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Baby Development

Who needs sleep?
Well you’re never gonna get it.
Who needs sleep?
Tell me what’s that for?
Who needs sleep?
Be happy with what you’re getting.
There’s a guy who’s been awake
Since the Second World War

-Who Needs Sleep, Barenaked Ladies

Whenever my kids (and by kids I mean Anna) are keeping me up at night and I’m feeling a little extra tired this chorus from the Barenaked Ladies song, Who Needs Sleep?, plays on repeat in my head. Like right now for example. It is on constant repeat because Who Needs Sleep? This girl needs sleep.

Anna is suffering from a double whammy of teething, she is working at least 2, possibly 3, molars and has a cold that just won’t go away. This double whammy is keeping her up at night. Several times every night for the past week or so, some nights every couple of hours, I hear her stir in her bed and beginning whimpering and eventually crying. Between the stuffy nose making it hard for her to breath and the pain caused by her molars trying to break through the skin she just isn’t sleeping well and that makes her mad, which makes her cry. Most of the time she isn’t even completely awake, she’s just whimpering and crying in her sleeping (poor thing) and I don’t have to physically get up and go rock her. Other times I have to go pick her up and rock her for a bit to calm her down and get her back to sleep.

This lack of sleep is getting to me. I feel as though I’m operating on fumes at this point. What I wouldn’t give to sleep in until *gasp* 7am and feel rested for a change. Even going to bed early doesn’t help because being woken up every few hours by the sound of Anna’s whimpers and cries, even if I don’t have to actually get out of bed each time, doesn’t make for a restful sleep. I’ve tried tylenol and motrin at night to help with the teething pain, I’ve tried the humidifier and vaporizer in her room to help with the congestion but nothing is working right now. She is uncomfortable and it is causing her to have a restless sleep, which makes her sad and pissed off, so she cries out. Who can blame her? I feel so bad for her and I wish there was more I could do for her (for her sake and mine).

Who needs sleep? I do, and so does my sweet little Anna. For now, neither of us are getting much of it so the chorus keeps playing over and over in my head. This too shall pass and those stubborn teeth will pop through and this endless cold will go away and we’ll both get back to sleeping at night. In the meantime, pass the caffeine.

When I had Anna at the pediatrician for her 15 month check up the doctor asked a very standard question “So, is she running and climbing.” My response, well it wasn’t so standard, “Climbing, yes, she’s climbing. Running, no. She actually isn’t walking yet.” After a brief conversation about what she was able to do, like pulling up, walking while holding onto something, etc the doctor recommended that we have Anna evaluated by early intervention if she wasn’t taking independent steps by 16 months.

Fast forward to mid-November when Anna hit the 16 month mark. She still was not walking and had only taken a few independent steps. I phoned and got her all signed up to be evaluated by an early intervention physical therapist. Turns out they won’t just evaluate one thing so I had to prepare for a 2-3 hour evaluation that would include gross and fine motor development as well as language development. It seemed a bit overkill to me considering she can hold a crayon with an almost perfect tripod hold, can use a spoon and has a very large vocabulary and speaks in several word phrases regularly, but whatever. When I made the appointment the first available evaluation appointment was in mid-December!

Our appointment was supposed to be next week, but then Anna decided it was finally time to give this walking thing a try :)

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see those first little steps. It is always exciting when your child starts taking their first steps but when you wait so long to see them they seem that much more special. Every day she is getting better and better. She still prefers crawling, but each day walks more independent steps than the day before. Our appointment with early intervention has been canceled. Just as I suspected all along, she just needed to do it in her own time.

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Anna B turned 15 months old!! I held off writing a post about it because I wanted to include information from her 15 month check up that took place yesterday. It is truly crazy to me that she is already 15 months old. It feels like she has always been a part of our family and yet if feels like she was just born. Time is a funny thing.

Weight: 18lbs 11oz (3rd percentile)

Height: 29.25 in (25th percentile)

Head Circumfernence: 17.5in (25th percentile)

As you can see she is still my itty-bitty little Anna Banana. She is destined to be tiny. Her weight barely changed from her 12 month check up but the doctor wasn’t concerned at all, especially since at this age weight typically plateaus due to an increase in mobility. She is definitely tiny but also healthy. I get comments from people all the time about how little she is, especially when they learn she is 15 months old. But, she can stay tiny for as long as she wanted, it is easier to pretend she is still my little baby.

