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big sister

Monday I hit 37 weeks, in just a few days I’ll be 38 weeks. I’m now in the full term pregnancy catergory. Full term! Baby Girl 2.0 could make her appearance at any point now. In fact, Maya was born at 38 weeks 2 days, if this one decided to do the same that would be next Wednesday. Holy crap! Excuse me while I hyperventilate for a moment. After waiting what felt like forever to actual get pregnant and then struggle through the first few months of this pregnancy with morning sickness and exhaustion that made the time drag by, I can hardly wrap me head around the fact that the end is at most a couple of weeks away.

Soon this belly will return a normal size and in its place will be a little bundle of baby.

You may notice something different in the background of this picture. The room behind me has been transformed from an ugly, cluttered, unready room into a beautiful nursery.  When Lorne got home last weekend he was under strict instructions to get the nursery done. My usually organized ahead of time self was going more and more insane with every glimpse at the walls filled with patches and primer, the guest room furniture sitting where a crib was supposed to be and boxes of furniture yet to be put together. He was really good about my drill sergeant ways and got the furniture put together, the room painted and helped me put it all into place. It feels so good to have the room finally ready and it turned out just as I imagined in my head. Here is a quick glimpse of the completed nursery (ignore the balloons and the princess pillow in the crib, Maya has decided the nursery is a great place to play!).

I can’t wait to use this cozy corner with my new glider to feed and rock and cuddle with Baby Girl 2.0

And, I can’t wait to fill this “Me and My Big Sister” picture frame that rests on the dresser with an adorable picture of my two girls.

As I near the end of this pregnancy I am still feeling really good. The occasional back ache and an inability to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time between having to pee constantly and being uncomfortable is really all I have to complain about, not too bad. The braxton hicks contractions are a lot more intense now and more frequent. They are being joined by real contractions as well, nothing too severe, just the occasional contraction throughout the day. Last night I was actually woken up twice by contractions. At my last appointment I was 1.5cm, going on 2cm, dilated and about 80% effaced. Things are starting to happen, we’ll just see how long it takes for it to go from my body getting ready to baby time.

Maya is now, officially, a Certified Super Big Sister!

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This weekend I took Maya to a Sibling Class offered at the hospital where I will be delivering Baby Girl 2.0 (same hospital where Maya was born too!). The class was for kiddos 2-9 years old that are becoming big brothers or big sisters. The idea of the class, according to their description, is to introduce the kids to some of the things they can expect when their new baby brother or sister comes home.

I was super excited for the class, and so was Maya. When I told her we were going to the class today she said, super excitedly “Oh, is the baby going to come out now!” I think she is definitely ready to get this show on the road :) I reminded her that her baby sister is not allowed to make her appearance until after daddy comes home!

Our class was packed. There were about a dozen other kids in the class. One family had 5 kids already with baby #6 on the way. I’m guessing the older siblings could have taught the class since they’ve done it so many times already! Most of the kids, with the exception of the older kids in the large family, were in the 2-5 year old range. The nurse who taught the class did a good job of gearing the class towards the younger kiddos. You could tell she had taught the class many times and loved doing it.

A majority of the class focused on how the kids might feel when their new brother or sister arrives and what they can and cannot do with a brand new baby. There was a lot of discussion about the different feelings they might have and how, no matter what they are feeling, it is okay and they should always tell mommy and daddy how they feel. The video they showed and one of the hands on coloring activities talked showed them each of the different feels from happy and excited to sad and angry. Maya said she was just happy because she loves her baby sister, it melted my heart.  Each kiddo in the class got to take a turn holding a baby doll and got their picture taken to show they were now Super Siblings. We took a tour of the obstetrics floor including a tour of a post delivery room where they got to play with the buttons on the bed and a quick look in the nursery at a few of the babies who were born this weekend.

The class was great, and Maya did a great job in the class. The only thing that freaked her out a bit was when they talked about how mommies have to stay at the hospital for a few days to rest after the baby is born. Maya will be having a super fun sleepover with her best friend Claire at my friend Heather’s house during my stay in the hospital so I talked to her about how fun that would be. She was okay with it once we talked about that but made me promise that she could come to the hospital to spend lots of time with me too. This is the part I’ve always known she would have the hardest time with, which is why I have arranged for her to spend the nights away from me with her favorite people. She adores my friend Heather and loves being around her little friend Claire so I know the distraction of having a super fun sleepover will be just the thing to take her mind off of being away from us over night for the very first time.

I’m very proud of my big girl and I know she is going to make an amazing big sister. The class was a great way to reinforce the things we’ve been talking about for a while and to get her even more excited about the arrival of Baby Girl 2.0. I’m really glad we did it.