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I miss this space. I miss having time to write about the goings on in our fun, crazy, busy life. It has been over a month since I have carved out time in my busy schedule to write. Time is flying by at warp speed with days filled to the brim with so much to do. Between school schedules for Maya and Anna, extra-curricular activities, play time with friends, chasing a super energetic and daredevil of a toddler, cooking, cleaning, running errands I barely have time to breath let alone sit at the computer and write.

There are so many stories that go untold. So many moments captured only in my mind because they happen in a flash and I don’t have time to reach for the camera or write about it. When I look back at the archives of this here blog at all the stories told about Maya, the fewer,but still many stories told about Anna, I feel bad. Nora’s stories are not being told. They are being captured and fill my memory but the days just don’t have enough minutes in them to write it all down.

My goal, moving forward, is to be more diligent about making time to write. To be more purposeful about this space and schedule time, at least once a week, to write. It might just be a few sentences and a lot of pictures. It might be rambling. But, I’ve always loved having this space to write. I’ve always loved that I can come here and document the big and small moments of our lives. Maybe no one reads it, maybe it doesn’t matter to anyone but me, but it does matter a great deal to me. I love looking back at the stories I’ve told, the moments I’ve captured in this space. I want to keep doing it. I want to find the time in this crazy, busy, chaotic life to keep writing, to keep capturing the moments of our life, big and small.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to get dinner going, clean up a wall or two that Nora decided to draw on and fold a load of laundry. Phew, so much to do, so little time.

It has been 4 years since that April 7th when Maddie Spohr left this world. 4 years. I just can’t put into words how sad and unbelievable that is. You are missed and remembered Maddie.


Today I will honor Miss Maddie by thinking about Heather, Mike and Annie and sending lots of love to them on this very difficult day. I will honor her by remembering what a wonderful little girl she was. I will honor her by wearing purple and thinking about all the lives she touched in her short life and all the lives she still touches on a daily basis.

Please take a moment on this Sunday to think about the amazing Maddie and send some love to her parents and little sister. Lets surround them with love so they know we all remember their special little girl.

Today marks 3 years since the beautiful Madeline Spohr passed away. Today I am taking some time out to remember the delightful, beautiful Maddie and surrounding her mom, dad and little sister with love and peace as they mark this sad anniversary.

Maddie, you touched my heart in a very special way. I wear purple for you and remember those big blue eyes and that infectious smile that often lit up my computer screen as I read your Momma’s stories about you. You touched a lot of lives in your short time on this earth in a very deep and profound way. You will never be forgotten.

Heather, Mike and Annie, I hope today you find some peace in knowing there are a lot of us out here remembering your sweet girl right along with you and holding you all close in our hearts.

Please head on over to Heather’s blog today and let the Spohrs know you are thinking about them.


It has been 2 years.

2 years since a Mom and Dad lost the most amazing thing in their lives, their daughter.

2 years since the world lost the light and life of an incredible little girl.

2 years.

For 2 years we’ve been missing Madeline Spohr. We’ve been supporting her family in every way we can. Lifting them up when the weight of a world without her seems too much to bear.  2 years.

On this April day, 2 years ago, we said good-bye to Maddie.

On this April day we remember the beauty, light, love and strength beyond her years that was the Amazing Maddie.

We love you. We miss you. We will remember you always.

Please stop by Heather’s blog and let Heather, Mike and Annie know that you are thinking about them today.  They need love on this day.  Please consider making a donation today in memory of one truly awesome little girl.  Heather and Mike are raising money for the March of Dimes this year in preparation for walking in Maddie’s honor again this year or you can make a donation to the charity set up in Maddie’s name, Friends of Maddie.

November, 11 2010.  Veterans Day.  Remembrance Day. Maddie’s Birthday.  Today would have been, should have been, Madeline Spohr’s 3rd birthday. I should have woken up this morning to a beautifully written blog post by her mom, Heather Spohr, proclaiming and celebrating the awesomeness that would have been Maddie at 3 years old. Instead I wake up with a heavy, sad heart wondering why.  Instead I wake up asking how I can honor Maddie and show her parents my love and support.

Today is about celebrating the life of a little girl who touched the lives of so many. Whose life has inspired so many. Whose smile and angel eyes could light up a computer screen like no other. Today is about supporting Heather, Mike and Annie as they go through yet another birthday without Maddie. Today is about remembrance and celebration and honoring the life of Maddie.

To celebrate Maddie’s birthday I will be making a donation to Friends of Maddie and my daughter I will be taking a trip to the park in Maddie’s honor. We will swing on the swings and feed the ducks and place a purple flower in the lake.  I ask you to do something for Maddie today as well, please visit Heather’s blog and leave a quick message letting Heather know you are thinking about Maddie today, celebrating Maddie today.

Happy Birthday, Maddie.