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birth defects

The world of mommy bloggers is full of heartwarming, heart wrenching and heart breaking stories.  Reading through the blogs of my fellow members of this amazing community to which I belong I often find myself laughing and crying for people I don’t even really know.  I find myself smiling at the faces of adorable children whom I’ll probably never meet.  I find myself learning new things every day from these amazing fellow bloggers.  Occasionally I stumble upon a story that just simply breaks my heart.  That is what happened a few weeks ago when I first heard about Cora from a friend on Twitter.  I read Cora’s story and cried for this tiny little person who was taken from this world and the arms of her parents far too soon.  I cried for her parents as they suffered through this unimaginable loss.  All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around Cora’s mom and cry with her.

Cora died at 5 days old from Congential Heart Disease (CHD) in the arms of her mom while she was breastfeeding.  Her parents brought her home from the hospital thinking she was in perfect health.  The doctors and nurses told them she was in perfect health and there was no indication that anything was wrong with her.  Congential Heart Disease is a type of heart defect that affects approximate 1 in 100 babies.  Cora’s parents didn’t know she had CHD.  It wasn’t detected during the routine ultrasounds during her pregnancy and since she appeared to be in perfect health there was no reason for additional testing after her birth.  There is one test that could have been done that may have saved Cora’s life and that is a pulse oximetry test.  A pulse oximetry test is a non-invasive screening test that measures the oxygen saturation in the blood stream.  Pulse oximetry tests on newborns are not standard procedure at most hospitals and so one was not done on Cora.  One simple test.

During CHD awareness week Cora’s mom is encouraging everyone to become educated on congenital heart disease, spread the word about pulse oximetry tests so that more infants are tested before leaving the hospital and to spread the word about her precious little Cora.  So let’s help Cora’s mom in her crusade to save the lives of babies.  Visit The Children’s Heart Foundation and find out more about this silent killer and what you can do to help ensure that no baby goes home before being tested for CHD.

Kristine, you are a true inspiration and I’m happy to do what I can to spread the word on Cora’s story and help you in your fight to save the lives of babies born with CHD.