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birth story

After my little false alarm, what ended up being 1 weeks before Nora was actually born, I was a little worried that I would hesitate going to the hospital when the real deal finally happened. I figured since this was baby #3, and they notorious for coming out quickly!, I’d end up on the evening news after having delivered my baby on the side of the 405 or something. Luckily, the way things played out there was no question it was time to go to the hospital, and no worries they would send me home again.

All week, after my false labor experience, I was having contractions on and off. They would happened most often at night. I’d wake with contractions in the middle of the night, be up for 2-3 hours with them and they would suddenly stop. It was frustrating beyond belief, but I knew my body was just gearing up for the big day and I needed to get used to interrupted sleep anyway 😉

The morning of September 14th I woke up after a particular rough night with contractions having been up at least half the night on and off and I was sure that would be the day. It was my brother’s birthday and I knew how honored he would be to share his birthday with his new little niece. I even had a big burst of energy and just HAD to vacuum my whole house. I continued to have random contractions on and off all day. We went about our day like normal and took Lorne’s parents downtown to Seattle Center to walk around, check out the Space Needle and have lunch. My contractions continued very irregularly with sometimes more than an hour between them. By the end of the day I gave up hope that the 14th was our day and headed to bed.

For a change I was actually able to fall asleep quickly that night, I guess being up several nights in a row with contractions and walking around Seattle Center helped. At just before midnight on the 14th I woke having to go pee (gotta love late pregnancy). I rolled over in bed to get up and felt a little gush. For a moment I just laid there and thought “Did my water just break?” I stood up and felt more gushing, my water had broken. I managed to make to the bathroom without getting “water” all over the carpet! I woke Lorne up and called Labor and Delivery at the hospital (I didn’t want to head in unless they for sure wouldn’t send me home since I wasn’t yet having contractions). With the “come on in” approval from L&D we headed into the hospital. We got there around 1am.

In the car on the way to the hospital (sitting on a towel to protect the seats in my new van!) I started having some mild contractions. By the time we reached the hospital they had become a bit more regular. They got me changed out of my very wet pants and into the ever flattering hospital gown and hooked me up to the monitors to see what was going on. I was having contractions, mild ones, every 4-5 minutes and the baby was tolerating them very well. I had tested positive for Group B Strep so I was hooked up to an antibiotic drip and told not to have the baby before 5:15am so the meds would have time to work 😉 The waiting began. We dimmed the lights. Lorne fell asleep in the ultra comfortable recliner and I tried my best to rest (I couldn’t really fall asleep, too much adrenaline). After a few hours the contractions picked up a bit and I asked to be checked so I could decide if I wanted an epidural this time or not. The nurse checked me and I was only 4 cms (just one more than I had been at my appointment 4 days prior). I opted to go ahead and get the epidural since I wasn’t progressing very quickly and the contractions were really picking up on the pain scale. I crossed my fingers that the epidural would work this time, unlike my experience with Anna’s delivery.

The anesthesiologist came in and administered the epidural. Pretty quickly my right leg went completely numb but I could still feel my left leg and I could still very much feel the contractions, not a good sign. With help from the nurse I rolled over onto my left side to see if that would help better distribute the meds. After a little while on my left side there was no improvement and my contractions really started to pick up. My legs were completely numb but my uterus and hips were not, not a great thing when having contractions. At around 8:15 my nurse checked me and I was 6 cms dilated. Almost immediately after that exam the contractions began to come every minute or so and intensified quite a bit pain wise. At 9 I called the nurse back in because my epidural, even after hitting the little buster button was not helping and I was starting to feel the urge to push.

Sure enough, after a quick exam it was determined I was 10 cms and the baby was very low. The nurse had me do a quick “practice” push to make sure I was at the point where I could move the baby down with a push. After determining that the baby was likely going to come very quickly they called my doctor’s partner (my doc was out of town) and asked her to come in ASAP. I spent some time doing a little pushing while we waited on the doctor. Once Dr. T arrived I pushed a few times and at 9:32am on September 15th, 2013 our little Nora Viviann was born.

Right after birth she spent about an hour on my chest for a little skin to skin time before they weighed her, measured her and cleaned her up. She was a total champ from the get go score high scores on her apgar screening and taking to breastfeeding right away with no troubles at all.

After spending a couple more hours in the delivery room so I could get some breakfast and be monitored to ensure everything was good after the delivery and epidural we headed to our mother/baby room. We spent a day there before heading home. I am not a fan of the hospital so getting to go home after 24 hours was nice. I enjoy the fairly good food delivered to my room whenever I’m hungry, but the constant noise and people coming and going from the room make it impossible to get any rest. So, once Nora and I were both checked out by our doctors we gladly headed home.

We are settling in nicely at home. Maya and Anna seem to be enjoying their new little sister. Most of the time they just go about their days as normal, but occasionally they will stop and give Nora a little kiss or a snuggle, it is so sweet. Nora is adjusting to life here at the Mitchell house very well. She is a very good baby so far. She eats, sleeps and poops like a perfect little newborn. I’ve even been getting 4 hour stretches of sleep at night. I can live with getting up once or twice at night at this point!

She is so adorable and sweet. The perfect addition to our group of princesses. I think we’ll keep her 😉