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One of the big issues that has come up as a result of the upcoming arrival of The Surprise is where everyone will sleep. We are lucky that we do have a four bedroom house so we have a few options open to us including the possibility that everyone gets their own room. It is nice to have options and I’m thankful for that.

The question is, which option is best? The way our house the laid out three bedrooms are upstairs, the master and what are currently Maya and Anna’s bedrooms. The fourth bedroom is on the main floor and currently serves as our office. And, when guests come to visit we throw an air mattress on the floor and call it a guest room 😉 Since the fourth bedroom is on the main floor it doesn’t really lend itself well to being a bedroom for any of our young children. So, really it is unlikely we will go with a bedroom plan that will involve everyone having their own room and using the fourth bedroom. It makes Lorne happy too because he isn’t too keen on giving up his office.

Which leaves us with the most likely room set up, having two of the kids share a room. Maya’s room is huge and would serve well as a bedroom for two. We are pretty sure what we will end up doing is having Maya and Anna share a room, in Maya’s current room and give Anna’s bedroom to the baby. Maya is excited about sharing a room because she really wants bunk beds. I think it will work out well.

The question remains as to when to make the transition. Anna is still in a crib with no indication she isn’t enjoying it or is even considering trying to climb out. I hate the idea of prematurely switching her to a big girl bed and opening up a potential can of worms when it comes to nap time and bed time. However, I don’t want to have to buy another crib for what would likely be a fairly short period of time. So, in all likelihood, I’ll move her to a big girl bed before the baby comes so we can use the crib for the baby. The summer seems the best time to make the transition as we don’t have to worry about strict bed times and early wake up calls for school. And, hopefully, by making the transition in the summer everyone will be sleeping well in their new digs before Maya starts school and before I am again thrust into the sleepless newborn phase.

I know it will all work out, and I’m probably worrying too much about it, but hey I’m a mom and that’s what I do :)

When we discovered that The Surprise (I should probably come up with a new nickname!) was going to be joining our family we realized that our current car situation was probably not going to cut it. My little Rav 4 wasn’t going to be big enough to lug around my expanding brood. So, the search began for our new family vehicle, my new mom mobile.

I knew from the start of this search that it was going to end with my driving a minivan. Given how much I have protested such an occurrence in the past it was inevitable that eventually I would find myself behind the wheel of my very own minivan. Lorne set to work figuring out what our options were and then determining what was the best fit for us. I sure am glad he loves to obsess over research things because the few times I sat in front of the computer with him going over number of seats, gas mileage, towing capacity, etc was enough to drive my insane.

After all the research was complete the results were in and this now takes up the space in my garage where my little red Rav 4 used to reside.

I miss my Rav but I have to admit that I am enjoying the minivan. It drives well and the sliding doors are awesome. Mama’s new ride may not be my top pick for cars I’d like to be behind the wheel of, but since we now need the space it’ll do.

Now I just need to sign one of my kids up for soccer and my soccer mom transformation will be complete :)

About a month ago I found myself standing in the feminine product aisle at Target staring at the pregnancy tests, a place I really thought I’d never be again. A week before this moment I was standing in my bathroom getting ready one morning feeling…off, and it suddenly hit me that my period was at least a week late, maybe more. I had only had a few cycles since starting to wean Anna a few months prior and I wasn’t paying that close of attention to the timing. I chalked it up to things not being regular yet and figured I’d ignore that off feeling and waiting a few more days to give my body a chance to prove my intuition wrong. Fast forward a few days and I was hit with crazy nausea and was moody as all get out. No doubt about it, I knew before I even took the test, I was pregnant.

Life is full of little surprises, or big surprises as the case may be. I thought I was done with 2. I thought my family was complete with my 2 beautiful girls. Apparently, life has other plans for us.

Since we just moved to Seattle and I didn’t have an OB/GYN lined up yet so I had to scramble to find a new doctor. Since I was a new patient they wouldn’t see me until I was between 8-10 weeks. The first appointment they had available that fit my schedule was Friday, which put me at almost exactly 10 weeks. I hate waiting for that first doctor’s appointment to get confirmation that everything is okay. It was even worse having to wait almost a month for it. I’ve had crazy morning sickness all day, every day and have been so exhausted I feel like I’m barely functioning, so I figured everything was fine but it is always nice to get medical confirmation.

I got my confirmation Friday when I saw The Surprise for the first time on that ultrasound screen moving all around and waving its little arms at me.

Everything looks great. The Surprise is measuring a few days ahead and looks perfect.

I’ve had a month to let this sink in and yet I still can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe I’m going to be the parent to 3 kids! It feels crazy and scary and exciting and so many things I can’t even begin to name them all.

Today I am 10 weeks 3 days and counting down the days until this wretched first trimester is over and I can hopefully bid farewell to my constant nausea and gagging and pretty much daily trips to the bathroom to throw up. For the record I hate morning sickness.

Diaper rashes are par for the course when it comes to babies. Every baby has them at one point or another during their diapering days. Between foods that cause irritation, spending too much time in a wet diaper, diarrhea or those inevitable diaper blowouts there really is no avoiding them.

Just as diaper rashes are par for the course with wee ones, so are diaper disasters. We parents all have a diaper disaster story tucked away to embarrass our kids with later in life. I’ve got a few good ones from Maya’s projectile spray out the car door while being changed at a highway rest stop that narrowly missed my leg, to Anna’s poop in the bathtub incident.

