Trick or Treat!

Maya is a huge fan of Halloween, mostly because it means she gets candy and she has the biggest sweet tooth!, but also because it means she gets to dress up and the girl loves to dress up. Usually the day after Halloween she begins planning her costume for the next year. I can’t remember when she decided on her costume for this year. It started out that she was just going to be a ballerina some time around last Halloween, and, over time, evolved into wanting to be Angelina Ballerina. It was a perfect costume for her. She adores Angelina, she loves dance and she loves dressing up in her dance clothes, so as I said, the perfect fit!

Yesterday morning she got to dress up for school, she was so excited to show off her costume to her friends and teachers at school. Before we headed out the door she had to pose for a few ballet pictures. This one is my absolute favorite!

When she got home from school the count down to trick or treating time started. I swear she asked at least a million and a half times when she was going to get to go trick or treating. I was never so happen to see 6:00pm roll around so the kids could get their costumes on and I wouldn’t have to answer that question any more.

They both looked so adorable!

We hit up the little Halloween party being hosted by our apartment complex first. Maya played a few games and practically filled her pumpkin with prizes. Then we headed out for a little trick or treating. We hit up about a dozen or so houses. Maya got a good amount of candy. Anna was so entralled. She spent the whole time with a firm grasp on her pumpkin and watching all the kids trick or treating. I think her little mind was pretty much blown by the whole experience. It was a great evening.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. Maya is already planning her costume for next year and asking how much longer until it is Halloween again 😉

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