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Before Maya was born I didn’t know much about babywearing or the various means by which one could carry a baby, I just knew I wanted to do it.  The idea of having my baby close at hand, snuggled in close to me, sounded like exactly what I wanted.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do enough research about the various means of babywearing before Maya was born and instead of purchasing a sling carrier I went with a Baby Bjorn.  Though I loved my Baby Bjorn and used it a ton I really wish I had done more research and had gone with a sling style carrier from the very beginning.  I will know better next time 😉

Maya has spent the better part of her first 3 years on this earth in some sort of carrier, be it the Baby Bjorn, a backpack or the sling style carrier I finally purchased when she turned a year old.  Wearing her has been one of the best decisions I made as a mom.  Wearing her as a baby meant that I was able to tend to her needs more easily and more quickily, and it also meant I could get a few things done around the house when all she wanted was to be carried.  Lorne and I love hiking and being babywearers made that activity so much easier.  We could just put her in the backpack carrier or the sling and off we went.  We took a trip to Colorado when Maya was about 10 months old and without the Baby Bjorn we were using at the time that trip would have been rather difficult.  She got to see the sites right along with us, attached to our fronts.

The memories I have from wearing Maya are some of my fondest.  I miss wearing her now that she is a big girl and would rather walk on her own.  I enjoyed the bonding, the quietness, the reassurance and the naturalness of babywearing.  I recommend it to all my friends when they have babies.

CheckingoutthegeeseatStillwaters (Small)

family shot (Small)

Hiking family shot (Small)

CheckingOutTheLeopard (Small)

MayaandMummyAtTheZoo (Small)

Atthezoo (Small)

AlbertaFallsHike3 (Large)

BearLake2 (Large)

CoolShades (Small)

DaddyMayaHiking (Small)

The BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) has made a call to action.  We need to make our voices heard, we need to advocate for babywearers everywhere.  Babywearing is safe and any parent can do it, it doesn’t require special skill, just a good baby carrier, a baby and a parent who wants to wear their baby.

Stephanie over at Adventures in Babywearing has declared October to be National Babywearing Month.  So in honor of National Babywearing Month I have shared my story, what is your babywearing story?

Head on over to Stephanie’s site and the BCIA Facebook page to read other parent’s stories about their babywearing experiences.