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Let's Talk Babies!

Baby Development

As I mentioned in her birthday post, and as I mention every month when I do these monthly write ups, time is flying by at an incredibly pace. I truly can hardly believe my little baby is already a year old.

Weight: 18lbs 1oz (24th percentile on the breastfed baby chart)

Height: 28.5 ins (26th percentile)

Head Circumference: 18 ins (72nd percentile)

Nora is rocking the peanut status. As her doctor said at her well child check up the other day, she decided to grow her brain these last few months instead of her height and weight ;).  Nora is almost exactly the same size Anna was at a year!

Nora’s well child check up went well. She is hitting or exceeding all her expected milestones. Like her sisters before her she is ahead on verbal communication. Apparently, Lorne and I breed talkers. I’m going to say they get that from their dad. The doctor said she looked perfect and the only small concern that came up after her finger prick blood screen was slightly low iron levels. Low iron levels are fairly common in breastfed babies so we left the appointment with a long list of iron rich foods to try and hopes that the next finger prick blood screen at 15 months shows improved numbers.

Nora has been busy this month learning to talk and making progress on the walking front. She is very chatty and already has a few words she says, or at least sounds she makes to mean certain things, including mama (mommomma), dada, balloon (boon), dog, bye bye (sometimes), hi, that and more. She also communicates well with nonverbal ques like pointing, out stretched arms when she wants up, etc. I have to say it is so nice to have good communicators at this age. It usually isn’t hard to figure out what she wants between her verbal and nonverbal ques.

But, she isn’t only working hard on talking she is also really trying to figure out walking. She crawls like a little speed demon and is quite the accomplished climber. Recently she figured out how to stand on her own without having to pull up on anything. You should see the pride on her face when she does. She stands there waiting for praise 😉 She can walk pretty well holding onto our hands or pushing something in front of her and yesterday, while I was at a meeting at Maya’s school, she took her first couple of independent steps. It won’t be long now.

This is such a fun age. I love watching her explore and learn. She plays so well independently and with her sisters. She adores our cat Penny and our neighbor’s dog. She loves going for walks and pointing out all the trees and birds she sees. She loves to dance and will dance to any music be it the little tunes her toys play, someone in the house singing or songs on the radio. Her two favorite songs right now are This Is How We Do by Katy Perry and Knights of Shame by Awolnation. Both are guaranteed to get her moving! She laughs easily and loves when she makes other people laugh. She is super cuddly and loves to snuggle. She often ask to be picked up or crawl into my lap just so she can snuggle into me. She also gives kisses (those big open mouth baby kisses) and has started blowing kisses too. If I could pause time for a bit right now I totally would. I just can’t get enough of it all.

I know time is going to continue flying by and before I know it I’ll be writing a post about her at 2. For now I’ll just keep trying to soak it all up and tuck the memories of these moments away in my mind for later when I miss having a baby around.

The ever smiley, ever adorable Miss Nora is 7 months old!

Height: ~28ins

Weight: ~16lbs

The best way I can think of to describe Nora is pure joy. She is eternally happy. A smile dons her face most of the day and even through her tears she’ll smile if she sees a smiling face, she just can’t resist. She a very content, very happy baby. And her smile takes my breath away. I may be a bit biased but she is seriously so beautiful.

At 7 months she is working hard on sprouting her first tooth and learning how to crawl. She can sit up pretty well unassisted now and has even begun to trying to get herself into a seated position on her own. She rolls and scoots where ever she needs to go and is up on her hands and knees rocking a lot trying to figure out how to make herself go forward. You can see the little wheels in her head turning. She knows she should be able to do it she just can’t quite get all the necessary parts coordinated enough to move just yet, but it won’t be long.

Just like her sisters she is a talker. She is babbling up a storm and loves exercising her voice with babbles, bubbles, giggles and squeals. Though she doesn’t say it on purpose yet she is saying both mama and dada. Her favorite sound right now is “bla bla bla” which Maya gets a huge kick out of. Between the smiles and the adorable little babbling sounds she is pretty irresistible. We get stopped daily by people who want to oggle over her, and who can blame them!

We started solids last month and she is a big fan. She has tried most of the veggies and we’ve moved onto fruits. Her favorite veggie is carrots and so far she hasn’t met a fruit she doesn’t like. Last night I cut up some pieces of bananas for her and she fed herself bananas and cheerios for dinner. Her pincer grasp is coming along really well and she is getting pretty coordinated. I love watching her reactions when she tries new things. Her facial expressions are something else :)

Nora is such a doll. It is so fun watching her grow and change. This is such a fun age! We love you to pieces little munchkin :)

My baby girl is 1!! She has been in our lives for 365 days (well, actually 367 now). So much has changed. She has gone from a tiny, helpless infant to an adorable, talkative, on the go baby. One thing has remained the same she is still super cute and super sweet.

