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At least 12487 times a day I find myself answering the question “Why?” The adorable , yet sometimes incredibly annoying phase of asking why about anything and everything has found its way into our home. Anna asks why about EVERYRHING, seriously everything. It doesn’t matter if she already knows the answer, she just can’t help herself she has to ask “Why???”

Me: Anna, it is time to put on your shoes and coat.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because it is time to go pick up Maya from school.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because her school day is over and it is time for her to come home.
Anna: Why?

Me: Anna it is time for lunch.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because it is noon and you said you were hungry.
Anna: Why?

Anna: Where is Nora?
Me: She is having a nap.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because she was tired.
Anna: Why?
Me: Because it is nap time and she is tired.
Anna: Why?

You get the idea. Almost every conversation we have lately carries on just like the above ad nauseam until I finally just say “Because, now stop asking why!!!”

Maya did not have a “Why” phase. Mostly I think because she already thought she knew everything 😉 I’ve heard about this phase of endless whys, but this is my first time dealing with it. When Anna started on her “why” kick a few weeks ago I thought it was pretty cute. After answering the question “Why?” 1,378,983 times in the last few weeks it no longer holds those same cute qualities. Now it just has me staring into the abyss of my permanent insanity. At night I have nightmares of being chases around by this scary little two year old monster asking my why over and over again as I ran away shouting “Because, because, because!” :)

In all seriousness it is still kinda cute, sometimes 😉 Why you ask, because she is still so stinkin’ cute even when annoying the crap out of me!


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One Response to Why, Why, Why???

  • Chad says:

    The “Why?” conversations with my friends kids usually end up with “because were made of space dust” then finally “just because.”

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