A Little Home Improving

Thanks to the glorious weather that is bestowed upon the Pacific Northwest in the late spring and summer the home improvements we were in the midst of this winter have taken a backseat to fun outdoor activities. Progress on the painting front has been very slow lately because Lorne would rather be outside doing something than inside painting, and who can blame him. But, this past long weekend he decided to take a little time out of our fun 4th of July adventures to finish up the living room/dining room painting that had begun months ago. It isn’t totally complete yet as the circular wall around our staircase still needs to be painted, but the rest is done and it looks amazing. I am especially fond of the dining room with the gray accent wall. Thanks Lorne, you did a great job yet again 😉

Dining Room

Living Room (still needs new furniture)

It is truly amazing how much of a difference a little color on the walls can make in a room. It looks like a grown up living room/dining room 🙂 I can’t stop walking in these two rooms and admiring them. I can’t wait to see how it all ties together once the big circular wall is painted!

Paint colors, in case you are interested, Shaker Beige and Duxbury Gray both by Benjamin Moore. The circular wall will eventually be Lenox Tan also a Benjamin Moore color.

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