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Let's Talk Babies!

As in many households around the world we are a bit Frozen crazy around here. My girls, and admittedly myself, love the movie. Even Nora recognizes the opening notes of the movie and will start dancing! Given their love of all things Frozen it was no surprise when Maya and Anna wanted to be Elsa and Anna for Halloween. Since they were going with the Frozen theme I figured It was only fitting that Nora go with the theme as well. What more fitting costume for my happy go lucky Nora than Olaf. After a quick search I discovered that someone failed at their job and didn’t think a baby sized Olaf costume was a good idea. Since I couldn’t find one I decided to make one instead.

Really, it was a pretty easy costume to make and It was so fun too. All I needed was a white hat, big enough for a face,a white shirt, white pants, some felt and pipe cleaners. A trip to Target and one to the craft store and I had all the items needed. I pulled up a picture of Olaf and did my best to copy his eyes, nose, eyebrows , arms and hair. I think it turned out pretty well.


The first “try on” attempt of the costume didn’t go so well. Nora was clearly not a fan of dressing up that day 😉


She has warmed up to the costume now that she has worn it a couple of times. She makes one pretty adorable Olaf if you ask me.


I had one woman come up to me at a Halloween party we attended and said I totally should have mass marketed this costume. And, she is right. I could have made a ton, oh well!

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