Our Disneyland Adventure

I would have written about our grand trip to Disneyland last week, but we returned home with, what I have aptly dubbed, The Disney Plague. It started with Anna our last night in California and made its rounds through our family over the past week. Today is the first day I truly feel normal and not nauseous. Luckily, it did hit us until the end of our trip so we were able to have an amazing time at Disneyland.

We headed down to California early Thursday morning, Maya’s birthday. We woke her bright and early with the surprise announcement that our gift to her this year was a trip to Disneyland (note to self, Maya is not a huge fan of surprises and reactions to big announcements in the early morning hours will be muted at best). The flight down went well. It was Anna’s first time on a plane and she seemed to have a good time chatting up all the neighboring passengers.

We arrived in LA to chilly, rainy weather (not what we wanted to see having just left the rainy city of Seattle!), but we made the best of it. We checked into our hotel and headed to Disneyland for a quick visit before heading to Ariel’s Grotto for Maya’s birthday dinner with the princesses. We wandered around a bit, went on a few rides and then had a wonderful time at Maya’s birthday dinner. They even brought out a cake in a treasure chest for her and we all sang “Happy Birthday”. She said it was a great birthday!

The weather for the remainder of our trip was beautiful. Mid to upper sixities and beautifully sunny. Perfection! Our second day was spent at Disneyland and we went on a ton of rides, met lots of princesses, watched the afternoon parade and wandered through a few shops. We were all exhausted by the end of the day but we all had an incredible time. The favorite ride of the day was the “It’s a Small World” ride, which was already all done up for Christmas. We also loved the carosuel, and the Finding Nemo ride. It was a great day and the crowds weren’t too bad so that was nice.

We spent our third day at Disney’s California Adventure park. It was a lot of fun. The park was busier that day, given it was Saturday, but still not crazy. We started the day off with a ride on Ariel’s Under Sea adventure and Mickey’s Wheel of Fun. Maya’s favorite ride of the day was Goofy’s Sky School rollercoaster, which she rode on twice, once with Lorne and then a second time with me. We checked out the Bug’s Life area, which had several rides Anna could enjoy. Lorne and Maya went on a few of the bigger rides together while Anna was napping. We didn’t get a chance to check out Car’s Land because it was just too busy and the lines were too long (something to do next time!).

Our fourth day found us back at Disneyland where we hit up the big rides that Maya and Lorne had both been anxious to try. They started the morning on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster followed by a couple of rides on Splash Mountain. Maya is definitely a big fan of roller coasters! We also enjoyed several other rides including The Haunted House, Pirates of Caribbean, and the Jungle Cruise. The park was crazy busy on Sunday since it was the weekend and Veteran’s day. Some of the wait times for the rides were crazy! We had a great day though and couldn’t wait to head back for our final day of fun.

Our final day at Disney was awesome. The crowds were pretty light in the morning so we were able to get on a bunch of the rides Maya wanted to try. The crowds picked up in the afternoon but it still wasn’t too, too bad. This was the first day of Christmas at Disneyland so the park was all decorated for Christmas and we got to see the Christmas parade and the lighting of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. The park looked truly magical at night all lit up, it was great to get to see it.

We had an incredible time on this little trip, I’m so glad we decided to do it. Maya said several times throughout the trip that it was the best birthday ever! We made some great memories. We will definitely be heading back again sometime.


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