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So much for my good intentions at the beginning of the year to post more frequently. Life is too busy. I have all these great blog post ideas and I start out the day with every intention of getting a post up and then life happens, the daily chaos that is life with 3 kiddos ensues and no posting happens. Sigh. Maybe next month I’ll get on her more frequently (a girl can dream, right!).

This week has been in a word, CRAZY. Lorne is out of town, our agenda has been full every day so far, and Maya was diagnosed with bronchitis and has been coughing non-stop and feels like crap. Thank goodness for early bedtimes and wine or I may be certifiable by now.

Just to add a little extra misery to our week, along with Maya’s diagnosis of bronchitis came a prescription for antibiotics, which should be a good thing, I know. I’m glad there is something we can do to help Maya get over this crud, but Maya and antibiotics to not mix well together. She has been lucky, and hasn’t been on antibiotics very often, maybe 2-3 times total. But, every time she is she gets on this emotional roller coaster. I fondly (or not so fondly, really), refer to it as the “Antibiotics Induced Rage”. It isn’t just rage, though most of her emotional outbursts are angry, she is also quick to cry. Being a 7 year old girl she is known to be highly emotional anyway, so you can imagine the crazy emotional roller coaster she is on now thanks to the antibiotics! Not fun, for her or the rest of us living with her. I feel like I may be the only one with a child who reacts this way on antibiotics. Dr. Google tells me others have similar problems, but no one I’ve talked to in real life has this problem. I feel so lucky :/

At least this is a fairly short round of antibiotics, only 5 days, so hopefully we’ll be in the clear again by early next week. Fingers crossed!


Between juggling your job, raising a family, tackling household responsibilities and finding a few minutes for yourself at the end of the day your marriage can sometimes become a little neglected and as a result your spouse is probably feeling a little neglected too.  It happens to all of us.  Suddenly you wake up one morning and realize it has been weeks since you sat down and really spent time with your spouse.  It is easy to let time get away from you if you don’t consciously decide to make your marriage a priority.

So, what can you do to make your marriage a priority?  Are there things you can do even when you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day already?  Sure there are things you can do.  If you set your mind to making your marriage an important part of each day you will find the time.

Here are a few suggestions;

  • Set time aside each day to chat with your spouse.  Talk about your day, troubles you’ve encountered, great things that happened, the kids, your job, everything.  After the kids go to bed is a great time for this chat (a little mini date!)
  • Remember to say “I Love You” on a regular basis and show it with affectionate hugs and kisses as you pass each other throughout your day.  Your spouse knows it but it is always nice to hear.
  • Don’t assume your marriage can function on autopilot just because it was great before the kids came along.  Every marriage takes an investment of time and energy.
  • Make “date nights” a priority.  It doesn’t mean you have to go out on an elaborate date, or even leave the house for that matter.  Just set some time aside to do something you both enjoy, watch a movie, play a game, go out to eat, etc.  This might be a weekly or a monthly thing, whatever works well for you.
  • Look for ways to show your spouse you love them with “the little things”.  Be it a note in their lunch, a quick email part way through the day, picking up something they love for dinner.

The key to making your marriage a priority is to consciously make the decision to pay more attention to your spouse and put in the investment necessary for your marriage to thrive.

What do you and your spouse do to make your marriage an important part of your everyday life?  How has having a family affected your marriage?