Uncommon and Unusual Early Signs of Pregnancy

We all know and hear about the common early signs of pregnancy, things like nausea, cramping, tiredness and breast tenderness.  They are the symptoms we are on the look out for when we suspect we may be pregnant, those tell tale signs.  However, for some women there are no early signs of pregnancy, their missed period is the only indication that something is going on inside their body.  For others, there are symptoms but they don’t fit under the normal and common categories, instead they find themselves experiencing some very unusual and uncommon early symptoms of pregnancy.

Early signs of pregnancy can be deceiving when they are common, especially those symptoms like bloating and breast tenderness, that are common premenstrual symptoms as well.  When you begin experiencing uncommon or unusual symptoms you can really begin to second guess what is going with your body and be very unsure of what to do.  So, what are some the uncommon and unusual symptoms of early pregnancy:

  • Nasal congestion – a stuffy nose feeling, similar to what you would feel if you had allergies or a cold, but without any other cold symptoms.  Most common in the early morning when you first wake up.
  • Excessive Salivation – an increase in the production of saliva caused by hormones.  This increased salivation can also lead to increased nausea.
  • Metallic Taste – a strange taste of metal in the mouth, also thought to be caused by hormones.
  • Spider Veins – an increase in the appearance of the veins on your chest and upper arms, they are very small veins that resemble spider legs, hence the name spider veins.  Thought to be caused by an increase in the volume of blood your body produces during pregnancy.  A common symptom later in pregnancy, it is considered uncommon during early pregnancy.
  • Leg cramps – a cramping of the legs most common at night while you are trying to sleep.  This is a very common late pregnancy symptoms, however, it is uncommon in early pregnancy.

The only tell tale indication that you are indeed pregnant is a positive pregnancy test.  If you are experiencing any of symptoms, whether common or uncommon, that lead you to believe you may in fact be pregnant be sure to take a home pregnancy test and consult with your doctor.

Did you experience any uncommon or unusual symptoms early in your pregnancy?  What were they?

Common First Trimester Complaints

As you go through pregnancy you’ll have an ever changing array of things to complain about from morning sickness during your first trimester, to constipation during your second, and lots of aches and pains in your third trimester. Luckily, much of pregnancy is enjoyable and while you do have to suffer through a few things you are doing it all because of the little life that is growing inside of you which makes it all worth it.

The first trimester can be difficult for a lot of women.  You aren’t showing yet, you may not have told very many people about the pregnancy so you are likely suffering through the rough early months alone and having to answer a lot of questions about why you aren’t feeling well with an answer that doesn’t give away the “real” reason.  Don’t worry through, the first trimester will be over before you know it and then you will be on to the much easier second trimester (often referred to as the honeymoon trimester).

There are a few things you can do to help ease some of the common complaints of the first trimester:

Fatigue: feeling fatigued and always tired is common during the first trimester.  The best way to deal with this symptom is to get more sleep.  Listen to your body and do what you can to get that needed extra sleep.  Take naps during the day, go to bed early, sleep-in in the morning if you can.  As your body adjusts to the changes taking place and you enter your second trimester many women find they are no longer as tired.

Frequent Urination: Having to go to the bathroom all the time is probably one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and something that many people (pregnant) or not associate with pregnancy.  Frequent urination is often one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.  It is important to get plenty of fluids during the day while you are pregnant, however, you can watch that you don’t drink too much before bed so you don’t interrupt your much needed sleep.

Morning Sickness: The most common and probably the most annoying early pregnancy symptom, morning sickness can put a real damper on those first few months.  There are varying degrees of morning sickness.  Some women may find they are only slightly nauseous, others will have full on vomiting several times a day.  Morning sickness can happen any time of the day (not very aptly named) and is due to the hormonal changes taking place in your body.  The triggers of morning sickness very for some having an empty stomach will trigger it, for others it will be the smell or taste of certain foods, for others lack of sleep can be a trigger as well.  A few things you can do to help curb morning sickness include:

  • Eat several small, healthy meals throughout the day.
  • If you know a particular food or drink is a trigger avoid it when possible.
  • Take your prenatal vitamin before bed instead of in the morning.
  • Try to avoid skipping meals if you can.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat dry crackers when you first wake up, before you even sit up.

