We Went to Germany This Weekend…Kind Of

Part of our Memorial Day long weekend adventures took us over the mountains to the quaint little town of Leavenworth, WA.

Leavenworth is a couple of hour drive from us. A drive that takes us into the Cascade Mountains. Leavenworth is nestled in the mountains, on the other side. This quaint little town used to be a logging community and when the logging business in the area started to die, so did the town. In the 60s town officials came up with the brilliant idea to transform the town into a Bavarian village in the hopes of attracting tourists and bringing the economy of the town back to life. It worked. Leavenworth now finds itself teeming with visitors much of the year. People are drawn in by the beautiful back drop of the mountains, the quaint little shops and restaurants, the old school architecture and the old German feel of the town.

We had a great time in Leavenworth. We strolled around town checking out the little shops. We enjoyed a German meal at one of the many little restaurants and played on the grass while we people watched. We are looking forward to heading back again some time. I especially want to head over in December when the whole town turns into a Christmas village.

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3 comments on “We Went to Germany This Weekend…Kind Of

  1. Tiffany’s right that place must be gorgeous in the winter. With the mountains behind it and all it looks like something out of the Sound of Music (yes I know that was Austria, but it’s close!)

  2. I have been to Germany and Austria twice and this town looks like it was transported from there to WA. Beautiful scenery! Too bad I live on the other side of the country or we’d come visit.

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