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Let's Talk Babies!


A couple of months ago we were trying to decide if we should go somewhere for Maya’s spring break. After much discussion and research we decided to take the kids to Disneyland. The girls were super excited and I heard “I’m so excited to go to Disneyland!!” every day for weeks :) Anna had no idea what “going to Disneyland” meant but she was excited any way. Maya spent the weeks and days leading up to our trip planning out what rides she wanted to go on.

We arrived late last Monday and headed to the park first thing Tuesday morning. We all had so much fun. Maya and Lorne spent much of their time going from ride to ride. Anna loved the rides she could go on, especially the carousel. The girls got to meet a few characters, including a few princesses. Maya wasn’t as into the meeting characters this time, she preferred the rides. Anna loved it and was such a ham every time she posed with a character. Some friends of ours were also at Disneyland last week and we met up with them several times throughout the trip. Maya and Anna loved getting to explore the park and go on rides with some of their best buds.

After four days of fun at Disneyland we headed home. The girls were sad to say goodbye. They would have loved to stay longer. Anna has asked me at least a dozen times today when we are going to Disneyland again!

It was a great way to spend spring break. I always love going to Disneyland with the girls, it is so fun to see it all through their eyes. Looking forward to our next trip.

Little Miss Nora is 5 months old!! Can you believe it? I sure can’t.


Weight: 14lbs 3oz

Height: ~ 25in

I never would have guessed when Nora was born, my biggest baby yet, that she would end up being tiny like her big sister Anna. Her stats are right in line with Anna’s at this age. She is still sporting mostly 0-3 month clothing, with the exception of pants (as she seems to have her mama’s long legs). A few of her smaller 3-6 month stuff has just started to fit but most 3-6 months stuff is still giant sized on her. It will be interesting to see if she stays on this tiny track like and is itty bitty like Anna or if she has a huge growth spurt at some point.

This month has a been a big month for Nora, lots of firsts happened since she turned 4 months old. She is rolling like a champ. She loves, loves, loves being on her tummy so it is rare to find her laying on her back these days as she can so easily roll onto her tummy when ever she wants. I’ve never had a tummy sleeper before, Nora is my first. She never sleeps on her back anymore. Even when I put her to bed asleep she’ll immediately roll onto her tummy, she is just more comfortable that way. Her core strength is steadily increasing and she is starting to be able to sit unassisted for short periods of time. I can’t believe how quickly she is hitting all these milestones. Time needs to slow down.

Not all her firsts this month were good. She also had (still fighting actually) her first cold and ear infection along with her first round of antibiotics. She was so miserable and I felt so helpless. Luckily with a few days of antibiotics under our belts she is feeling much better. Thanks goodness.

Now that she is feeling better she is back to enjoying her play time. She loves to hang out on the floor and play with her toys or her sisters. She has started to notice the cat and her reaching, grabbing little hands of taken a few clumps of his fur lately. He isn’t as keen to curl up on the floor with her anymore :)

She is seriously the sweetest, most adorable little baby. We love her to pieces. I wish I could slow down time.

Can’t wait to see what this next month brings our way!

On Sunday Maya celebrated her 6th birthday by hosting a fun birthday bash for all her little friends at The Little Gym. Maya loves gymnastics and The Little Gym has become a sort of home away from home for us the past year, so having her birthday party there seemed like a fantastic idea. Plus, they do all the work which was a great added bonus!

The party was a blast. The girls had such an amazing time. It was so fun watching Maya interact with all her friends and enjoying being able to spend time with them just goofy off and having fun. She has made a lot of friends since moving here which has helped her feel very at home here in Seattle.

After playing their little hearts out in the gym the girls gathered in the party room for snacks and cake. The cake I ordered turned out beautifully and the girls loved it!

I still can’t believe she is 6! I’m glad she had a good birthday and got to spend a wonderful afternoon partying like a 6 year old with her friends :)

Happy Halloween!

The big girls, especially Maya, are super excited about trick or treating tonight! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Halloween.

Tired doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel today. Exhausted doesn’t even really seem to do it justice. I seem to have reached a whole new level tiredness that doesn’t even have an adequate name for it.

This past weekend was crazy busy and I got to single parent my way through it. The weekend before Halloween always seems to be so busy for us and when you add 2 big girls who decided to get up earlier than normal and a baby who had a rough night into the mix it spells a recipe for disaster.

Saturday the girls attended a Halloween Bash at The Little Gym and Maya had a show performance with her gymnastics team. We spent about an hour playing around on the gym equipment before Maya’s little performance. There were A TON of kids there, chaotic doesn’t even begin to describe it. I felt like I had whiplash by the end of it trying to keep an eye on both girls! Maya’s performance was awesome. This time they did their performance with the older kids’ show team. The younger ones would demonstrate a skill, like a handstand or a cartwheel, and then the older girls would do a more complex version of the same skill. It was fun to watch. Maya is really inspired by the older girls so she loved getting to perform with them.

Here is Maya in mid-handstand warming up for the performance and demonstrating her straddle hang and dismount on the uneven bars.

Sunday we hit up the Halloween Carnival put on by our community. It was held at Maya’s school. They turned the gymnasium into a little carnival filled with games, bounce houses, face painting and a balloon guy. The kids had a great time. Maya played pretty much every game. Anna’s favorite part was the balloon guy, although she was rather confused when he asked what she wanted him to make, she kept responding “balloon”. He made her a little bear and she looked at it with the most confused look on her face. She clearly would have been happy to just get a balloon! A few of Maya’s friends were at the carnival too and she loved getting to run around and spend time with them.

By Sunday evening I was so incredibly tired I couldn’t see straight and my whole body hurt. At least Nora was back to sleeping well last night and big girls slept until I had to wake them up at 7 (of course, since I didn’t have the option of sleeping in!).  I think this afternoon calls for a nap, hopefully Anna and Nora agree ;)