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I truly cannot fathom that Anna is 4. It boggles my mind to think that in the spring I’ll be registering her for kindergarten and next fall she’ll be off to big girl school with Maya. The thought of it just makes me teary eyed. In my mind she was only a baby like yesterday. I blinked and she is suddenly this full of life, opinionated, silly preschooler.

Height: 38.3 ins (20th percentile)

Weight: 31lbs (17th percentile)

When Anna entered this world on a hot July day in 2011 she was a tiny peanut weighing in at just over 6lbs, and she has stayed true to her tiny peanut status her whole life. As you can see from her stats above she is still pretty tiny. The doctor she’s on track to be about 5′ 2″ if she stays on this growth track. She’ll be our petit little girl always :)

I always find it hard to find just the right words to describe Anna. She is fun and silly and opinionated and yet she is sweet, shy and cuddly too. I always say she fits a giant sized personality into that tiny body of hers. There is never a dull moment with her around. She loves to make us laugh and entertain us. She also can spend hours quietly playing with her dolls or building with lego or working on her preschool skills in her much loved “learning books”. She doesn’t take a regular nap anymore but will fairly regularly take her blankie and find a quiet spot and just fall asleep. My favorite thing is to watch her playing with her dollhouse or with her “American Durl Doll”. Her imagination is amazing and it is so fun to watch the little scenarios she comes up with play out.

Being 4 she is of course very passionately opinionated, and isn’t afraid to make her needs and wants heard (at crazy loud volumes sometimes). I remember 4 being a big year for Maya, a lot of maturing and growing took place. It will be interesting to see what 4 brings for Anna.

Anna celebrated her 2nd birthday a little over a week ago!

Late last week she had her 2 year check up with her pediatrician. Though much has changed in the 2 years since she was born, and much growing has taken place, one thing remains the same. She is still out itty bitty little thing.

Height: 32.25 inches (1oth percentile)

Weight: 22lbs (not on the charts)

Head Circumference: 18 5/8 inches (50th percentile)

The doctor gave her a clean bill of health but has asked us to try to increase her calorie and healthy fat intake to try to avoid her falling any further off the charts. She has always been tiny, but since she dropped right off the charts this time for her weight she just wants to be careful and make sure we at least stay where we are if we can’t increase it a bit. She recommended that we give Anna a can of pediasure (a high calorie/high nutrition drink) every day. So far she isn’t a fan, but we’ll see.

Other than the low weight issue everything looks great. The doctor was especially impressed with her verbal skills and her very firm grasp on using language to get her point across and how well she understands what others are saying to her. She showed off her verbal skills when she got her shot by looking at the spot where the shot was just given and saying “Owww, that hurt.” :) It is amazing how well she can speak for a 2 year old. I lost count of how many words she knows a long time ago and she can easily string 4-5 words together to make a sentence. Not to mention her sentences are often surprisingly grammatically correct for such a young child. Physically she is developing great as well. I am so grateful for my healthy little girl.

It is hard to find the right words to describe Anna. She is so incredibly sweet. She loves to be funny and loves to make people laugh. She is also extremely inquisitive and loves to watch others do things and then try to do them herself. She plays well independently and with Maya. Her favorite activities include coloring, reading books, playing outside, playing with her little dollhouse, her farm and Maya’s princess castle. She eats well (even if her weight doesn’t show that) and her favorite foods include fruit of pretty much any kind, cheese, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, oatmeal (only peaches and cream though), carrots and ham sandwiches.

Anna we love to pieces. The last 2 years have flown by and it has been an incredible privilege to watch you grow into the sweet, lovable, spunky little 2 year old you are today.

Today I am wishing you the happiest of happy days. Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Five years ago you came into this world and made me a mom. I was happier than I ever could have imagined. Holding you I could feel my heart melting.


Over the years you have changed and grown so much. You have gone from our little baby girl to our big girl, full of life, and opinions.













You bring lots of love and laughs to our family! We love you sweet girl and look forward to continuing to watch you blossom and grow.


I hope this birthday is everything you could have hoped and dreamed to could be, love you to pieces.

November, 11 2010.  Veterans Day.  Remembrance Day. Maddie’s Birthday.  Today would have been, should have been, Madeline Spohr’s 3rd birthday. I should have woken up this morning to a beautifully written blog post by her mom, Heather Spohr, proclaiming and celebrating the awesomeness that would have been Maddie at 3 years old. Instead I wake up with a heavy, sad heart wondering why.  Instead I wake up asking how I can honor Maddie and show her parents my love and support.

Today is about celebrating the life of a little girl who touched the lives of so many. Whose life has inspired so many. Whose smile and angel eyes could light up a computer screen like no other. Today is about supporting Heather, Mike and Annie as they go through yet another birthday without Maddie. Today is about remembrance and celebration and honoring the life of Maddie.

To celebrate Maddie’s birthday I will be making a donation to Friends of Maddie and my daughter I will be taking a trip to the park in Maddie’s honor. We will swing on the swings and feed the ducks and place a purple flower in the lake.  I ask you to do something for Maddie today as well, please visit Heather’s blog and leave a quick message letting Heather know you are thinking about Maddie today, celebrating Maddie today.

Happy Birthday, Maddie.