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Let's Talk Babies!

We’ve been working on remodeling our main floor half bath for about 2 months now. I am so happy to say it is FINALLY complete!! And, the best part is, I LOVE how it turned out, just love it!!

There were a few sore spots in our house when we moved in. Areas that I knew would we need to do something with eventually. The main floor half bath was top on the list. It was, to put is bluntly, ugly. I didn’t really like anything about it. The walls were covered in a horrible floral blue wallpaper (I despise wallpaper!!), the vanity was too big for the room and the counter was blue tile (yuck). I couldn’t wait to change things up.


The project started about two months ago with the removal of the vanity in preparation for the hardwood floors to be refinished and tearing down the gaudy wallpaper. Anna had a blast helping me pull down the wallpaper :)

The wallpaper itself came down pretty easily, the gross glue stuff underneath did not. Removing the wallpaper paste, fixing and re-texturing the walls became the biggest/longest part of the project.  It was not a fun job and a several week break was taken. Eventually the project got back on track and we finished this weekend. Lorne did most of the work (while I was on “keeping kids out of the way” duty), so thanks honey ;)

Without further ado here is our new and improved half bath…drumroll please…

I love, love, love, love it!! There are so many things to love. I love the vanity, it is perfect for the room and makes the bathroom feel a lot bigger. I loved the color (it is Meditation by Sherwin Williams). I went with a beachy feel and used some of my own photos in the room including a shot of the Noosa River from our trip to Australia and a shot of the ocean I took last summer at Deception Pass. I love when a project comes together just the way I had envisioned it.

A couple of weeks ago Nora was up 2 or more times every night for a week. I remember during one of my barely conscious zombie state shuffles into her room in the middle of the night thinking to myself that one of these days she was going to bust out a new skill, or was growing like a weed. There had to be some reason for the frequent wakings, right ;)

Well, sure enough about a week later she started sitting up really well on her own. I put her in a seated position for a little practice and she was able to stay like that as long as she wanted. I figured her new skill had been mastered and sleep would return to our home.

Sleep did return, but in true Nora fashion, she wasn’t satisfied with just one milestone. No, she needed to hit 3 or 4 in one week. She is a rock star afterall and has a reputation to maintain ;)

A couple of days after mastering sitting up well on her own she figured out how to get herself into a seated position all by herself. She was back and forth between crawling and sitting like a pro. This new skill was followed a few days later by starting to pull up on things. She started with the first step on our stairs, moved to pulling up on the fireplace hearth, then her bed and now anything and everything she can! she can’t quite get to her feet, she pulls up to her knees, but she is trying so hard to reach that next step. I cannot keep up with this one!!

Displaying IMG_20140528_064448.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140531_064408.jpg

Who knows what she had up her sleeve next!!

We surrendered our cat, Louis, yesterday. It has been a long time coming and I know it was the right decision but that doesn’t make it any easier.

I haven’t talked about our issues with Louis on here but it is something we have been struggling with for over a year now.

Louis came into our life a year and a half ago. We had recently lost our beloved kitties, Lily and Laura, and it was Louis who was going to fill the hole left in their wake, at least partially. Things were good at first. He was sweet and the girls loved him. But that didn’t last long. Something began to change. He became increasingly aggressive. At first we thought it was kitten behavior and he would out grow it. We waited, but it didn’t get better. If anything, it got worse. We tried all the standard things. We tried redirecting him, we littered our house with spray bottles and even gave him time outs. Nothing helped. His aggression was most often directed at me, but no one was safe, including our children. We consulted our vet and started him on meds. At first they seemed to help a bit but he quickly reverted back to his aggressive behaviors.

This week he aggressively attacked Nora and Anna. A line was crossed. It is was obvious that it was not safe to have him our home. We’ve tried everything we could and nothing was working. I can’t put my children’s safety at risk any longer. I made a commitment to Louis when we adopted him and that is why I have let it go on this long. That is why I tried so hard to make this work. But, sadly, none of it has been enough. This is not the right home for him. We are not the right family for him. He is not the right cat for us. It makes me sad that we couldn’t do more, that we couldn’t make it work.

I can’t help but feel like I failed Louis. I know I did a lot to make it work, but there is still a little voice that wonders if I did enough. Turning him back over to the humane society was a tough decision. And even though I bore the brunt of his attacks and hated him for tormenting my girls, I still loved him and will miss him. All I can do now is hope that they are able to find the right home him. That he finds a place where he fits.

