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Let's Talk Babies!


Our sweet baby Nora. Our third and last baby is already 10 months old. Time is going by so incredibly fast. It seriously feels like I was just in the hospital having her and yet here we are just a couple of months away from her first birthday.

Weight: ~ 17.5lbs (about the 25th percentile)

Height: ~ 29ins (about the 50th percentile)

Nora is seriously the happiest baby. People are always amazed how content and smiley she is. She very rarely cries, and never for no reason. She wakes up happy, chatting to herself in her crib. When I put her down for a nap she never cries, she just babbles away until she falls asleep. Her personality is so relaxed and sweet.

This month has seen more leaps and bounds in the development department. She is a super speedy crawler and is all over the place chasing her sisters or the kitty. This past week she master climbing the stairs. She hasn’t figured out how to get back down but she can climb up the stairs at warp speed. She loves exploring both indoors and out. While we were on vacation last week we found ourselves at the beach (a rocky, pacific northwest beach) and she crawled all over the rocks and climbed around on the driftwood.

Although she is curious and adventurous and a mover, she is also incredibly sweet and loves to snuggle. In the midst of her play she will randomly crawl over to me for a snuggle or to give me a kiss. She adores her sisters and loves to watch them play and tries to play with them. I love watching them all play together.

Thanks a tooth explosion in the last couple of teeth Nora now has 5 little teeth and I’m pretty sure she is working on a couple of more as we speak. Those new little teeth are helping her advance her foodie status. The girl loves to eat. She loves to feed herself so she is pretty much completely off purees and is eating all finger foods. She loves fruit of any kind, cheese, bread, yogurt, waffles and pancakes, corn on the cob is a huge favorite, she’s tried ham and turkey and likes most vegetables she has tried. I’m still breastfeeding and that is going really well. This third go around with nursing has been so easy. I haven’t run into any challenges, which has been nice.

Nora is such a joy. She embodies happiness and you can’t help but smile when around her. We love her to pieces.

Our Anna, our spunky, sweet middle daughter is 3 years old.

Weight: 27 lbs (10th percentile)

Height: 34.5 ins (below the 5th percentile)

Anna came into this world as a tiny little peanut and she is proudly still rocking her peanut status. She may be tiny but she packs a lot of personality into that tiny package. She is strong-willed, determined, adventurous, and sweet. When she sets her mind on something there is no talking her out of it. She is stubborn to the bone this one. We butt heads frequently as she is growing into her 3 year old attitude but she can still be a total sweetheart too. Snuggling under a warm cozy blanket with us is still one of her favorite things to do.

Though she has a weird fear of slides she is pretty much not afraid of anything. She’ll ride her balance bike down the steep slope of our driveway with both legs up, going super fast, and jump off the curb. She loves to be outside playing with her friends, riding her bike, going on hikes or just sitting on the grass blowing bubbles or coloring a picture. Her favorite thing in the world is her blankie (and the 6 or so other cuddly blankets she as accumulated over the years). She loves to play dress up and loves playing with her kitchen and doctor sets. She is a little performer at heart and loves to make people laugh. She is fiercely independent and takes great pride in being able to do things for herself.

Anna is a wonderful sister. I can see that sometimes she is 100% the  middle child and rebels a bit against that status but most of the time she adores her sisters and does a pretty good job of getting along well with both of them.

There is so much love about our little Anna. She is smart, spunky and sweet. There is never a dull moment with her. She makes us laugh daily and gives the best hugs. Love you to pieces Anna Banana!

Our incredibly adorable Miss Nora is 9 months old!! It has been three quarters of a year since she joined our crazy little family. I can hardly believe it, time is whizzing by.

Weight: 17lbs 1oz (31st percentile)

Height: 27.5 inches (45th percentile)

Head Circumference: 17.5 inches (70th percentile)

Nora had her 9 month well baby check up with Dr. H yesterday. She will given the seal of “Perfect”, not that there was ever any doubt ;) She is growing well. Rocking the somewhere in between peanut and average size range. She demonstrated several of her recently acquired skills including waving at the doc when she came in the room and clapping and cheering when found out it was a shot free appointment :) The doctor was very impressed with her development and was not at all surprised she was already pulling up on furniture and trying to cruise. Her predicted that Nora would be an early walker, we shall see.

