sitting in her highchair, I’m really enjoying this whole introducing food business even if she isn’t completely on board with the whole idea yet :)