Her check up went really well. It was our first time going to our new pediatrician here in Seattle and I loved the doctor and her staff. It was a great visit all around. Anna is way ahead with her verbal development. She has about 15-20 words and animal sounds that she can say and is adding new words and sounds almost daily. She can also string a word or two together as well. Her communications skills are incredible. Physically she is doing very well also. She looks and is super healthy. Her fine motor skills are great and she is right on track being able to use a spoon, a cup and can even hold a crayon properly and color, something she loves to do.

The only concern the doctor had was with her gross motor development since she isn’t walking yet. The doctor wasn’t overly concerned since Anna can climb, as she demonstrated in her office by climbing up on the chair, and is walking with help and cruising very well. However, since she is 15 months old and hasn’t taken an independent step yet she did refer us to an early intervention program here in Washington. She recommended that I give her another 2-3 weeks and if she still isn’t taking independent steps by then to schedule an evaluation with a therapist with the early intervention program to see if there is something going on and to see if she would benefit from therapy. At this point I’m not overly concerned about it. Anna walks well when holding onto something and is consantly improving her balance. She loves walking and will crawl over to me throughout the day grab my hand and say “walk”. I know she is going to get there, she is just doing so at her own pace. That being said I am not opposed to having her evaluated either because if there is something going on and she could benefit from some intervention, I want her to get it. We’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.

As for life with Anna it is just as amazing as it has been from the start. She continues to be sweet and loving, she loves to snuggle. She is also funny and loves to make people laugh, especially her big sister. Her favorite activities are reading books, coloring and playing quietly with either her doll house or her farm. She plays very well on her own but also loves when we play with her as well. Maya is the person that can get her smiling and laughing the easiet, but also the person that ticks her off the most as well. Siblings!! Every day she is learning new things. This is such a fun age. 

Our house is a ranch so at home Anna isn’t exposed to stairs. The only stairs we have are the ones leading down to our unfinished basement, and needless to say those are off limits. The only climbing I’ve seen Anna do was up onto a pillow on the floor. I had no idea she had it in her to climb a complete flight of stairs!

She has had lots of exposure to stairs while we’ve been on vacation as every house we’ve been to has stairs. Her first attempt at actually climbing them came at my friend Erin’s house when in an a attempt to get one of Erin’s cats she climbed one stair. I was impressed but knew she would do anything to get to a kitty. Then we arrived at my in laws house and she tackled their stairs the first day we were here making it all the way to the top her first try!


She was an old pro right out of the gate. You would have never known it was her first time. Climbing the stairs has become a favorite activity while we’ve been here. She looks so proud of herself as she is doing it too :)

There are times as I watch Anna growing up that I feel like I am suffering from an intense case of deja vu. There are many differences between my girls but there are times Anna is so similar to her sister that it blows my mind. Lately Anna has begun to show an intense affection for her blankie. Watching her pulling it to her face for a cuddle with such love is like being transported back in time. It is like I am watching Maya development her attachment to most beloved blankie all over again. It is so funny, so adorable that Anna is going to be a blankie girl just like her sister was and still is (and their mommy too, I was a bit of a blankie girl myself when I was little 😉 ).

Anna’s love affair with her blankie began a few months ago. During the colder winter months I began putting the blankie on her for some extra warmth at night. One night, several months ago, I laid her down in her back pretty much asleep. As she lay there with her eyes closed she started making moving her hands and making a fun sound. As soon as I put her blankie on her she breathed a sigh of relief and rolled over and cuddled it close. I knew in that moment that she loved her blankie.

Over the last few days she has begun to want to bring it out of her bedroom when she wakes up. She’ll hold onto it tightly when I lift her out of crib as if to say “It’s coming with me Mommy, just try to take it away from.” I can’t say No, she is just too darn cute with it. I love watch her snuggle and love on it while she is playing.

Yesterday I realized I need to find another one to keep handy when I tried to put her down for a nap without the blanket, so I could wash it. As soon as she realized I was trying to pass of another blanket as “The Blanket” she began to cry. I went into check on her and she was looking at the blanket and crying, poor thing :( I picked her up and tried to rock but she wasn’t having any of it. I ended up having to give her the blankie back and she was out like a light almost immediately. I guess I better get on buying another one before they stop making them.