The Big K

Last week, with both kids in tow thanks to Lorne being out of town for work, I headed down the street to our local elementary school. Now, why was I going to the elementary school with both children you might ask. Well, it was kindergarten registration day!

As it turns out each school in our district handles kindergarten registration a bit differently. After reading through all the details online and calling the kindergarten school board rep I determined that our particular school was not handing out registration packets ahead of time and parents had to show up at the school between 1:30pm and 6:00pm on March 6th to fill out the registration forms, hand over copies of all the necessary documentation and get their kiddos all signed up for kindergarten. I was not exactly impressed that I couldn’t fill out the paperwork ahead of time. I’m not a fan of last minute stuff, but what could I do.

With my pile of necessary documentation in hand I headed into the school, which by the way is awesome! The registration process was set up very well. There were packets right at the front door with all the registration forms. There were tables set up in the hallway covered in paper so that the kids could color away while their parents filled out what felt like endless amounts of paperwork. The school nurse was on hand to review immunization records and go over any immunizations the child may need to get before school starts (luckily for us we are all caught up). She was also available to go over the process for special medical situations, like Maya’s nut allergy. She was super sweet. After all the paperwork was filled out and we had talked with the school nurse it was onto the front office to hand over everything. The office staff was super helpful and super sweet. It didn’t take long to go over all the forms and we were on our way.

Our school district is not currently offering full day kindergarten at no charge to all students. Instead each student who is interested in full day kindergarten has to enter a lottery and if selected through the lottery to fill one of the slots there is a monthly tuition fee. We are hopeful that Maya will get a full time spot as I’ve heard it is rare in our district for them not to accommodate all the children who have requested the full day program, but I’m really fine with either. Next week we’ll find out.

I truly can’t believe we are already here, getting ready for kindergarten. She isn’t my baby anymore, not by a long shot. She is definitely our big, smart girl who is more than ready to face this new challenge. I’m really looking forward to what next year bring for her. I have a feeling she is going to grow and change immensely.

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