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Let's Talk Babies!


As Nora rapidly approaches her 6 month birthday we find ourselves in the midst of many firsts, first tastes of food included. The last few weeks I have really noticed her starting to take a big interest in watching me eat. And, if I happen to be holding her while I’m eating she often tries to grab my food or drink and is always very intently watching what I am putting in my mouth. I figured since she seemed to be showing so much interest in what we are eating I would pick up some baby cereal and give it a go.

Today was the big day. While I was at the grocery store I picked up some baby cereal and this afternoon after we picked up Maya from school I gave her her first bites of food. She was…intrigued. I seriously love the faces they make when trying new foods, especially those first few times. When you are used to strictly breast milk I can only imagine what it must be like to taste something so foreign and different.

We’ll call this first shot at eating solids a success. She didn’t love it, but she definitely didn’t hate it either. I’m guessing once she gets to the tasty foods like peas, sweet potatoes, apples and peaches she’ll be a much bigger fan!! It will be interesting to see if she so willingly opens her mouth for the spoon tomorrow 😉

Hair, more specifically Maya’s hair, is something I’ve talked about before.  I discussed her lack of it for many, many months of her life and how fun it was to finally be at a point where she could wear pretty bows and clips, and even ponytails.  I figured at the rate Maya grows hair that she would easily be like 8 or 9 before she needed a haircut.  And she probably will be that old before she has a real haircut, but she did get her first “mini” haircut the other day.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about giving Maya some bangs.  Her hair is super fine and doesn’t stay in a clip very well, and the natural flow of her hair caused the front section to constantly fall into her eyes.  As her hair slowly, very slowly, started to get some length to it the hair being in her eyes was beginning to bother her, and me.  Although I’m not a big bangs person myself I do think they look cute on some people and knew that it was really the only solution available.

So, Tuesday morning after I got Maya dressed I sat her down in the bathroom, scissors in hand and cut away.  It took about 3 seconds and viola we have a toddler who looks a lot more like a little girl now sporting an adorable set of bangs.


Here’s a close up.  I think I did a pretty good job, especially since she had a bit of a meltdown in the middle of her haircut.  They are only a little crooked and you can hardly tell unless you look closely.


It was a fun little first for Maya and for me.  My little girl is definitely growing up, and way too fast if you ask me.