Maya’s Room: From Drab to Pinkatastic!

We have begun the arduous task of painting our very white walls. Every room in the house, with the exception of the girls’ rooms and the lovely wallpapered half bath, is white, so boring. We met with a color consultant a few weeks ago and had her help us narrow down a color palate for the house. Since Maya’s room was blue, a fact our pink and purple loving 5 year old was not to happy about, we decided we’d start with her room.

Knowing the choice we likely be pink, we decided to be daring and let Maya pick out the color for her walls. She of course, choose pink. We gave her a few parent approved pink swatches to choose from so we wouldn’t end up with pepto bismol walls. She opted for a lovely shade of pink called “Faded Rose”. She was so excited that her room was no longer going to look like a boy room!

After 2 weekends of hard work on Lorne’s part thanks to an endless amount of oak trim circa 1980s that needed to be prepped and painted white the room is finally complete. I love it, it looks like the perfect little girl’s room. Most importantly though, Maya loves her pinkatastic room!

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2 comments on “Maya’s Room: From Drab to Pinkatastic!

  1. Oh my goodness! The pink wall, the princess canopy hanging over the bed… this room looks exactly like Lorne’s bedroom from when we were kids! The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree! 😉

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