I’m sorry we weren’t the family for you Louis. I’m sorry our story didn’t have a different ending.


Miss Nora is some how 8 months old already!! Two thirds of a year has passed since I was in the hospital welcoming our 3rd little miracle into this world. Someone let me know if they find the pause button for life because time is going by way too fast!

Weight: 16lbs (20th percentile)

Height: 27.5 ins (60th percentile)

8 months, she is growing up so fast! This past month has seen a lot of development for Miss Nora. This age is so fun and so many changes happen so fast. The biggest change is that she is now mobile! And, truly, she couldn’t be happier. She follows the cat and her sisters all over the house. I am in a constant struggle with the little toys that belong to the big girls. No matter how hard I try to keep the little things out of her reach I feel like I am constantly fishing something out of her mouth that she shouldn’t have. Now that she is mobile the possibilities are limitless and she just loves exploring and finding whatever she can that she probably shouldn’t have! She is a total stinker!

As you can see she is sitting up very well on her own now and has begun trying to get herself into a seated position on her own. I don’t anticipate it will be much longer before she has that perfected. And that is not all, she has even started trying to pull up on things as well. I keep trying to tell her I can only handle one big milestone at a time but I don’t think there is any slowing this girl down. She is determined and adventurous!

Breastfeeding is still going really well. She has started eating more solids and seems to really enjoy it. She has already entered the “I want to do it myself” phase. She much prefers chucks of food or a handful of cheerios on her tray to eating the purees. The two new teeth she has are making it much easier. And the two top teeth that are trying to make their way out will help even more.

I thought life was busy before but it just keeps getting busier. Keeping up with these three girls of mine is a full time job, and now that Nora is mobile and trying her best to keep up with the other two I’m really feeling outnumbered!

I love watching my girls grow up and seeing all the new things they learn and watching them explore the world around them, but I wouldn’t mind hitting pause and keeping things just the way they are for a little while. But, since that isn’t possible I will do my best to enjoy these fleeting moments.

By the time you get to your third child, after successfully breastfeeding two other babies for 20 months each, breastfeeding seems like a breeze. I’ve been incredibly lucky with my breastfeeding success and I know not everyone has such easy experiences so I’m very grateful.

Breastfeeding came naturally to me, and other than a few minor hiccups in the road, each of my babies have been champion nursers and Nora is no exception. All my babies had good latches and nursed well and often as newborns helping insure I got and maintained a good supply. As the months wore on with Maya I got comfortable nursing around others and even nursed in public a few times. By the time it was Anna’s turn I was pretty comfortable with the whole nursing in public thing and thanks to her super efficient nursing abilities I was usually able to get her fed before anyone even noticed what I was doing.

This third go around with breastfeeding has been a breeze. Nora was a champion nurser right out of the gate and things have been going really well ever since. With 2 other kiddos to chase after breastfeeding on the go is a must. I’ve nursed her while giving them a bath. I’ve nursed her while sitting in their room helping them get ready for the day. I’ve even nursed her while chasing a two year old around the house. The one thing I hadn’t mastered was true nursing on the go; nursing her while walking around with her in the Ergo. That is until our trip to Disney.

Taking two kiddos ready for adventure to Disneyland I knew I was going to have to step up my game. I didn’t want my need to nurse Nora to get in the way of their fun. I didn’t want to have to constantly say “Sorry guys I need to feed Nora first.” I knew that would result in a few meltdowns and a lot of kid wrangling while I tried to feed the baby. At first I stopped to feed her when I needed to but I knew it wasn’t going to work every time. Then, as we were in line for a ride, Nora got super fussy. She was tired, hungry and over stimulated. I didn’t have a choice, I had to nurse her then and there. So, I carefully loosened the shoulder straps on the Ergo, positioned her as best I could, covered her head with a blanket and did my best to get her latched on. It worked. She latched on, nursed contentedly until she fell asleep. I had done it. I had truly nursed her on the go.

The rest of the trip saw me nursing her as we walked around the park almost every time she needed to eat. If you had passed me you would have had no idea. It simply looked like I had a baby sleeping soundly in an Ergo. I had done it. I had achieved the master level of breastfeeding!!

I’m still waiting on my certificate to come in the mail ;)