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Today I am 38 weeks 4 days, the most pregnant I have ever been. Both Maya and Anna were born by this point already. Maya at 38 weeks 2 days and Anna at 38 weeks 1 day. So, really it wasn’t any surprise to me when I awoke to contractions in the middle of the night on Sunday (38 weeks along). Turns out it wasn’t the real deal since I’m still very much pregnant, instead I had my first ever experience with the not very aptly named, false labor.

In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday I awoke to find myself having some pretty uncomfortable contractions every 5 mins or so. I tried, to no avail, to fall back asleep. After a couple of hours I noticed that the contractions seemed to be coming more frequently so I got up and used my phone to time the contractions for a bit. They were every 4 minutes so I decided to wake up Lorne so we could head into the hospital because I was certain this was the real deal. We arrived at the hospital about 5 am (I’d been having contractions for 4 hours or so at this point). They brought me into a room to be evaluated to see if I should stay or go home. I was definitely having regular contractions according to the monitor but I was only 2.5 cms dilated, a mere half centimeter more than at my doctor appointment earlier in the week. I was bummed to hear that news.

After a bit of consulting between my doctor, the house doctor and the nurse it was decided I should walk for a bit to see if that helped move things along. So off we went to roam the halls of the maternity ward. After an hour of walking I made my way back to the room. My contractions had increased in both intensity and frequency during our walk so I walked in with fingers crossed. They hooked me back up to the monitor and checked me again only to find out I had not made any progress. I was sent home and told to return if things progressed or my water broke. But things didn’t progress, instead a couple hours after I got home the contractions completely stopped. Turns out I had false labor, which, while you are going through it doesn’t feel false at all, it feels very real.

Since the contractions stopped on Sunday I have had only occasional cramping and contractions, other than that just regular old Braxton Hicks. I had an appointment with my doctor today and I’m still only 2.5 cms, but she said my cervix was “very thin and stretchy” so it is primed and ready to go. She figured it was a matter of days at most, but there is no way to predict it for sure. I’m definitely ready to be done being pregnant and finally meet this little girl, but I also know she won’t come until she is good and ready. Let’s just hope she is ready sooner rather than later 😉

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One Response to My Experience With “False Labor”

  • cindy w says:

    Oh man, those last few days of pregnancy are the absolute worst, it’s so uncomfortable and miserable. Hoping little girl makes her appearance soon. (And I think you should totally ground her for the false labor thing. That’s just not cool, baby girl.)

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