Weight: 18lbs 3oz (9th percentile)

Height: 28 in (25th percentile)

Head Circumference: 17.25 in (23rd percentile)

Anna had her one year well child visit today. Our doctor confirmed many of the things we already knew. Our baby girl is tiny. I think she is going to take after my mom and my father-in-law’s sides of the family and be petite. The doctor was very impressed with her communication skills. She was showing off all her verbal and nonverbal communication skills, her favorite being pointing and saying “dat” (that). Physically she is perfect. Growing on track, eating very well, advancing in her gross and fine motor skills. She’s perfect, but I didn’t need a doctor to tell me that, I’ve always known it 😉

Anna has really changed and grown up in the last few months. She is crawling all over the place and boy can she book it when she has something in her sights (usually the cat). She is pulling up on things and has started letting go for brief moments to stand all by herself. I think it’ll be a while before she is walking, she really isn’t interested in it at all yet. That’s fine with my, I’d love to keep her my little baby for a while longer. Verbally she is very advanced. She has a vocabulary of about 10 words including mama, dada, Maya (usually pronounced ah-ya or most recently mah), hi, bye, that, kitty and all gone (pronounced gong gong). She also has a few signs she uses frequently including “all done” and “up”. It is usually pretty easy to figure out what she wants, which makes thing so much easier.

She still has the sweetest personality. She is very cuddly and loves giving mommy, daddy and Maya hugs and kisses. She is always smiling and chatting away. Her favorite things right now are her blanket (to watch her cuddle with her blanket is so sweet), any thing that plays music (including her walking toy, her sister’s singing Belle doll and this little princess microphone of Maya’s), balloons and our kitty Lily. She entertains herself very well but loves to play with mommy and big sister too.

I can’t believe she is already 1. I feel like just yesterday I was cuddling with her for the very first time and now here I am watching her very quickly becoming a toddler. Time does something crazy when you become a parent, it speeds up in ways I never thought possible.

Love you to pieces sweet baby girl. Looking forward to watching continue to change and grow.

Anna has a mouth full of teeth. Well, not a really a mouth full, she has 4 teeth :) But, since her big sister didn’t cut her first tooth until 2 days before her 1st birthday having a baby sporting a smile full of teeth versus a big ol’ gummy one makes me think Anna has a ton of teeth.

Her first little tooth, and very shortly after the second tooth, popped through at a little over 8 months. Tooth 3 and 4 joined the fun just a couple of weeks ago. And, boy, does love to show off her little teefers with her mega watt smile and her goofy little “I’m being silly face.”

Love it when she shows off her little toothies :)

I’ve been lucky when it comes to teething. Neither of my kids have had trouble when those nasty little teeth move and then cut through. We never knew when Maya was teething until the tooth popped through, teething didn’t bother her at all. We usually know when Anna is working on new teeth. Teething doesn’t bother her too much, but she does tend to run a mysterious fever for a day about a week before she gets a new tooth and she is usually a little fussier.

Based on the copious amounts of drooling flowing out of her tiny baby mouth and the red, swollen gums she is sporting I’m pretty sure there are a few more waiting just below the surface to join the mix.  I’m just waiting on the telltale mysterious fever to hit.


We parents often get sucked into playing the compare game. A mother in the waiting room of your pediatrician’s office, holding a little one about the same age your own bundle of joy, strikes up a conversation with you, before long you find yourself comparing milestones. Playing at the park with your child you observe another child about the same age and begin wondering why your child isn’t able to ride a bike like that, climb that rock wall, etc, etc, etc. It is so easy to fall into a pattern of second guessing your child, your parenting, and comparing your child with others. When you have more that one child it can become easy to compare your own children to each other. Baby A hit this milestone at this age, why is Baby B still not doing that. We spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others so it isn’t any wonder that we fall into the same trap with our children.

The thing about babies is that no two are exactly alike. When a baby learns to sit on their own, when they learn to crawl, when they start to babble, when they start to walk completely depends on the baby and will happen at different times for different babies. Comparing your child to your friends child, or a strange child in the park or the doctor’s office, or comparing your own children to each other, doesn’t do any one any good. Just because that 7 month old you encountered at the doctor’s office is already crawling doesn’t mean your 8 month old should be. Just because that 4 year old at the park can ride a two wheel bike doesn’t mean your 5 year old should be able to.

Obviously, if your child appears to be behind hitting developmental milestones it can be stressful and wondering why other people’s children are hitting milestones before your own can be an easy trap to fall into. The best thing to do, if you are worried or concerned about your child’s development, is to talk with their pediatrician and see if there is cause for concern and what you can do to help your child.

When Maya was a baby I did a pretty good job of avoiding the comparing game. As long as she was hitting her milestones within the normal ranges I didn’t really care if she was doing it faster, better or sooner than other babies her age. Now with Anna I’m taking the same approach.

Each baby will develop at his or her own pace and comparing them to other children isn’t going to make that happen any faster. Just do the best you can to encourage your child and give them the opportunity to learn new skills and they will get there eventually. And remember, if you are worried at all, talk to your child’s doctor.