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Let's Talk Babies!

8 months

Anna celebrated her 8 month birthday a couple of days ago. I’m a bit late with this post as we were busy with my mother-in-law in town and then Anna was not in the mood for photos yesterday thanks to some poop trouble. I know I say this every month, but seriously, I’m dumbfounded that she is already 8 months old. We’re only 4 months away from her 1st birthday. It just doesn’t seem possible.

Weight: ~ 16.5lbs

Height: ~ 27 inches

I find every month I’m at a loss to describe Anna. I feel like my words have not done her justice. To know her is to love her. She is just, well, perfect. She is peaceful and sweet and lovable and happy and…perfect. Every time we are out together I get stopped several times by people so they can just admire her. She hasn’t met a person yet that she has charmed the socks off. I’m now referred to at our vet’s office and the grocery store as “the lady with the perfect baby”.

This month has been all about learning new things. She is talking up a storm lately. She is babbling “dada” “baba” “nana” “lala” and “ah-ya” (which sounds an awful lot like she is trying to say “Maya”). She does say “mum mum”  but she reserves that for when she is tired or hungry, she’s a smart cookie :) A few days ago she started trying to clap, it is more like hitting her chest or bumping her fists together, but she’s got the right idea. She also has started shaking her head “no”, although she hasn’t quite got down when to use it, she thinks it is fun to do it all the time. She is sitting up on her own really well now. She still likes to fling herself backwards without any warning so I always put the boppy pillow around her to be safe (what is a fun game for her is a heart attack waiting for me). Crawling isn’t even on her radar yet. She is so super, super chill and just content to entertain herself with whatever is within reach, even if that is only her hands and feet. I don’t think it has even crossed her mind that she could move her body to get something she wants. Although, she has started spinning herself around on her tummy or roll over to get something that is just out of reach. Oh, and she started giving kisses a week or so ago, that first little kiss from her melted my heart. It is amazing how quickly they learn new things and how happy they are when they can show off their new skills.

Anna is a great eater. I am still breastfeeding and she eats about every 2-3 hours during the day and goes 11-12 hours at night. The spitting up has slowed down some, which is nice. Her solid food eating is going great as well. Last month she was still unable to handle anything that wasn’t completely pureed. She is now eating cheerios, puffs and small pieces of avocado and banana without any trouble. Her favorite foods are pretty much the same as last time, sweet potatoes, peas, pears, apricots and bananas. I just bought some watermelon so I’m going to give her a chunk of that to chew on over the weekend. I’m sure that will be a blast, messy, but a blast. I’ve started giving her a sippy cup with water just to get her used to using a cup and she is doing great with it. She knew what to do with it the first time I handed it to her and now when I bring it out for her she gets excited. Our only food related issue is that she gets constipated very, very easily so I really have to watch what foods I give her and often have to help her a long with prunes to keep things moving.

The last 8 months with this darling face have been magical. I’ve loved watching her grow and change and develop. She is my little cuddle bunny. A kiss, a hug and smile from her is enough to melt my heart and make everything seem right with the world. Love her to pieces.