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This was a big weekend for us. We had some family in town and, of course, it was Thanksgiving, but that isn’t what made it a big weekend around here. Our weekend was big because….we moved!!

I realized as I was posting on Facebook about our moving day that I hadn’t really told very many people, oops. Ya, so, we decided to buy a house here in Seattle. Apartment living just wasn’t working and we really wanted a house so that it would really start feeling like home here. After much searching and a few offers that got rejected we found our perfect house. Our first offer was turned down in favor of a higher offer but the higher offer fell through so they came back to us and everything worked out and the house was ours. It really was meant to be :) We love our new house and are busy unpacking and getting settled in.

Without further ado, some pictures. Excuse the mess, I’m still in the midst of unpacking

The front of the house and front entryway.



The front living room, dining room and entryway.




Family room and kitchen.




Master bedroom and bathroom, and the girls rooms.





We feel like we have so much space. The house is huge compared to our apartment and is even quite a bit bigger than our house in St. Louis. I’m having a lot of fun getting settled in and figuring out how to place our furniture. The last two days have been gorgeous and the sun in streaming in the back windows soaking the whole back half of the house (where we spend most of our time) in tons of natural light. I’m loving it.

This week has been chaotic to say the least. Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how tired I am.

The craziness started Monday. We decided to take over the lease on this apartment from the relocation people and Monday was the date we officially became the renters so all of the rental furniture and linens, etc had to be removed. With everything gone from the apartment we spent Monday night sleeping on air mattresses. Since we didn’t have anywhere for Anna to sleep I decided to sleep with her on one of the air mattresses and Lorne and Maya shared the other. Needless to say none of us got much sleep and woke Tuesday tired but excited. Tuesday was a day we had been waiting for, our furniture and toys and clothes, etc were delivered.

Tuesday morning the girls and I vacated the apartment, luckily Maya has gymnastics class so we had somewhere to go, so that the movers could get everything in without tripping over little ones. We returned at lunchtime to a very full, very messy apartment. I’ve spent every day since then unpacking, organizing and making this space work for us. 3 days later and I finally feel like things are coming together. With the exception of the master bedroom, which is still full of boxes that need to go to storage, the place is looking pretty good.

Moving from a house that had two good sized living areas, a big kitchen and a basement for storage and laundry into an apartment with a small kitchen, very little storage and only one small living area is a challenge to say the least. Luckily this apartment comes with a garage. Right now, instead of being able to park my car in it, it is full of furniture and boxes of stuff that just won’t fit inside. We will likely get a storage unit so we can use the garage for its intended purpose.

Given that the place is smaller than we’ve grown used to, we are making the best of it. The girls rooms are both a good size so many of their toys and books have found a home in their rooms and we just have a few things in the living room. My dining room table bearly fits in the dining room but we are making it work. We still have a few tweeks to make with furniture placement but pretty much all the unpacking is done and we are enjoying having our stuff here.

The girls are super happy to have their comfy beds back and all their beloved toys and books. It is beginning to feel a little more like home with a bit of the familiar surrounding us now.

Lorne’s company has set us up in an apartment, temporarily, while we get situated and look for a more permanent place to live. We were lucky in that we got to request the area where the temporary apartment was located, so we asked them to find us one in the area we are hoping to live. They found us a nice little apartment in Klahanie, which is a neighborhood of Issaquah, a suburb of Seattle. Issaquah is the suburb we have pretty much settled on, and Klahanie one of neighborhoods we are considering. So it is nice to be in the community from the beginning to get a good feel for it and so Lorne can test out the commute times.

Our apartment is nice. It is in a large complex with lots of amenities including a pool and a workout room. It is a fully furnished 3 bed/2 bath apartment. We are on the 2nd floor of a 3 story building. Not ideal since we hear the stomping of the tenant above us and I’m sure the tenant below is getting sick of hearing Maya run and jump all over our unit! But, it is just for a little bit and we like the apartment and the complex, so we can’t complain.


The apartment isn’t huge but is definitely a good size and with 3 bedrooms there is plenty of room for us.









The part of the complex we are in backs to a green belt so the view for our living room and our balcony is pretty nice.


The search is in full swing to find a more permanent home for us. We are looking for a rental house or townhouse. We only have until the end of September in this apartment so we need to find something fairly soon. There seem to be several good options out there so we should be able to find a good match for us. In the mean time we are enjoying our temporary digs.

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This week has been full of bittersweet moments with the friends and places that made St. Louis home, made it a place I have loved for over a decade now. It is hard to say goodbye, so very very hard.

When we moved to St. Louis 12 years ago I didn’t really know much about the city, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ll admit it took a bit for the city to grow on me. We lived in an area didn’t like at all when we first moved here and my commute to work was way too long. Once we moved to our condo and my commute was cut in half this city instantly began to feel like home. I loved everything about where we lived and we started really taking advantage of everything this city has to offer.

St. Louis is where Lorne started his career. Where we bought our first and second home. Where we welcomed our girls into our family. Where we met and got to know some of the most important people on our lives. St. Louis is home. How do you say goodbye to home.

Thank you St. Louis for the last 12 years. I will look back on this city and the places we love here with very fond memories. I will hold close in my heart the friends that helped make this place feel like home.

I wish I didn’t have to say it, but i do…Goodbye St. Louis.

I cannot tell you how huge a sigh of relief I exhaled when Friday finally rolled around. It wasn’t the fact that I was finally done with my month long gig as a single parent. It wasn’t the fact that I was finally getting my husband back. I felt like I could finally breath again because having Lorne home meant that I was not going to end up having this baby all by myself. I joked about it a lot, poked fun at the fact I could be stuck delivering a baby while my husband was on the other side of the world. But, truth be told, it was a genuine fear I had that caused my a lot of stress during those 4 weeks. A LOT of stress. Being able to breath again felt great.

But, as happy as I was that Lorne was finally home, no one was happier than Miss Maya.

Maya is at an age right now where she is really interested in how long it is until something happens. She likes to know how many days or weeks or whatever it will be. However, she doesn’t really get what it means when you tell her it will be X number of days until we go here.  So, although we’ve been talking about how many weeks, and then days it would be until Daddy got home from Australia, she didn’t really have a concept of how long that time was.

On Friday morning when Maya got up she asked her usual question “Mommy, what are we going to do today?” I told her what was on the agenda and then said that after dinner we would be going to pick up Daddy from the airport. Her eyes got really wide and she exclaimed in a super excited voice “This day!” like it was just impossible that the day was finally here. She had gotten so used to hearing it would be 2 weeks or 4 days or 1 day that I don’t think she ever expected the actual day to arrive. To say Friday was a long day is an understatement. I must have reminded her that we had to wait until AFTER dinner to go pick him up at least a bazillion times.

When she finally saw him she was shy at first, but then got super happy and excited. Ever since he got home she has been all over him. Everything he does she wants to be part of. She even helped him unpack his suitcase :)

We are glad to finally have the whole family back home in St. Louis. Being on separate continents, around the world from each, was starting to get really old. Now we just patiently wait for the newest member of our family to make her appearance, which she can do whenever she is ready now that Daddy is home.