As I mentioned last week she has recently had a milestone explosion. Learning to crawl, sit up, pull up, walking on her knees while holding onto something, clapping and waving all mastered in a couple of weeks. She is all over the place and super fast. She can hands and knees crawl but prefers her own little version of the army crawl to get around, she is so, so fast. She spends most of the day pulling up on things and trying to figure out how to use that as a means to get around. It will not be long now and she’ll be cruising. She is already stretching out to reach close by objects and trying to figure out if she can go from one thing to the next without having to sit down and crawl. Once she figures that out there will be no keeping up with her! She is one determined little girl.

As much as she loves to explore and play she is also super cuddly. She loves giving me hugs and kisses. Every so often, in the middle of her play, she’ll crawl up to me and climb into my lap for a snuggle. I love it!

She is the sweetest, happiest baby. The big girls adore her and play so well with her. She recently graduated to having a bath in the big tub and Anna and Maya fight over who gets to have a bath with her! And Nora adores her sisters every bit as much as they adore her. She watches them and loves to join them in their play. It is so wonderful to watch them all interact. Melts my heart every time.

We love you to pieces baby girl!

Photos courtesy of Brenda Joy Photography. Thank you so much for capturing Nora’s sweet and adorable 9 month old personality so perfectly, Brenda!

A couple of weeks ago Nora was up 2 or more times every night for a week. I remember during one of my barely conscious zombie state shuffles into her room in the middle of the night thinking to myself that one of these days she was going to bust out a new skill, or was growing like a weed. There had to be some reason for the frequent wakings, right ;)

Well, sure enough about a week later she started sitting up really well on her own. I put her in a seated position for a little practice and she was able to stay like that as long as she wanted. I figured her new skill had been mastered and sleep would return to our home.

Sleep did return, but in true Nora fashion, she wasn’t satisfied with just one milestone. No, she needed to hit 3 or 4 in one week. She is a rock star afterall and has a reputation to maintain ;)

A couple of days after mastering sitting up well on her own she figured out how to get herself into a seated position all by herself. She was back and forth between crawling and sitting like a pro. This new skill was followed a few days later by starting to pull up on things. She started with the first step on our stairs, moved to pulling up on the fireplace hearth, then her bed and now anything and everything she can! she can’t quite get to her feet, she pulls up to her knees, but she is trying so hard to reach that next step. I cannot keep up with this one!!

Displaying IMG_20140528_064448.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140531_064408.jpg

Who knows what she had up her sleeve next!!

Miss Nora is some how 8 months old already!! Two thirds of a year has passed since I was in the hospital welcoming our 3rd little miracle into this world. Someone let me know if they find the pause button for life because time is going by way too fast!

Weight: 16lbs (20th percentile)

Height: 27.5 ins (60th percentile)

8 months, she is growing up so fast! This past month has seen a lot of development for Miss Nora. This age is so fun and so many changes happen so fast. The biggest change is that she is now mobile! And, truly, she couldn’t be happier. She follows the cat and her sisters all over the house. I am in a constant struggle with the little toys that belong to the big girls. No matter how hard I try to keep the little things out of her reach I feel like I am constantly fishing something out of her mouth that she shouldn’t have. Now that she is mobile the possibilities are limitless and she just loves exploring and finding whatever she can that she probably shouldn’t have! She is a total stinker!

As you can see she is sitting up very well on her own now and has begun trying to get herself into a seated position on her own. I don’t anticipate it will be much longer before she has that perfected. And that is not all, she has even started trying to pull up on things as well. I keep trying to tell her I can only handle one big milestone at a time but I don’t think there is any slowing this girl down. She is determined and adventurous!

Breastfeeding is still going really well. She has started eating more solids and seems to really enjoy it. She has already entered the “I want to do it myself” phase. She much prefers chucks of food or a handful of cheerios on her tray to eating the purees. The two new teeth she has are making it much easier. And the two top teeth that are trying to make their way out will help even more.

I thought life was busy before but it just keeps getting busier. Keeping up with these three girls of mine is a full time job, and now that Nora is mobile and trying her best to keep up with the other two I’m really feeling outnumbered!

I love watching my girls grow up and seeing all the new things they learn and watching them explore the world around them, but I wouldn’t mind hitting pause and keeping things just the way they are for a little while. But, since that isn’t possible I will do my best to enjoy these fleeting moments.