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Let's Talk Babies!


I love Christmas jammies. Maya loves Christmas jammies. Every year she gets super excited about the pajamas she gets to wear on Christmas Eve. I also love giving the girls new Christmas books. New books to add to our collection that we can read every year when the Christmas stuff gets brought out. However, giving the girls their Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve means they don’t get to wear them much. And, giving them a new Christmas book as one of their Christmas gifts means they don’t get to read it much before it all gets put away. So, I decided to remedy that.

This year I am starting a new Christmas tradition. Saturday morning, the first day of Maya’s Christmas break, the girls will come downstairs to find a very special present under the tree addressed to them. They will open a letter attached to that gift and find a special note from Santa saying that he sent one of his elves on a very special mission to deliver this package to them so they could begin Christmas break by getting cozy and reading Christmas stories as a family. Inside the girls will find a special pair of Christmas jammies for each of them along with a new Christmas book!

I can’t wait to see Maya and Anna’s faces when they see that gift under the tree. I can’t wait to curl up in our warm, cozy jammies and read them their new book. This is a new tradition I’m really looking forward to :)

As I enjoy this holiday weekend with my friends and family I have much to reflect on and be thankful for. My life is good and that in and of itself is something to be thankful for. Life is good, what more could I ask for.

When I sit down to enjoy a wonderful meal with our dear friends tomorrow I’ll quietly give thanks for many things in my life that help make it such a good life.

I’ll give thanks for my three beautiful, healthy girls. Through all the madness and chaos that comes with raising three young children they bring so much joy. My life is full of smiles, laughter and love thanks to my three girls and I’m so grateful to be their mom.

I’ll give thanks for the wonderful friends I have filled my life with. Whether near or far they mean so much to me and help make life so much more enjoyable. My daily doses of laughter thanks to my great friends help keep me sane.

Most of all I’ll give thanks for my dear husband. We’ve shared our life together for nearly 20 years now and there isn’t anyone I would rather be on this wild and crazy ride called life with.

Thanksgiving gives us all a chance to reflect on those things we are grateful for, those things that bring us joy in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope get to spend it with those who matter most in your life and between good food and good company you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Last weekend we finally had family photos taken.


In St. Louis we were so incredibly lucky to have a dear friend who also happened to be an amazing photographer. She captured our family so perfectly in family photos every year. She knew us, know our kids’ personalities and always managed to snap the perfect shots of them, shots I will always treasure. When we moved to Seattle I began to keep my eye out for a new photographer. I wasn’t searching incredibly hard, but I would ask around to see who others used for their family photos. Then one day, while talking with a friend, she mentioned that she had a good friend who was just starting a photography business. She showed me some of her work and I was sold. Her photos were beautiful, and I loved the idea of helping build the business of a stay at home mom who is just starting out. After a few failed attempts and some pretty crappy weather we finally had a gem of a day Saturday morning. We all donned our sweaters and headed to a Christmas tree farm. The weather was chilly but beautiful and Brenda did an amazing job capturing our little family. We ended up with some great photos, including a few perfect shots that I will cherish forever.

Thank you so much Brenda Joy Photograpy!

On November 8th, 2007 we welcomed this adorable little bundle of awesomeness into the world and our lives were forever changed.

Maya, watching you grow up over the last 6 years has been so amazing.

You have turned into a pretty awesome kiddo. You make us laugh all the time. Sometimes you make us want to pull our hair out. But, always, you make us understand a whole new level of love. You are strong, funny, smart, and beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for a better daughter. Happy 6th Birthday, Maya!! We love you to pieces.

Tired doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel today. Exhausted doesn’t even really seem to do it justice. I seem to have reached a whole new level tiredness that doesn’t even have an adequate name for it.

This past weekend was crazy busy and I got to single parent my way through it. The weekend before Halloween always seems to be so busy for us and when you add 2 big girls who decided to get up earlier than normal and a baby who had a rough night into the mix it spells a recipe for disaster.

Saturday the girls attended a Halloween Bash at The Little Gym and Maya had a show performance with her gymnastics team. We spent about an hour playing around on the gym equipment before Maya’s little performance. There were A TON of kids there, chaotic doesn’t even begin to describe it. I felt like I had whiplash by the end of it trying to keep an eye on both girls! Maya’s performance was awesome. This time they did their performance with the older kids’ show team. The younger ones would demonstrate a skill, like a handstand or a cartwheel, and then the older girls would do a more complex version of the same skill. It was fun to watch. Maya is really inspired by the older girls so she loved getting to perform with them.

Here is Maya in mid-handstand warming up for the performance and demonstrating her straddle hang and dismount on the uneven bars.

Sunday we hit up the Halloween Carnival put on by our community. It was held at Maya’s school. They turned the gymnasium into a little carnival filled with games, bounce houses, face painting and a balloon guy. The kids had a great time. Maya played pretty much every game. Anna’s favorite part was the balloon guy, although she was rather confused when he asked what she wanted him to make, she kept responding “balloon”. He made her a little bear and she looked at it with the most confused look on her face. She clearly would have been happy to just get a balloon! A few of Maya’s friends were at the carnival too and she loved getting to run around and spend time with them.

By Sunday evening I was so incredibly tired I couldn’t see straight and my whole body hurt. At least Nora was back to sleeping well last night and big girls slept until I had to wake them up at 7 (of course, since I didn’t have the option of sleeping in!).  I think this afternoon calls for a nap, hopefully Anna and Nora agree ;)