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As I enjoy this holiday weekend with my friends and family I have much to reflect on and be thankful for. My life is good and that in and of itself is something to be thankful for. Life is good, what more could I ask for.

When I sit down to enjoy a wonderful meal with our dear friends tomorrow I’ll quietly give thanks for many things in my life that help make it such a good life.

I’ll give thanks for my three beautiful, healthy girls. Through all the madness and chaos that comes with raising three young children they bring so much joy. My life is full of smiles, laughter and love thanks to my three girls and I’m so grateful to be their mom.

I’ll give thanks for the wonderful friends I have filled my life with. Whether near or far they mean so much to me and help make life so much more enjoyable. My daily doses of laughter thanks to my great friends help keep me sane.

Most of all I’ll give thanks for my dear husband. We’ve shared our life together for nearly 20 years now and there isn’t anyone I would rather be on this wild and crazy ride called life with.

Thanksgiving gives us all a chance to reflect on those things we are grateful for, those things that bring us joy in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope get to spend it with those who matter most in your life and between good food and good company you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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