Happy 2013

Our ringing in of the New Year has been very low key (and chilly) this year as 2 out of 4 of us (Lorne and Anna) are sick and our furnace is not working, hence the chilly part. Thanks for coming in with a bang 2013 :/

Last night we spent the evening celebrating with the girls. We had a dinner of appetizers and sparkling cider. The girls had fun and after they went to bed Lorne and I managed to stay up until 10pm!! before calling it a night. We really know how to party!

We woke today to a chilly house filled with beautiful sunshine. A crystal clear blue sky is a rare sight in these parts this time of year so we felt the need to do something. Since Lorne and Anna still aren’t feeling well we decided to take a quiet drive around ┬áto see the city and the mountains bathed in sunshine. We really are incredibly lucky to live in such a beauty rich part of the country. Everywhere you look there are incredible vistas. Mountains all around. Trees reaching high into the sky. When you light that with often hidden winter sun it really is something. Our drive was the perfect way to kick off the year. We chatted and took in the breathtaking sights from the warmth of our car while sipping hot chocolate. Can’t think of a better way to welcome 2013.

Tomorrow promises more sunshine and hopefully a warmer house once our furnace gets fixed (thank goodness for our kickass gas fireplace). Looking forward to another great year with my little family watching my girls grow and enjoy life, spending time with my love and taking in all this great city has to offer.

Happy 2013 everyone! I hope this year brings you lots of smiles and laughs, lots of time with those you love and a chance to do the things that make you happiest.