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Let's Talk Babies!

I have entered the waiting game phase of this pregnancy, I’ll be 37 weeks tomorrow. 37 weeks is considered full term, which means there is a fully cooked baby in this epic belly of mine. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of this stage of pregnancy, this waiting game stage. I don’t like just waiting for things to happen. I don’t like not knowing when something is going to happen. I want to be able to plan for it and make sure everything is in place for the big event. But, life, especially pregnancy life, is just not like that. There is a lot of waiting involved. At this point, with only weeks, or even days, left until the end the waiting feels endless.

All things considered I am still feeling pretty good. I am uncomfortable a lot of the time, especially at the end of the day and at night when I am trying to sleep. Note I said trying to sleep. It feels like not much actually sleeping is taking place anymore between having to get up to pee several times a night and not being able to find a position that is comfortable for very long with this rather large belly to contend with. Even sitting on the couch trying to relax in the evening after the girls go to bed is often uncomfortable. I’ve pretty much reached the point where I am done being pregnant and ready to move on to mothering a newborn. Although, if she could stay put until after Maya’s first day of kindergarten next week that would be great 😉

My appointment with the doctor went well yesterday. My blood pressure was great and my urinalysis came back clean. I had been a bit concerned about my blood pressure as I’ve been battling a headache for a week now that just won’t go away, and I know rising blood pressure can cause that. So, yay my blood pressure is still great but unfortunately there is no known cause for this never ending headache, boo. I didn’t gain any weight this week, but I think that is pretty common this late in the game. The baby sounded great and my belly growth is right on track. I’ll be back there again next week for another check up. Until then lets hope the growth of this belly slows down because I don’t think it could possibly get any bigger!

So, since I don’t have much choice in the matter I’ll just try as best as I can to patiently wait. I’ll continue to keep myself occupied trying to keep up with the housework and making sure the laundry is always done so that everyone has clean underwear and their favorite shirt when I go into labor. And, of course, enjoying the last few weeks, or days, as a mom of two girls before a third little miss joins the group and shakes things up.

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