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I am officially not a fan of the first trimester of pregnancy. Not that I was a fan in my previous two pregnancies, but this time has really sealed the deal. It is fair to say I am counting down the weeks until I can be done with feel completely awful every single day. This cruddy feeling better go away like it did with my pregnancies with Maya and Anna.

Ya, so, obviously I’m not feeling all that great. The constant nausea I feel all day, every day coupled with gagging and retching at least a dozen times a day is enough to drive any one insane, well, it is enough to drive me insane. Luckily I don’t actually throw up too often, maybe once a day or so, but really the nausea is the worst part of it anyway. When I was pregnant with Maya I had morning sickness but it would come and go so I got a fair amount of breaks from the nausea every day. With Anna I had a lot more morning sickness and felt sick pretty much all day, every day, although I remember having a small break every morning for a couple of hours after I ate breakfast. This time, no breaks. I wake up every morning feeling sick and go to bed every night, you guessed it, feeling sick. Even if I wake in the middle of the night, which happens often thanks to my constant need to pee, I feel sick. Come on 14-15 weeks, hurry up and get here, mama needs a break.

It is a good thing babies are cute! And this one seems to be no exception. I had an ultrasound and some blood work done yesterday for some test necessary thanks to my “advanced maternal age”. So I got another little sneak peek of The Surprise. The baby was extremely active. The ultrasound tech had a hard time getting the necessary measurements at first because s/he wouldn’t sit still for a second. She printed off two good shots for me. One of the baby completely stretched out with its belly sticking up in the air and the other all curled up after s/he had finally worn him/herself out.

All stretched out!

All curled up

Everything seemed good, the baby looked great and the measurements were good. Although, the bloodwork and the ultrasound measurements need to be sent out for complete analysis, but the ultrasound tech was pretty confident that everything looked great and a healthy baby is in our future.

My next appointment with my actually doctor is in a couple of weeks. I’ll be 14 weeks by then and hopefully on the tail end of this morning sickness (I better be on the tail end or my go completely insane).

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