But, the one that takes the cake, the diaper disaster story I’ll be telling for years to come happened when Anna was just a wee, wee baby, maybe a month or two old. She was a bit fussy (I later discovered the reason), so I was walking a big circle around my living room/dining room/kitchen to calm her down. I was cradling her in my arms and rocking her. Her bottom was pressed into my hands.

As I rocked and walked I, all of a sudden, heard a not-so-pleasant sound coming from her bottom, followed by the sound of something splashing on the floor. I looked down to discover a surprisingly large pile of breastfed baby poop on my living room floor (luckily it is hardwood!) accompanied by poop all over myself and Anna.

It was the biggest blow out I have ever experienced. I was, of course, thoroughly grossed out as I cleaned up the mess. But after I couldn’t help but laugh. Which, if you ask me, is the sign of a great diaper disaster story!

Even with a few nasty blow outs to their names that caused their little bottoms to become a bit irritated, my girls have been pretty lucky in the diaper rash department. We’ve dealt with a few little rashes but nothing too severe, nothing a little time spent sans diaper and a little diaper rash ointment couldn’t resolve quickly.

Since we’ve been lucky when it comes to managing to avoid diaper rashes most of the time, our use of diaper rash cream is primarily to help keep their little tushies dry and irritation free. I’ve used pretty much every diaper rash cream out there at one point or another trying to find the perfect one for my needs.

I use diaper cream more often with Anna than I did with Maya. Anna is in a perpetual state of constipation and between straining and often large, skin-irritating explosions that follow, the skin on her bottom can get red and irritated if I don’t keep on top of it. I apply diaper cream at every diaper change to help avoid the irritation.

I have a few favorites, but I’m always open to giving other products a try so when I was contacted about giving Boudreaux’s Butt Paste a try, I was glad to do it.

I’ve been using the product on Anna for several days now, and I am very pleased with the results so far. When I first started using it she was constipated so I knew she was about to have a large bowel movement that would likely irritate her skin. It was a great time to give the Butt Paste a try.

One thing I really like about the cream is how easy it is to apply. It is very smooth and easy to handle, and it wipes off very easily. I’m not a fan of creams that clump and are difficult to wipe off the skin during diaper changes so I was impressed that Butt Paste lived up to its claim.

Anna did indeed have a couple of large, potentially skin-irritating bowel movements the other day, and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste did a great job of protecting her skin. I saw no signs of redness or irritation. I think Boudreaux’s Butt Paste will definitely be a new member of my favorites list.

I think Anna is a fan too 😉

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When Maya was about 4 months old she started having trouble staying asleep at night. She would go down fine but within a couple of hours would be awake again. She had previously been sleeping long stretches of 8-10 hours, and even sometimes completely through the night, so to have her wake up after only being down for a couple of hours completely threw me. I distinctly remember one week that was particularly bad, she was up every hour or two for several nights in a row. At the time I had attributed it to the fact that I had just started trying to put her to bed without being swaddled and I figured maybe she was going through a growth spurt. I went back to swaddling her and her sleep seemed to get better after a week or two so I didn’t think anything of it and didn’t really research it at the time.

Enter Anna at 4 months. Low and behold her sleep has also started going haywire. Last week in particular was bad with her getting up 2-3 times at night, sometimes as often as every 3 hours. This is completely unheard of for her. Since the day she got home from the hospital her first stretch of sleep has never been less than 5 hours, most nights she sleeps 8-10 hours and pretty regularly sleeps 12 hours straight through. When she started getting up more frequently I began having flashbacks to when Maya did the same thing. This time I hadn’t changed anything. Anna is still swaddled at night, her bedtime routine is the same, I really couldn’t think of anything different. I, again, thought maybe growth spurt, but figured I do a little research.

Well, apparently 4 months is the magic time for changes in sleep habits that “experts” often refer to as sleep regression. At around the age of 4 months a baby’s sleep patterns begin to change. The length of their sleep cycles and how frequently they cycle through them changes. A baby’s sleep cycles at 4 months old are 45-50 minutes long, which means that every 45-50 minutes they come out of a deeper sleep. They don’t always wake up completely but often will every few sleep cycles. If your baby hasn’t figured out how to self-soothe they will often cry and require attention from mom or dad in order to fall back asleep. That may mean they need to nurse if they are used to nursing to sleep, or they may need to be rocked, etc. Over time, and each baby is different some take only a few weeks while others take months, your baby will begin sleeping better again.

There are ways you can help your baby get used to this new sleep pattern including establishing and sticking to a bedtime routine, helping your child learn to self-soothe by giving them a few minutes before responding to their fussing to give them a chance to fall back asleep on their own, making sure your baby is napping well during the day as being overtired can mess with nighttime sleep as well. It is frustrating when a baby who normally sleeps very well at night all of a sudden is waking frequently, just remember that it is just a phase and eventually (hopefully quickly) he or she will return to better sleeping habits.

Maya returned to her regular, good sleeping habits within a few weeks and Anna seems to be doing the same since this week has started out with much better sleep than last week. I know Anna is putting herself back to sleep already because I’ll hear her on the monitor for a minute or two either fussing or just talking to herself but she quickly falls back to sleep. Plus, I’ve started putting her down for her naps drowsy but still awake and she is falling asleep on her own.

Doesn’t it always seem like babies throw us a curve ball just when we are getting used to their little routines.