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Let's Talk Babies!


I kind of out did myself this year. Not only did I make Maya’s Angelina Ballerina costume, but, feeling inspired by that project I decided to make Anna’s costume as well. I better watch it or I’ll turn into Martha Stewart or something 😉

Since Anna isn’t old enough to pick her own costume yet I let Maya decide. When I asked her Maya promptly said “a cute little fairy so she can have a nice tutu like my Angelina Ballerina one”. So, I set to work planning out a fairy costume suitable for a 1 year old.

I started with the tutu. I knew I wanted the tutu to be purple because the fairy wings we already had are purple. But, other than that I wasn’t exactly sure what look I was going for. I hit up our local craft store and found some glittery tulle and was inspired. I used purple tulle, the glitter tulle and some thin glitter ribbon to make the tutu. I decided on a length of 6 inches and cut out my fabric. I used the same method to tie the tulle to the elastic waist band I had made as I did with Maya’s costume as I liked the puffy look it provided. Once the tulle and ribbon were all in place I attached little purple and glittery white flowers I had also found at the craft store. I stitched them around the front half of the tutu. The end result was exactly what I had envisioned. And, I must say, I was pretty impressed with how this one turned out. (I may have a new found obsession with making tutus).

Next up was the wings. I knew Anna wouldn’t be up for wings unless they were attached to her shirt and didn’t get in her way. We had a small pair of purple fairy wings lying around the house from an old Tinker Bell costume of Maya’s. I decided to stitch the wings to the back of an old white, long sleeved onesie, that way Anna couldn’t pull them off and they wouldn’t be in her way. The wings are stitched on in just a few spots so I can easily cut the stitching afterwards and give Maya her wings back, but are still very secure.

Last up was a headpiece of some kind. Anna is not a fan of hats or headbands of any kind and will not tolerate them for even a second. So, I knew whatever I came up with had to be a clip of some kind since she wears those with no problem. She already had a white and purple flower clip so I decided to just tie a few pieces of the glitter ribbon I used in her tutu to the clip for an added touch and go with that. Simple, yet perfect.

The end result is a pretty stinkin’ cute little fairy if I do say so myself. She was very much into checking herself out in the mirror today when she tried on the full costume.