As I mentioned above these symptoms will pass and you’ll be on to something new.  With each trimester you’ll find a whole new list of complaints, but remember why you are doing this and what the end result will be, it’ll help make it all seem worth it.

If you have any concerns about anything you are experiencing during you pregnancy be sure to talk to your prenatal caregiver.

Support for Pregnant Teens

I frequently get comments on my posts, Early Signs of Pregnancy and What to Do if You Think You Are Pregnant, from teens who think they may be pregnant. The girls asking questions often sound lost, scared and they don’t know where to turn. Teen pregnancy is on the rise here in the United States, and in many western countries. It is a topic that often goes under discussed, particularly with the group of people most impacted, teens. Teens who find themselves pregnant need to know where to turn for help. As parents we need to have open communication with our teen daughters and encourage them to come to us no matter what.

Teens who find themselves pregnant can often feel alone and have no idea where to turn. It can be especially scary for those teens who don’t feel like they have an adult they can turn to. I thought I would compile a list of helpful websites and support groups where teens can turn for help, support, information, and guidance.

If you are a teen and think you maybe pregnant remember you are not alone, there are many people out there to help you. The first thing you need to do is determine for sure if you are pregnant. Find an adult you can trust, go to your doctor or go to a clinic that provides pregnancy tests and advice. There is support out there for you.

You Might Be Pregnant If…

I have a lot of readers coming to my site in search of information on the early signs of pregnancy.  Many women who suspect they may be pregnant leave comments wondering if what they are feeling are really signs of pregnancy.  When I suspected that I might be pregnant one of the first things I did was go online and do some research.  I already knew what many of the early signs of pregnancy were, but for some reason I needed to read it all again just to reassure myself.  I was planning my pregnancy so I was beside myself with excitement at the idea but a majority of pregnancies remain unplanned and not everyone is super excited when they start feeling those early signs of pregnancy and often aren’t sure what to do next.

To help all those women who are out there researching this very topic I thought I would revisit the early signs of pregnancy with a fun post about what things may indicate that you are pregnant.

You Might Be Pregnant If….

  • Your period is late or you missed a period completely.  However, if you don’t have a very regular cycle you may not even notice a late or missed period so this isn’t much help as an early sign.
  • You have experienced what is called implantation bleeding.  This is a small amount of bleeding that can occur when the fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall, some women mistake this for a period so they don’t realize that they missed their period.
  • Your breasts have become swollen and tender.  This tends to happen in the first couple of weeks after fertilization.  However, a lot of women also experience this symptom when their period is about to start so it often goes unnoticed as a sign of pregnancy.
  • You are getting very, very sleepy.  As early as one week after conception you may notice that you are exhausted all the time and can’t seem to get enough sleep (This was one of the first things I noticed).
  • You seem to be suffering from that dreadful first sign of pregnancy, morning sickness.  Since it is often accompanied by extreme tiredness many women mistakenly think that they are suffering from the flu when in fact they are pregnant.
  • You are experiencing abdominal cramping (similar to menstrual cramps) and/or pain in your lower back.
  • You are experiencing abdominal bloating (again often mistaken for a sign of an impending period).

For many women the early signs of pregnancy are often mistaken for the telltale signs that their period is about to start.  Since many of the symptoms are so similar it can take a while before you realize that what you are experiencing is something different.  Many women will often miss two periods before they realize that things just aren’t right and they are experiencing early signs of pregnancy.

If you think you might be pregnant take a home pregnancy test or go to your doctor to get a blood test.  You can have all the signs of pregnancy without actually being pregnant.  The only way to know for sure is to get tested.