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Let's Talk Babies!

3rd trimester

Definitely in the home stretch now! I had my 36 week appointment today and from here on out I’ll be seeing my Doc every week until baby girl decides to make her appearance. Things are still looking great. Weight gain is good, blood pressure still normal and the baby felt and sounded great to the doctor. Her head is down and she has definitely dropped a bit in the last few days. My ribs are thanking her for that!

We talked about whether or not I would get an epidural this time around. I’m kind of on the fence. I had an epidural for both Maya and Anna but the one with Anna didn’t work and I essentially had a natural delivery. So, since I managed to make it through that delivery without pain medication perhaps I can do it again. After some brainstorming with my doc I’ve decided to take a wait and see how I feel approach. If I’m feeling pretty good and arrive at the hospital already fairly far along then I’ll skip the epidural. I’m going to leave the window open and play it by ear.

Things are pretty much ready for our newest Little Miss to arrive, everything except a name. Lorne and I can’t seem to agree. We have a short list of names and have our definitely favorites but we are both being stubborn. I want my favorite and he wants his favorite. So, we are still working on coming to a compromise of some kind. Other than that, we are good to go. Car seat is here and ready, crib is set up and ready to go, her room has been freshly painted and decorated (minus the name art I had planned) and she has clothes washed and ready to wear in her dresser. We are ready whenever she is.

I haven’t taken any belly shots lately but Lorne got a pretty good one over the weekend during our trip to the Olympic Peninsula. I’d say I’m ready to pop. I don’t think my belly can get any bigger!

Tomorrow I’ll be 33 weeks, crazy right! Is it just me or has this pregnancy flown by at some sort of warp speed. I probably wouldn’t feel so bad about it if I felt remotely ready for her arrival, but I don’t. Emotionally I’m ready. I’m over the early fears I had about adding a 3 kiddo to the mix. I feel completely confident that I am up to the challenge. However, logistically I (we) are not ready. The baby’s room is empty but for the crib so that Lorne can get it painted (hopefully before baby girl decides to make her debut). Since I donated almost everything baby related before we made the big cross country move last year I am sadly lacking in baby necessities. Luckily we have the crib and at the last minute decided to hold on to my boppy pillow. Thanks to a visit from Nana recently I’ve got a few more clothes for the little miss, but still need to get more. I need a bouncy seat, clothes, receiving and swaddling blankets, bottles, diapers and I’m sure the list is longer by my pregnant mommy brain won’t let me think of anything else right now.

One purchase we have made is a car seat. We have opted to skip the infant seat this go around and went straight to a convertible seat that is rated for 5lbs and up. I bought the new Chicco Nextfit. It gets great reviews and from what I’ve seen so far I really like it. We’ll see how it goes once little miss is in it. I hope I don’t regret foregoing the infant seat. But with Anna we only used it in the car because she hated it and I typically wear my babies while out and about anyway so I figure we’ll give it a whirl.

As I mentioned above, emotionally I’m doing pretty well at this point in the pregnancy. Physically I’m getting close to being over being pregnant. I feel pretty good. The nasty nausea and vomiting have not returned and I still have a pretty good amount of energy. My hips and pelvis feel, simultaneously, like I’m being ripped in half and they are being beaten repeatedly with a hammer. It feels about as good as you can imagine :/ My weight gain is on par with my previous 2 pregnancies and, again like my other 2 pregnancies, my blood pressure is awesome. I do feel as though I am feeling the aches and pains a little more this time around but I can probably chalk that up to the fact I’m older.

And now for the much anticipated belly shots, along with a little look back at what my belly looked like at this point with Maya and Anna. Some days I feel absolutely huge, and it does seem like this epic belly grows every day.

33ish weeks with Maya

Just over 33 Weeks with Anna

And drumroll please…33 Weeks with Baby Girl #3