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Let's Talk Babies!


On this day, 20 years ago, a cute boy that I had a bit of a crush on, asked me out. The rest, as they say is history. 20 years, 3 kids, several moves and lots of gray hair later here we are. A little older, a little wiser, but still a lot like those two crazy kids that fell in love in the halls of high school.

If I could go back and whisper in the ears of our 16 year old selves I would tell them that the reality is even better than the dream. I would tell my 16 year old self that 20 years down the road that boy will still make you smile and give you butterflies. Life will be pretty darn good.

Life is filled with moments. Some big like weddings and births of babies and trips to far off places. Many small like a simple hug in the midst of a crazy day, or a walk together, or sharing a glass of wine or beer chatting about everything or nothing at all.  We’ve had 20 wonderful years of moments big and small. Moments of tears, moments of laughter, moments that seemed like nothing at the time but are dear memories now. Here’s to all the moments we’ve shared together and all the moments still to come.

Lorne, for all the moments big and small that have made up the last 20 years of our lives, thank you. There isn’t anyone I would rather be on this crazy journey called life with. Love you :)


Today we are missing and remembering the sweet Miss Maddie on the 5 year anniversary of her passing. 5 years. I cannot quite wrap my head around that number.

My heart is with Heather, Mike, Annie and James today, and all those touched by this amazing little girl in her short time on this earth. Maddie was such a special little girl. Her smile, those gorgeous blue eyes they were something else. The fact that it has been 5 years just simply breaks my heart.

Heather and Mike, I hope today you feel the love surrounding you and the arms of thousands of people doing their best to lift you up. Maddie touched the hearts of so many in a way that makes her unforgettable. Your whole family has touched the hearts of so many. We are remembering your beautiful little girl today as we wear purple in her honor. We love you Maddie.

Last Friday was a big day for Maya. She participated in her first ever Science Fair!! She was so excited and did an amazing job on her project. I was so proud of her.

At her school the fifth graders are required to do a science project for the fair and for all other grade levels it is optional. The school hosted a “Get Excited About Science” assembly about 2 months ago as a kick off for the science fair and to get kids thinking about project ideas. Maya came home that day super excited and saying she wanted to participate in the Science Fair. Her teacher sent an email home around the same time encouraging us to get our kids involved as they always have a ton of fun. We spent the next few weeks trying to come up with ideas. I searched the web for some 6 year old friendly science projects, focusing on ideas that might interest Maya. I found a few that I thought she would have fun and told her to pick one.

Her project of choice was to experiment with “watering” plants with different types of liquid to see if they could grow and thrive. She choose to water them with water, milk, orange juice and sprite. She had a blast observing her plants everyday and giving them their drinks :)

We started out with 4 healthy plants and a question, “Will plants grow and be healthy if watered with milk, orange juice or sprite?”. Maya came up with a hypothesis. She thought that the milk and orange juice plants would die, the sprite plant would live but not grow and, of course, the water plant would thrive.

She created labels for her plants and observed them every day for 16 days, “watering” them as needed.

At first all the plants continued to be healthy and even had some new growth. By about day 12 we began to see a change in the orange juice plant and then by day 14 the sprite plant began to falter as well. By day 16 the orange juice plant was completely dead, the sprite plant was on its last legs and the milk plant was starting to wilt. The water plant was in great shape.

Maya had a great time doing her science project and creating her project board. She did a wonderful job presenting her project as the science fair the judges and to her teacher. I’m very proud of her. She can’t wait do participate in the science fair again next year :)

As the mother of three little girls I find myself very intrigued by all the blog posts and articles I run into all the time, bashing all things pink and “girly”. Intrigued yes, but what I don’t find myself doing is agreeing with them.

While I completely understand their logic of not wanting to pigeon hole our girls into historically women only roles I don’t necessarily agree that letting our girls play with princesses or Barbie dolls or pink Lego is going to cause them any long term harm. The idea of toys, and play in general, is to give our kids a way to use their imaginations and explore the world through play. If playing with a doll or building a world with pink Lego or having a tea party opens up their imagination and they are having fun I don’t see the problem.

As I read all these articles that tell me I am damaging my daughter by buying her pink and purple Lego I find myself asking one simple question “Why does the color of the toy matter?” What if the world was reversed and all Lego was some variation of pink or purple or yellow and had been marketed to girls for years until one day they decided to make a set full of blues and greens and market to little boys? Would people be all up in arms over that? Would articles and blog posts be written about the over exposure of little boys to the color blue and too many masculine toys? I doubt it. And don’t even get me started on the articles talking endless about the unrealistic image of princess and Barbie dolls that make no mention of the unrealistic image of super hero toys. This world is so full of double standards.

Should we not be raising our girls to embrace who they are and what they love? Should we not be encouraging them to embrace that being feminine is strong and beautiful? I feel like teaching them that the only proper way to play with Lego is to dress like a tomboy and want to build and play with the “boy” Lego sets is going about it all wrong. Are we not teaching them that they live in a male dominated world and the only way to succeed is to act like a boy? Would we ever say the same to our boys? Would we ever tell them they need to dress in pink and play with “girl” toys. No, never.

My girls play with their dolls, and have tea parties, and build magical creations with “girly” Lego, and I’m perfectly okay with it. I try to stir clear of saying anything is a “girl” toy or a “boy”, they are all just toys. I want them to grow up and not be ashamed to embrace what they love no matter what those loves are. I want my girls to grow up and know that they are strong women, even if they love the color pink and grew up playing with princesses.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now ;)

At least 12487 times a day I find myself answering the question “Why?” The adorable , yet sometimes incredibly annoying phase of asking why about anything and everything has found its way into our home. Anna asks why about EVERYRHING, seriously everything. It doesn’t matter if she already knows the answer, she just can’t help herself she has to ask “Why???”

Me: Anna, it is time to put on your shoes and coat.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because it is time to go pick up Maya from school.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because her school day is over and it is time for her to come home.
Anna: Why?

Me: Anna it is time for lunch.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because it is noon and you said you were hungry.
Anna: Why?

Anna: Where is Nora?
Me: She is having a nap.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because she was tired.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because it is nap time and she is tired.
Anna: Why?

You get the idea. Almost every conversation we have lately carries on just like the above ad nauseam until I finally just say “Because, now stop asking why!!!”

Maya did not have a “Why” phase. Mostly I think because she already thought she knew everything ;) I’ve heard about this phase of endless whys, but this is my first time dealing with it. When Anna started on her “why” kick a few weeks ago I thought it was pretty cute. After answering the question “Why?” 1,378,983 times in the last few weeks it no longer holds those same cute qualities. Now it just has me staring into the abyss of my permanent insanity. At night I have nightmares of being chases around by this scary little two year old monster asking my why over and over again as I ran away shouting “Because, because, because!” :)

In all seriousness it is still kinda cute, sometimes ;) Why you ask, because she is still so stinkin’ cute even when annoying the crap out of me!