She’s Walking. Finally!!

When I had Anna at the pediatrician for her 15 month check up the doctor asked a very standard question “So, is she running and climbing.” My response, well it wasn’t so standard, “Climbing, yes, she’s climbing. Running, no. She actually isn’t walking yet.” After a brief conversation about what she was able to do, like pulling up, walking while holding onto something, etc the doctor recommended that we have Anna evaluated by early intervention if she wasn’t taking independent steps by 16 months.

Fast forward to mid-November when Anna hit the 16 month mark. She still was not walking and had only taken a few independent steps. I phoned and got her all signed up to be evaluated by an early intervention physical therapist. Turns out they won’t just evaluate one thing so I had to prepare for a 2-3 hour evaluation that would include gross and fine motor development as well as language development. It seemed a bit overkill to me considering she can hold a crayon with an almost perfect tripod hold, can use a spoon and has a very large vocabulary and speaks in several word phrases regularly, but whatever. When I made the appointment the first available evaluation appointment was in mid-December!

Our appointment was supposed to be next week, but then Anna decided it was finally time to give this walking thing a try 🙂

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see those first little steps. It is always exciting when your child starts taking their first steps but when you wait so long to see them they seem that much more special. Every day she is getting better and better. She still prefers crawling, but each day walks more independent steps than the day before. Our appointment with early intervention has been canceled. Just as I suspected all along, she just needed to do it in her own time.

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